What does i need space mean in a relationship

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what does i need space mean in a relationship

There is little to no concrete definition of "space" when it pertains to a certain When someone you were dating claims that he or she needs "space," the of what "space" insinuates is the idea of "I need space to find myself.". Do this by feeling your emotions, thinking positively about him, and writing How To Not Freak Out When Your Boyfriend Says He 'Needs Space' . A good friend will understand what you mean and will be available to you at. No matter how amazing you think you're relationship is, there will come a point in time when one person says “I need some space.” Now, this.

Many worry that if they give their significant other a taste of what the world would be like without them, they may decide that they really like it and have no interest in coming back.

So, your sweetie of several years says they need time away from you.


Hurt, confused and upset, you immediately consult with your family and friends. But again, since this is a very common relationship request, relationship experts have seen certain patterns play out that may help you better understand the situation: After all, not many people would see a desire for separation as a good sign regarding the health or outcome of the relationship. And yes, sometimes you will have to encourage the process to play out exactly as you want it to, but it can be a real mistake to just assume that the person needing space really wants and eventually is going to seek a separation or divorce.

Some may feel that in order to remove the frustration from their lives, they have to remove you also. Meaning that, by refusing a timeout reques, you may encourage the very breakup that you wanted to avoid.

Push for a compromise.

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The worst thing that you can do is to leave things open ended. Instead, you want to have as clear of an understanding as possible as to how things are going to work. I have asked a few different female friends: What does it mean when a woman says she needs space? And none of them had an answer for me. When I ask my guy friends, they all immediately say, "Oh, she is having an affair. But not even she can explain to me what she means by "needing space" other than that she needs me out of her life.

I think that is just the easy way out She told me last night, "Let me go and hope that I come back. It's not crazy at all. Dude, first of all, you need to make some new friends.

What Does a Woman Mean When She Says 'I Need Space?'

Actually, you need to get new guy friends, and ask your female friends why they weren't being honest with you. Because unless they're tree-stump stupid, they know exactly what your girlfriend meant by that. What a woman means when she says she needs more space and wants you to go away is that she needs more space and wants you to go away. I don't see how she could have made herself more clear.

And "Let me go and hope that I come back" is a superb thing for you to hear.

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It's a whole key to a successful relationship, right there. You need to send her a card and thank her for sharing with you the ultimate wisdom of the universe when it comes to relationships.

But don't call her. Don't track her down and hang around her making mopey faces. When I was a kid I used to be nuts over butterflies.

what does i need space mean in a relationship

One day, I caught a monarch butterfly, took it home, and let it loose in my bedroom. I thought that butterfly fluttering about my bedroom was just about the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. So, of course, I tried to catch it again. But I couldn't; every time I tried to cup it in my hands it flew just outside my reach. So I gave up and just stood still in the middle of my room, watching the butterfly. And you know what happened?

It landed on my nose. And to hold onto my nose it jammed its long legs right up my nostrils. If you let your girlfriend go and she comes back, refuse to let her stick her feet up your nose. It's not as delightful as you'd think. No, but listen dude: That's where this relationship went wrong. I can tell just from your letter that you did that thing guys are really prone to doing in relationships: You tried to make her too much yours.

The full depth of this, which you would do extremely well to take the time to fully comprehend which won't be easy: You pressed her to let you know her every thought, her every feeling, her every inclination, her every opinion, desire, mood and motivation.

You just sort of naturally assumed that by persistently not to say compulsively doing that, you and she would be even closer. So close, in fact, that you'd actually be one. And it makes utter sense that you would do that. Desiring to essentially occupy the same space as your beloved feels so much like love!

But it's love in the way that lbs. It's sweet, kind of. And then it's just entirely too much.

What It Means When Someone Says They Need Space – Be Yourself

One of the hardest things about loving someone -- especially when you live with them, and so have access to them all the time -- is When you really love someone, you worry about them. You want to know they're okay; you want to know if there's anything you can do to make them more okay. You want to help. You want to always be there for them.

what does i need space mean in a relationship

You want, as you put it, to open doors for her, rub her feet when she's had a long day at work, cook her dinner, do your part around the house, listen to her vent about her day, interact with her conversations. Okay, so I have to say that I tripped a bit over that last part -- where you wrote, "I interact with her conversations.

You know what I mean?

What it Means If She "Needs Space" + What To Do!

That's a weird way to say that. You love someone; you want them to be OK; you make it your constant business to see to it that they're okay -- and the next thing you know, they're telling you that you're sucking the life out of them. Because loving someone is really close to loving them too much.