Tonari no atashi ending relationship

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tonari no atashi ending relationship

I'll be talking about Tonari no Atashi, aka Next to Me. I will tell Soon afterwards, Asou and Kyousuke decide to start a relationship But what I really did like about this manga, as I said earlier, that the ending was not a cliché. Extra 2 (end) by Shoujo Sense over 5 years ago Nibiiro no Hako no Naka de . baby heroine, Tonari no Atashi have a slightly different but still a happy ending . She didn't even actively try to sabotage Nina and Kyou's relationship or bully. Tonari no Atashi (Next to Me, 隣のあたし) (Manga ) By: Atsuko I think the ending is realistic because sometimes an individual can be It clearly depicts how close relationships could easily be destroyed, and how.

I hope for you guys enjoy it, so let's get started! December 18, February 13, Author s: Both being a year apart from each other, Kyousuke goes off to high school, and leaves Nina behind, who is currently stuck in junior high. Being friends since young, and being separated seemed a bit harsh to her. As for Kyousuke, well, he was taking it pretty well.

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Walking to school together every single day, wasn't enough for Nina. Especially when it seems like they always bump into a beautiful young girl, who also goes to Kyousuke's high school, Asou Yuiko. As time passes by, Kyousuke seemed to be hanging out more, and more with his new friends in high school, especially with a special girl. Nina being Nina, finally decides to admit her feelings for her special neighbor, but is quickly rejected multiple times.

Soon afterwards, Asou and Kyousuke decide to start a relationship together. Nina, feeling left behind and neglected, tries to move on and accept that it wasn't meant to be. But whatever happened to Nina's classmate, Miyuki? Through the whole year they were apart, everything changed.

tonari no atashi ending relationship

I feel like it's almost a sort of coming-of-age sort of thing. The idea of being left behind because of an age difference, realizing that not everything will turn out right, but something will come your way. It seems like reality to me. Yes, when I was in middle school, all my friends left for high school.

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So this manga really spoke out to me, it seems like I can relate to it completely, like I was living through it. Yes, it does give off that "old manga" vibe, which oddly enough, I enjoy.

tonari no atashi ending relationship

Despite that I don't like the old manga art style. Instead of that, what I got was a really modern manga art style, similar to what we use today. Nina is desperately yelling at Miyake. Kyo again urges Nina to tell him everything.

Nina says she has to, because she knows she will regret it later if she doesn't. Kyo bids them goodbye and leaves.

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He then turns back to find Nina looking at him gratefully with tears brimming in her eyes. He knows he could never hate her. Instead, he really loves her so he went back pushed her towards Miyake. Everybody is shocked at the drama. As Kyo leaves again, Nina starts saying: But she ignores them and continues saying: Miyake is embarrassed and asks her why is she still holding on to that paper. Finally she asks him if he will be with her once again. In the meantime, the two friends of Miyake left.

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Now the two lovebirds are alone and Miyake speaks: I already said that nothing matters as long as Uemura is smiling. The crying Nina advances towards him but he tells her to stop and to stop looking at him as well.

She ignores him, saying: