The lovers card new relationship

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the lovers card new relationship

The Lovers speaks of a relationship that always feels new. You feel like you've just met even after 10 or more years together because heaven is. I understand The Lovers represents choices and opposites, but can it ever very valuable to the person, leading them to a new understanding of life. to see other cards in the spread that would point to a love relationship. The Lovers tarot card represents love and relationships and soul mates. The lovers tarot card The Lovers + The Sun: New Love relationship. The Lovers + Ace.

He was over the moon—and ten months later, they got engaged. She came to me for a career spread. We did a complex reading that looked at several options. The path she was the most drawn to showed The Lovers as the general outcome card. I told her not to worry; The Lovers can mean many things. And Simone came for a reading to heal from a break-up. She was confused—if this was her soulmate, why did the relationship end?

the lovers card new relationship

All the Tarot cards have multiple meanings depending on the situation in which they appear. This is especially true for the Major Arcana. The Lovers is a perfect example of a traditional or popular meaning that most people know—and that, indeed, the name suggests.

Pick a Card ! Will You Get Into a RELATIONSHIP This Year?

But this card is complex and much more than just a significator of marriage. The Lovers as a Marriage Card Traditional decks typically show the image of a man and a woman surrounded by angels and standing in an idyllic environment.

Love—and a blessed one at that—is an obvious theme. I have done many readings where this turned out to be the case.

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But The Lovers, like all the Major Arcana, contains more than meets the eye. I have a deck that shows The Lovers as couples engaged in a dance, both in fancy dress and wearing masks. Colored bands of energy swirl around the dancing couples.

In many ways, I think this image more accurately sums up the dynamic energy of the card. The angel wears a purple cloak and lifts its hands in the air, but not as high as its crimson wings.

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The flames that make up its hair light its face a golden yellow to match the endless rays of sunlight encircling it from above. The couple illustrated here are Adam and Eve. It is the moment that they are being told about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

They now know not to eat its fruit. All is perfect as the radiant energy of the angel gives this card a glowing color throughout; we know that the snake will strike and that the couple will be shamed into putting on some clothes.

They will be cast out of the Garden of Eden and propagate the human race. This serves as a metaphor for all relationships — the moment that we decide to enter into a union with someone else, all seems perfect. Eventually we will discover flaws that might have been unacceptable were we to have seen them prior to getting together with this person. Adam and Eve are the metaphor for every couple — the relationship starts off pure, falters and then the best must be made out of it after the initial bliss is gone.

the lovers card new relationship

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions When a Tarot reading commences, the cards are dealt out into specific places. Each location in a reading covers your past, your present or your future.

the lovers card new relationship

A card in the past means something different than it does were it to land in the present or future spot. When The Lovers card lands in the past position, the foundation of your current situation can be found in a love relationship. If you are very young, this could be your parents. Usually it represents a past love or for long-married couples, a confirmation that the union is a definition of your identity.

If the location of The Lovers card in your reading is the present, you are palpitating with passion over a budding partnership. If you are alone or lonely, this card in this position will end that in a hurry. You might already know this partner, but regardless, the power and influence you will have on each other shall be transformative over all aspects of your life.

You will be able to look back on the present day as a before and after scenario. If you are single and The Lovers card is in the future position, now is the time to approach dating with a clear idea of what you want. The Lovers card signals the intense affection that will blind a new couple to reality.

While you still have your sight, think long and hard about what you want in a relationship and send that energy out into the universe.

If you are prone to becoming lost in the billowing fog of love's spell, the plans you make now to focus on the type of lover and relationship you really want can be invaluable to your future.

the lovers card new relationship