Troubled mother daughter relationship movies

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

16 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships . One of his best efforts along these lines was Female Trouble starring Waters'. The relationship between a mother and her daughter is complex. The desire for affection and acceptance runs as fierce as entertaining. 10 great films about troubled mother-daughter relationships . lesbian jailhouse movies and the sacrificing mothers of 'women's pictures', John.

It's a curious look at the problems of cinema families, the mother and daughter characters are simultaneously endearing and obnoxious, but most importantly, honest. She also, um, murdered her ex using a really witchy poison and ended up in prison for a super long time, leaving Astrid to navigate California's foster care system, where she finds many more mothers, each with their own issues to address.

White Oleander covers so many different mother-daughter relationships in one — the mothers we're both with, the mothers we choose ourselves, and the mothers that are forced upon us. She's also played by Meryl Streep, which makes her incredibly watchable despite all that other garbage.

Meryl Streep is really holding this list down for mothers and daughters. And so can you!

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Streaming on Netflix Flowers in the Attic This movie is so bad that it's good and I'll stand by that 'til my dying day. Like if you see this movie in a theatre, everyone will lose it in a very physical way, it's that good. Flowers stars both Leslie Graham and Kiernan Shipka, two women who just naturally seem like they would have the mother-daughter chemistry of some animal that eats its young.

Anyways, mom locks daughter and her siblings in an attic and then two of the kids KISS?

7 movies to watch if your mother-daughter relationship isn't all that

Listen, it's really good. Precious Precious is a hard movie to watch, but knowing that it introduced sweetheart Gabourey Sidebe into the world makes it a little easier.

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

A hard look at a long-abused teen and her devastating family circumstances, it's a portrait of a part of America a lot of people would rather not acknowledge. But it's honest and unflinching above all else. Marnie also suffers from afflictions besides kleptomania. One irony of this film is that while many of the male-oriented mother figures in Hitchcock films are destructive or, at least, a nuisance, Mrs.

Edgar, in the end, turns out to be more sympathetic than might be first expected. The ancient trauma turns out to be something ugly to which she had exposed her then small daughter but she had ever since, in the only way she knew, been trying to make things right.

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

This is one of the few parent-child relationships in the Hitchcock canon which ends with a note of hope. These tended to look at life in the grimier, grittier parts of the U.

While many of these films revolved around male figures, one key film of the movement was centered on a young woman and her largely disastrous relationship with her train wreck of a mother. The play A Taste of Honey was a major event on the British stage and catapulted young playwright Shelah Delaney, up until then a theater usher, to fame. She helped to adapt this screen version and give it a real bite.

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

She is the daughter of Helen Dora Bryan, one of those gaudy, overdressed, good time gals who seem to live in bars, dance halls and nightclubs. Her life involves going from one cheap man to another and one cheap boarding house room to another—from which she makes a habit of skipping out on in the middle of the night without paying the rent. Poor Jo is forever along for the ride, constantly getting uprooted. Right forces her to abandon Jo as the price of being with him.

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

The girl, with no guidance, stumbles into an unfortunate situation which will alter her life. She also finds situation which might bring her a little happiness but it seems that the apron strings of even an alternately abusive and neglectful mother such as Helen can be quite long.

The fact that this story is set against such believably lower class settings make it all the more heartrending. Sometimes a viewer may wonder what happened to characters after a film ends.

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In this case, it is all too clear. History will repeat itself and no one will ever manage to find or do any better. Taken from a novel by Alberto Moravia, the story centers on Cesira Lorena widow running a small shop in Rome.

The city is being bombed on a regular basis and has become a most dangerous place.

16 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships

Alas, war knows no safe haven and it turns out that the countryside is, in fact, even more dangerous than Rome. A terrible, traumatic event overtakes the women, one that marks them and their relationship for good. Two Women is one of the most tragic films on this list.

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The mother loves the girl and the daughter is devoted to her. In normal times they would have had no great problems between them. However, the fates decreed that they would not live in normal times.

They, along with so many others, will be the victim of the evil that comes out of war. Female Trouble Not all family relationships are created equal and, certainly, not all film makers are the same. It is a testament to the infinite variety of film that the same medium that could produce Bergman, Ozu, Dreyer, Renoir and all of those delicate, sensitive, sharply observant directors can also accommodate Baltimore-based indie icon John Waters, the most gleefully subversive, deliberately tasteless film maker of his generation which is saying something.

troubled mother daughter relationship movies

In this film Divine plays Dawn Davenport, a budding juvenile delinquent in s Baltimore who graduates to full blown if ludicrous criminal status in the s. After fleeing her middle-class home on Christmas morning due to an altercation involving a not received pair of cha-cha heels, Dawn is picked up and more or less raped by a grungy old guy in a station wagon also Divine. To call their relationship dysfunctional would be dignifying it. Taffy on the other hand, is a pure brat, snottily insulting everyone and getting her big kicks playing car accident with a dummy and props!

Stella Dallas The black sub-plot of Imitation of Life dealt with a fact of many child-parent relationships, a fact that becomes the center of another famous mother-daughter weepie, Stella Dallas. Stella Dallas, taken from a novel by Olive Higgins Prouty, another bestselling lady from the s through the 40s, had already seen service as a popular silent and was largely considered old-fashioned and out of date when the idea of remaking it was brought up in the mids.

Director King Vidor, star Barbara Stanwyck and supporting actress Anne Shirley, however, helped to bring it back to very moving life. Stella Martin a dynamic Stanwycka young woman from a plain background working in a factory, spots a good thing when she sees it in Stephen Dallas handsome but stick-like John Bolesa young man from a good family who has been left in a bad position by family misfortune.

Is this really so dated?