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tales of symphonia zelos relationship

Tales of Symphonia, an adventure roleplaying game, has a “soulmate” If the player chooses Zelos to be Lloyd's soulmate, some dialogue options will as further evidence of their relationship compatibility being “intentional. I need to get the chosens orb and a hourglass. For the chosens orb i need to get the realtionship with Zelos very high so he comes knocking at. I honestly still can't believe that I finally cosplayed Sheena from Tales of Symphonia! Symphonia has been a dream cosplay for twin and I for.

You can see these in the "Affection Values" section later on. With this, Colette no longer gets the automatic point advantage. This copies the affection values of all nine of your party members, and then the decisions you make throughout the game will alter them from there. When you go to Triet, you won't be able to view the values of people who you haven't gotten into your party yet, and the fortune teller's "I dunno" response will only take into consideration those that are included in her list at that moment, which might not necessarily be the character who actually has the highest value overall.

Purchasing the "Increase Tension" option alters how frequently characters go into Over Limit.

Tales of Symphonia Skit 110 Combo! Lloyd and Zelos

It has no effect on affection. I have personally verified this. In the event of a tie for the topmost slot, the soul mate appears to be determined in the same order as the list that the fortune teller shows you which is also the same order that the characters are stored in the save file; that is: This means Colette wins out over everyone else, and Kratos loses out against anyone else.

The reverse is also true when deciding who is your lowest-affection character: Here is a guide for the values that you must have for each tier: You two are total soul mates! I find it curious that affection changes are almost always in multiples of 60, yet the fortune teller uses hundreds for her thresholds.

As you can see, the actual range of useful values is fairly small; and given the extreme size of the variables, it is possible to overshoot both "hopeless" and "soul mate" ranges quite severely. It is also possible to get multiple characters into "soul mate" or "hopeless" range simultaneously, though whoever has the highest value overall will still be the one considered to be Lloyd's soul mate even if he or she is not actually in "soul mate" range.

Here is what the fortune teller says for each character when that character is the soul mate and you choose the "I dunno" option: Don't try to hide your feelings. Someone already likes you. She is close to you and is always thinking of you. Her feelings for you are like a delicate flower.

Through tender care and love, it could bloom into a beautiful, powerful bond. Don't try to hide it, because someone already wants to be your best friend. He is always making fun of you, but he really looks up to you. He is attracted to the straight and honest way you live your life. He might become your best friend for life. She watches over you, sometimes stern and sometimes gentle. She treats you coldly to hide the fact that she is really kind at heart.

There is much that you can learn from her. You should grow up ASAP for her sake. Don't try to hide it, because someone already likes you. You two are similar and get along well.

She's a little rough, but that's because she's embarrassed to show her feelings. Deep in her heart, she needs you.

You should answer her feelings of devotion. He's always joking around, but he has high expectations for you. Perhaps he wants to live his life seriously like you. If you become his true best friend, his future will be bright. He lives his life punishing himself. He thinks that you may be able to heal his loneliness and regret.

You two may be able to become like brothers. She has mature, lonely eyes and a sad heart that feels like some part of it is empty. She is uncertain about the state she finds herself in. She believes that you may be the one who can fill the void in her heart.

Don't take too long to realize the feelings she has for you. Although seemingly stolid, he is trying to guide you and show you the way. Hmm, this is strange. I can't see any more of his heart. Anyway, you should answer his trust. You two are like father and son. He loves you like a father.

You should answer his trust. Otherwise referred to by me as skit circles, touching one of these brings up a dialogue between Lloyd and one of the other characters. There is always one choice to be had here, and your decision, naturally, affects the character's affection.

Okay, yes it was. Answering the skit "positively" has differing impact depending on the character, as follows: As you can see in the "Affection Tallies" section, this is necessary for them to reach the potential of the other characters, although Regal's are a little bit of an overkill. Zelos, despite joining the party after Presea, enjoys no additional boost. And Colette, despite not needing a boost at all, gets six skits in total rather than the four or five that everyone else has.

Notice that Regal's skit points alone are enough to send him from "a tiny bit of faith" straight into "a lot of faith" or even "soul mate" range depending on exactly where he started. On the other hand, you can do all five of, say, Sheena's skits, and still not boost her out of "very highly" range.

Answering a skit point "negatively" has no effect whatsoever. The character does not gain or lose affection in this case. However, since you can only do each skit point once per play, this does mean that answering one negatively causes you to miss out on the affection gain it would otherwise grant. On the other hand, it is not possible to use skit points to deliberately lower a character's affection.

