Vishnu krishna relationship test

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vishnu krishna relationship test

Avatar of Vishnu; blue and less regal than Rama, always has a flute, crossed legs -relationship was controversial because Krishna is married --> devotion to. Read and learn for free about the following article: Hindu deity Vishnu. popular and beloved throughout Hindu India, are the gods Krishna and Rama. But, if you go to the proper sources, the venerable Vedic texts Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam, you'll find Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva accurately.

While masculine Gods are symbolically represented as those who act, the feminine Goddesses are symbolically portrayed as those who inspire action. Androgynous concepts of god are common place as well.

vishnu krishna relationship test

It is a transcendental concept that includes all virtues, forms, genders, characteristics, capacities, knowledge and being-ness. It must be understood that in Sanskrit, grammatical gender is not always a sign of physical sex.


Gender infers function, sex infers form; so that an individual [13] may be masculine from one point of view and feminine from another. Brahman can be regarded as the "womb" of life, and as in Christianity "this man" and "this woman" are equally "feminine to God" [in Hinduism].

Absolutely, Brahman, although grammatically neuter, is the principle of all such differentiation. Essence and nature are respectively masculine and feminine, logically distinct, but "one in God," who is neither this nor that [in Hinduism], and therefore "It" rather than "He" or "She" specifically.

These are symbolic stories that synthesize God and gender, with ideas and values. The Vishnu Puranafor example, recites one such myth describes male gods and female goddesses with names that is loaded with symbolism.

An excerpt of the story is as follows, [14] The progeny of Dharma by the daughters of Daksha were as follows: Brahman is considered the absolute reality. And Brahma you could view as an aspect of it. It is one God as part of this true nature of things. In fact, everything you see on this video, in fact everything you see in reality, all of these gods to a Hindu could be considered as just aspects of the true God or the true reality of Brahman.

Now what's interesting in Hinduism is that gods are not viewed to have a strict gender.

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For example, Vishnu has a female incarnation and there's also groups of Hindus who view God as taking a fundamentally female form. One group are known as the followers of Shaktism.

vishnu krishna relationship test

To Shaktism, God is female, the supreme goddess and takes many forms. Parvati as you see listed here is referred to the Divine Mother.

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She's viewed as Shiva's consort or Shiva's wife, but she has other forms like Durga which is used as a stronger, more aggressive form of Parvati, sometimes referred to as Devi or Shakti. Shakti means strength or power and is a warrior goddess.

vishnu krishna relationship test

You have Lakshmi who is the wife of Vishnu, who represents or has aspects of wealth and prosperity. You have Saraswati who has aspects of knowledge, music and the arts and is viewed as the consort or the wife of Brahma. Now these are some of the principal deities that we have on this top row, but there's also many, many other significant deities. And as we will see, depending on what part of India you're in and which group subsect of Hinduism you meet, they will place different levels of emphasis on different deities and have different traditions and different rituals.

vishnu krishna relationship test

So Ganesh who is very recognizable because he has an elephant head, he is often referred to as Ganpati. He is viewed as the son of Shiva and Parvati. There's a great story about how he, why he has this elephant head. He is viewed as the god of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles. He has a lot of followership and he is revered in a lot of regions of western India, and that's not the only places, but he is known to be a principal God in some of these regions.

Durga similarly, that I referred to, in eastern India, especially Bengal, the place where my family comes from, Durga Puja, the Puja for Durga, the rituals for Durga are considered to be a very the important part of the Hindu religion.

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If you go into the south, for some Hindus, Karthikeya or also known as Murugan, might be a significant deity. That is the god of war. Vishnu is known to have multiple incarnations that are very prominent.

The most prominent of which are Rama, Vishnu's seventh incarnation.

vishnu krishna relationship test

He is the main protagonist in the Ramayan, the famous Hindu epic. You have Krishna, who is Vishnu's eighth incarnation. And he is a significant figure throughout Hinduism, including the Mahabharata and the subset of the Mahabharata, which is the Bhagavad Gita.

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Now what's really interesting, and I already alluded to it, is you have all of this diversity in Hinduism. Someone who worships Shiva, you might see at a superficial level, seems more different in their rituals and their beliefs from someone who worships Vishnu, than say, a Protestant from a Catholic in Christianity or a Sunni from a Shia in Islam.