Use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti


use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti

The ICTV should also promote the use of a public database, such as Wikipedia, to replace the ICTV database as a store of the primary. when to use masterdetail and lookup relationship. I want to know situations where I should use Masterdetail or lookup relationship. August Master Detail relationship is the Parent child relationship. if it happens you use lookups instead of master-detail, calculated fields or also.

While there is no problem processing those at the transaction level, analysis has very different technical requirements. It is that part of the equation that Workday is concentrating upon. Workday is working out how to merge meaningful unstructured data with structured data from the various systems of record to offer valuable insights across the whole business landscape.

use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti

The tools Oracle has to offer, while powerful are long in the tooth and still require considerable IT involvement. Both Workday and Salesforce.

Salesforce For Beginners - 3. Create Lookup , Master-Detail Relationship and rollup summary

I see no reason why they should not continue on that quest although it gets increasingly harder to sustain as data types proliferate. Hence the good news for SIs. It certainly cannot run the millions of dollars that Oracle and SAP expect from their technologies.

Salesforce - Master Detail Relationship

Nothing was said to indicate how the price points for these types of analytics will hash out. I anticipate seeing highly significant value to the point where data value extracted is worth way more than the applications themselves. But neither workday nor Salesforce.

That would be a big mistake. Verdict Much ado about nothing? Not quite and not in the directions most observers might secretly wish.

Forget Valley Fever antics.

use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti

This is about two very high growth companies seeking to take as much off the legacy vendor table as possible in the shortest amount of time. Analytics matters more than at any time in the past and this is where I see the greatest potential. But that only works if the integration piece is well executed AND Workday continues to find new ways to consume any data in real-time and at scale.

The differentiating value here is probably more about the way both companies openly care about their customers in ways that are not visible inside the legacy customer base. Their joint continued existence depends upon this service quality.

In the recent past, we have seen Workday quick to rough up partners who do not perform. That alone should provide continuing comfort.

use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti

While we like to think of customers making rational, objective choices, those same customers are people who want to feel that their partnership with a vendor means just that. Holger Mueller has a technical assessment of the integration challengespointing to the potential issues for buyers, sellers and developers. Much of the discussion centered on what they call Big Data Analytics. Here are some points I picked up for consideration. As expected, they talked about ingesting data from third party sources with the obvious example of sales data as a way of measuring performance in talent assessment scenarios.

There was no obvious or clear message around master data management MDM. Instead, Workday talked about custom fields, another way to populate a report grid for analysis purposes.

Workday is not selling analytics without some other Workday product commitment such as HR or financials. I think this is a missed opportunity for broadening the engagement to Force. As far as I can tell, it would not necessarily burden Workday development but it would open up the market.

Workday is seeking to make analytics projects cost effective by taking the security and permissions topics off the table. Who gets to see what will therefore be configured inside the Workday system according to the preference policies a customer chooses.

This is a net good. Workday is emphasising native support for iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. There is a generic Android client in the Google Play Store but no immediate plans to natively support say Samsung as a device maker in the same way it supports Apple devices. Instead there is an HTML 5 client. His mix of occult performance in the guise of his alter-ego, the gypsy witch Mindy Vale, as well as his sculptural assemblages, were the perfect fit for this experimental space that I hoped would capture the spirit of our neighborhood and its history.

Salesforce Master Detail Relationship

For this interview, we caught up on old times and his upcoming show this spring at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi in Berlin. We talked from his studio, a deranged dollhouse of paranormalia in which his toy collection becomes the raw material for our collectively queer unconscious.

The storm that is hitting New York today is predicted to be as strong as Hurricane Sandy. But when the superstorm occurred, you went from getting ready to do an art show and performance with occult references to practically running a shelter for everyone who had lost power, which was all of Manhattan below 23rd Street. Practically every surviving member of the East Village art world stopped by to hang out with you in the aftermath of Sandy.

So today is the perfect weather for us to go down memory lane together. But yeah, there was a great sense of the old East Village community after Hurricane Sandy.

use of master detail relationship in cognoscenti

Without power for days, it was immediately clear that going outside at night could be dangerous, but during the day, restaurants with gas prepared food to serve to anyone on the street. The theater company put out a generator with multiple extension cords so people could charge their phones, local delis gave away ice cream—and this was just on one block. Those kinds of experiences are more and more rare these days, with smaller galleries shutting down, and less and less spaces for non-monetized experimentation.

How do you do this? Outfits are less freaky on the streets and rents are unaffordable, but I heard the old-timers saying all these things back then, too. Now, the speed and voraciousness of this process is just so alarming and widespread, as half-empty luxury money-laundering towers stack up like poker chips and landlords harass long-term tenants with private investigators, unsafe renovation projects and other forms of intimidation.

At Cooper Union, we learned to do group critiques, and part of the desire with Art Club was to continue talking about art together after art school. Getting to know the artists that showed there and being able to continue to follow their work provides a great sense of continuity for me. As do the relationships that I have maintained with my instructors, collaborators and friends from school. Over time, these connections can build on themselves as much as they fall away.

But in the art industry, this type of stuff is vulnerable to fetishization and manipulation by the market, as is any form of production. These days, speculation around the sexuality of historical figures is even more widespread, but seen through a different lens.

Questionable Beliefs is a title you have given to numerous works, including that performance we staged after the power came back on and Hurricane Sandy cleanup was underway. This title is almost oracular now, in our current age of fake news and alternative facts. Your work has always had barbed anchors into the realities of our socio-political present—even if it traffics in iconographies of myth, witchcraft, Halloween, trash culture. It is as if your piece anticipated the Trump years as the Era of Questionable Beliefs.

InI came across a book called The Faith Instinct, which discussed the human propensity for belief as an instinctual drive that was selected through evolution because it encouraged group cohesion in early societies. Visiting Narnia in permanent, lifeless winter might be a vacation from where we are now. He has used fear to inspire his believers, so I think humor can help us defend the things we can believe in.

As I kid, my whole week revolved around waiting for the new installment of this occult and metaphysical pseudo-documentary series.