For that, you would have to use cooking. Cooking with disliked ingredients lowers affection by Whether the ingredient is optional or required seems to make no difference. Whether the cooking attempt succeeds or fails also seems to make no difference. Lloyd must be the one doing the cooking in order for this to happen.

Also, in order to be affected a character has to be present in the party--although it is not necessary for him to actually be in your active battle force. As long as the character is there in your menu screen, he will be affected by things Lloyd cooks, even if he's sitting on the bench at the time. Cooking affects the affection values of petrified and KO'd characters as well, so you can't deliberately kill someone off to prevent him from being affected.

A single dish can affect multiple characters in the party simultaneously, depending on what ingredients are involved. For example, if Lloyd cooks using both Milk and Carrot, Genis will not gain or lose affection. Because of this, you must cook 60 times just to equal the same change in affection that you get from the most minor of dialogue decisions.

You might see a change in the fortune teller sooner than this, though, depending on exactly how close the character was to the threshold to begin with. I have tested all of the foods listed below. So far I have not seen any reactions to ingredients other than these. Beef not Strips Tomato Colette: All Fruits Bell Pepper Genis: Rice not Barley None? Tuna, Snapper, Melon Octopus Presea: Tofu Cucumber, Melon Kratos: Namco's solution contains a few errors.

What I list above are those ingredients that I personally tested. In particular, Shrimp for Zelos and Cucumber for Colette both appear to be errors, and contrary to what the solution says, Sheena does have a liked ingredient, though I have not yet found a disliked one.

Colette likes all ingredients in the game's "Fruit" category. These are the same ones that are used when "All Fruits" is listed, for example for Fruit Cocktail. This includes Lemon, but does not include Tomato which is considered a vegetable by the game. This means you cannot raise Raine's affection via cooking without also raising Colette's, unless Colette happens to not be in the party at the time. If you want to cook a dish that requires Rice without raising Sheena's affection, use the "Barley Rice" item instead of the "Rice" item.

Through careful use of cooking, it is possible to fine-tune a character's affection value as needed. However, this does not work for Presea, who does not seem to respond to anything that Lloyd cooks. And it does not appear to be possible to lower Sheena's affection value using cooking; she can only gain.

Since favored foods also affect Over Limit meters regardless of who is doing the cooking, it is possible the designers didn't want players to have to worry about lowering Sheena's Over Limit via cooking thus limiting how frequently she can summon but this does have the unfortunate side effect of making it impossible to deliberately reduce affection with her via cooking as well.

Presea's lack of food tastes is most likely due to plot reasons, but even after she is awakened later in the game, she does not appear to respond to any foods. Note that Colette's preferences do not change even after she loses her sense of taste which makes no plot sense because there's even a Z-skit mentioning that she's eating the bell peppers that she didn't like before, yet cooking using them will still lower her affection. Using a character frequently or leaving him on the bench does not appear to matter.

The only times this matters are situations where the group splits up and the player has to pick which characters accompany Lloyd. These decisions, in and of themselves, will impact affection. But simply including or excluding someone from the active battle party via the menu screen does not seem to have any effect at all. It also does not appear to matter whether you personally control a character or leave him to the AI.

Lloyd's soul mate and the character you choose in the Flanoir Inn Decision are two different things.

tales of symphonia zelos relationship

Some scenes in the game are hard-coded to use your Inn Decision character regardless of his or her affection value. Other scenes will use whoever presently has the highest affection regardless of who you selected in Flanoir.

tales of symphonia zelos relationship

It is not necessary to pick your highest-affection character in the Inn Decision you get a choice of the top three plus Kratos, who could possibly even be your lowest-affection character. The Sardonyx item's description in your item list claims it will "help you find your soul mate"; however, thus far I have not seen any effects of having it equipped in regards to affection.

It would be kind of cool if you could put an item on your desired soul mate to increase gains or lessen losses with that person, but so far I haven't seen it actually work. If, after that boost, she's in your top three in terms of affection, Sheena will offer to join. Note that this top-three check does not count the Tethe'alla characters if you carried over affection in the GRADE Shoponly those presently in your party. If either Genis or Kratos is highest affection, he gets picked.

Otherwise, Lloyd is selected. Excluding Kratos, of course. The highest of the three people you brought with you speaks first, then the second-highest, then the lowest says the line at the end about hurrying, right before the battle starts. The one deviation from this is if you brought Kratos with you, he always interjects in the middle regardless of affection. Affection does NOT impact who turns off the machine after the fight; that's hard-coded.

The lowest is by the window inside the first floor of the house. The second- lowest is outside next to the clothesline on the path to the tombstone.

Next in line stands near Noishe; next-highest is by the tombstone. Finally, your second-highest is upstairs in the bedroom, and the highest-affection character will be waiting outside on the terrace, and you will get extended dialogue with him or her.

If Kratos or Sheena is highest, then you get their extended dialogue when they automatically speak with Lloyd earlier, and the next-highest excluding Kratos and Sheena will be on the terrace, though you will get only his or her abbreviated comment.

This scene does not otherwise change if anyone else including Kratos, who isn't even in the party at the time has the highest affection. The organization of the characters around Lloyd during the cut scene the morning after is also according to affection.

The highest-affection character is next to Lloyd, on the right side of the screen. Then the second-highest is to that character's left, and the third is beside the second, and the remaining four are on the left side of the screen, with the lowest being the one in the middle that Lloyd asks about Altessa.

Curiously, it doesn't appear to matter for this who you actually chose during the Inn Decision. The characters you are allowed to choose from during the nighttime event at Flanoir are the three with the highest affection, plus Kratos GC only. The character you choose here is used in the following events regardless of who actually has the highest affection value at those times.

Thus, once you select an Inn Decision character, those scenes which use that character are set into stone and affection no longer matters for them. The character selected at Flanoir There are also a couple of Z-skits related to this that depend on who was selected at Flanoir.

This also determines who ends up being your eighth party member at the end of the game. If Kratos was selected then there is no scene here. If Kratos was selected at Flanoir then Lloyd says the line himself. If Kratos was selected then Colette gets possessed instead; however, in this case Kratos gets some extra lines such as during the flashback scene when rescuing her.

If you picked Kratos then this applies to Colette instead. Again, this will be Colette if you picked Kratos. If Kratos was selected then it is Colette who is seen here.

So far in my tests, I've had to have SOMEONE with affection at or greater than in order to recover the kidnapped character in the room just beyond where everyone else disappears. Oddly enough, it doesn't have to be the Inn Decision character who has the high affection for this; anyone will do. Which, unless you have purchased the "Affection" option in the GRADE Shop, will almost certainly be Colette, because it is difficult to get anyone else above her by this point in the game.

The character doesn't even have to actually be in the active battle party at the time. Notice that the character has to have the highest affection out of all possible party members, not just of those presently in the party, in order for this to happen.

Not sure yet if Zelos counts if you kill him off, but I think he does. As with all Z-skits, you can only view each particular "Combo! For example, Zelos normally responds only when a female dies in battle, but make him into Lloyd's soul mate, and he will start reacting whenever Lloyd goes down as well.

This is just a list of a few places in the game's programming where affection affects the game in amusing and arguably incorrect ways. This is pretty funny. As far as I know, his value isn't used for anything. In fact, since cooking appears to be the only thing that modifies it, usually it's zero.

Both this and the knowledge that he could not live up to the expectations set upon him as Chosen further deepened his lack of self-worth. Growing up in Meltokio's uncaring society, he was forced to lock his emotions away and adopt a mask of confidence, self-assurance, and superficiality.

This "mask" allowed him to differentiate between those who merely had a passing interest in him and those who truly wished to know and befriend him; it also allowed him to defend himself from further emotional trauma. Zelos is also somewhat prejudiced against half-elves, likely due to Mylene's murderess being half-elven, as well as being taught from birth that half-elves were "disgusting, filthy creatures". Despite this apparent prejudice, he is actually more sympathetic to half-elves than his peers, exerting his influence to stop some of the Pope's radical anti-half-elf legislation from becoming law even before he meets Lloyd.

Upon meeting Genis and Raine Sagehe eventually learns to accept them, despite his conflicts with Genis, at one point commenting on how they are nothing like the half-elf stereotypes he had been taught about, but remarking that he is not quite able to rid himself of feelings of prejudice. His slightly more sympathetic view on them is due to the fact he feels he can relate to them in some aspect, saying that "nobody wanted us to be born".

When Zelos was six, he met a young Regal Bryant at the Princess' birthday party; thus, he is somehow able to recognize Regal when he joins their group. He repeatedly implies that Regal is the President of Lezareno, but the party fails to realize this until it is made apparent by Regal himself.

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As he reached his teenage years, Zelos found that he was considered very popular among Meltokio's noblewomen. It soon became apparent that these aristocrats were not interested in him for his personality, nor for his good looks; they only wished to be associated with the Chosen of Mana.

He used this superficial interest to his advantage, and soon gained a world-spanning reputation as a womanizer. He was educated at the Imperial Research Academy in Sybakwhere his good looks and status allowed him to manipulate his female classmates into taking notes and tests for him, despite the fact that, although he excelled at mathematics, he was less-than-proficient at most everything else.

As such, he graduated at the top of his class. Sometime in the years before meeting Lloyd, Zelos was approached by Pronyma of Cruxis, and was given the offer to rid himself of the Chosen status should he become their spy in return. By this time, he had already grown bitter toward his position, as well as toward himself, and had practically given up all hope that things could get better for him or his sister; thus, he allied himself with them.

Role in the Plot Status image in Tales of Symphonia. The group first meets Zelos with his entourage in Meltokio, where he attempts to woo the then-unresponsive Colette Brunel and Raine Sage. When the party reaches the castle, he helps them negotiate with the King and Pope in order to find a way to save Colette.

As the Chosen, he is highly influential, second in power only to the King himself. One stipulation, however, is that the party remain at all times in Tethe'alla. When the party plans to meet Dirk in Iselia to see if he can help Colette, and convinces Zelos to allow them to do so, Zelos is branded a traitor for doing so, and the Pope orders his arrest.

When the party attempts to retrieve the Rheairds from the Fooji MountainsZelos claims that he has some device to transport them.

However, at the summit, he leads them into a trap, supposedly by accident, where Yuan Ka-Fai and Pronyma find them. The party defeats Pronyma, but Yuan's Renegades reclaim the Rheairds.

Zelos also helps the party return to Meltokio through the city's sewers when the Papal Knights refuse them entry through the city's gate. In the sewers, they encounter Regal Bryant. He gets a hold on Zelos and says that if they made a move, he would kill him. Presea Combatir comes forth and manages to save Zelos, and when Regal sees Presea, he becomes stunned. Genis Sage uses the chance to attack the man with magic. Regal dodges and retreats together with the other convicts.

When the party goes inside Meltokio, the citizens, despite being aware of Zelos's status as a traitor, still treat him as they always have. Even some members of the church do so as well; the pastor on the Hot Spring island agrees not to report Zelos's presence.

Inside the Tethe'alla BaseZelos suspiciously disappears for a moment before reappearing. He then makes several odd references to betraying the group, such as "joking" that he would try deceiving Lloyd, and being somewhat surprised when Sheena states she hates traitors more than anything else, when referring to the very recent revelation that Kuchinawa is working for the Pope.

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These initially seem incidental, but ultimately serve to foreshadow future plot twists. In the third main "act" of the story, in which the party attempts to cure Colette and ultimately reunite the worlds, Zelos cleverly tricks two Papal Knights into believing that Colette is Spirituaan angel of death, and takes advantage of their fear of her to convince them to drop the charges against him and the others, as well as to try to capture the Pope.

He also succeeds in convincing Princess Hilda to persuade the King to write a letter to the Elder of Heimdall in order to allow them into the village. Throughout the mission to cure Colette, Zelos is seemingly distrustful of Kratos Aurion 's motives. It is later implied that he dislikes Kratos for manipulating and leading his son, Lloyd, on for his own intentions, which possibly reminds Zelos of the father who abandoned him.

It is also implied that he dislikes Kratos because he sees himself in him, which he finds disturbing. Choices Artwork for Tales of Link. One of the major twists in the plot involves Zelos. After Altessathe dwarf craftsman in Tethe'alla, is badly wounded, the party takes the Rheairds to the city of Flanoir to find a doctor. The doctor requests an entourage and takes the four characters who have the lowest relationships with Lloyd. That night, the three characters with the highest relationships with Lloyd come to the his room at Flanoir's inn, asking him to go for a walk with them.

The player may have Lloyd agree to the walk with any one of them, or may deny them all, in which case, Lloyd goes outside on his own, where he meets his father, Kratos.

Morning comes, and Lloyd decides to make a direct attack on Cruxis, at the Tower of Salvation. If Lloyd speaks to one of the first three guests, Zelos betrays the party at the tower, revealing that he had been working for both Cruxis and the Renegades the entire time.

This sheds new light on past incidents, and might suggest that he had planned for the party to be trapped on the Fooji mountains, and was speaking with a contact when he disappeared in the Renegades' base; Yuan states their "friend" can help the Renegades find the party, which is most likely a reference to Zelos.

Claiming to care only for himself, Zelos decides to join with the group most likely to win the upcoming fight: In reality, while in Flanoir, Kratos requested that Zelos retrieve the rare stone known as Aionis, a material needed to form the Ring of the Pact, and thereby wield the Eternal Sword ; the only way for Zelos to obtain it would be for him to enter Cruxis's stronghold. Upon reaching the tower, Zelos leads Colette forward, claiming he wants her help in taking the Eternal Sword, but angels surround the two, and Pronyma reveals Zelos's betrayal before leaving with him.

While Lloyd's party makes their way to the Hall of the Great Seed, each of them falls into various traps in an effort to allow Lloyd to challenge Mithosand save Colette and the world.

Zelos Wilder

Unbeknownst to Lloyd, Zelos releases them, and guides them to the Hall, where they reunite with Lloyd and help defeat Pronyma. Shortly afterward, presumably after obtaining the "Aionis", Zelos rejoins the party and helps defeat Yggdrasil. If Lloyd is paired with Zelos, he will receive the "Chosen's Orb" from him.

When Lloyd is shot by an arrow fired from a trap in the Tower of Salvation, the "Chosen's Orb" protects him. Lloyd is briefly conflicted, realizing that Zelos saved him, but that he also betrayed the group.

On this path through the story, Zelos survives and will, if paired with Lloyd, be possessed by Mithos after Lloyd makes a pact with Origin. During the story's final cutscene, Zelos is seen requesting that an emissary of peace, specifically Sheena, be sent to Iselia, utilizing his influence as the Chosen to do so. However, if Lloyd spoke with Kratos at Flanoir, Lloyd will ask Zelos if he can trust him; this seems to prompt Zelos to confront the party on his own, rather than leave with Pronyma when he betrays them.

He claims that he never earned their trust when Lloyd takes umbrage at his betrayal. He then fights the party, hoping they will kill him and end his fate as the Chosen. As Zelos prepares for his last battle, he tells Lloyd how he only wished for a "fun, easy life", a simple one he could not obtain as the Chosen.

Zelos fights the party, in the place of a minor angel boss, and is mortally wounded in the process. He tells the party where Colette is being held, and urges them to save her. He then says that after he is dead, Seles will become the Chosen and be freed from the abbey. When Lloyd expresses disbelief that Zelos would die for this purpose, he says that it is "just a bonus". With his last breath, he asks that the group destroy his Cruxis Crystalthen dies due to his wounds. Dawn of the New World.

Zelos returns as a playable character in the sequel to Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Two years later after the Chosen system was abolished, Zelos pushed for major reformations within the church, and may or may not have gone on a journey with Lloyd to collect the remaining Exsphere, depending on the player's choices in the last game.

He immediately flirts with Marta, something that slightly creeps her out, and also makes Emil gape at them. After Richter leaves, he gives the two of them his name before he departs as well. Marta begins to wonder if he is the Chosen of Tethe'alla, though they all doubt it due to his differences from Colette.

Later, while they try saving Emil's former neighbor, Alice appears and battles them.

tales of symphonia zelos relationship

Upon her defeat, one of her monsters, Portos, returns to its senses and attempts to kill her, but Zelos rescues her and tells her that as long as she leaves, he will forget her actions. Alice, understanding her situation, leaves them. Emil and Marta asks Zelos if he knows where Lloyd is, calling him a "bastard". This annoys Zelos, and he tells them he will not talk to people who seek revenge on his "bastard friend". Marta is disappointed that he, like Colette, does not believe them, but Emil states that he could see he would not even listen to what they had to say about Lloyd.

Later, Zelos's sister is kidnapped by Lloyd, but Zelos tells Emil that the person who kidnapped her was not Lloyd.

tales of symphonia zelos relationship

When the party discovers two Lloyds fighting each other, and if Emil chooses to hit the real Lloyd, Zelos will stop him and reveal that he knew from the start who the fake was. Zelos is the only character who knows without a doubt that the Lloyd is innocent from the start, as he had faith the real Lloyd would never kidnap his sister, and was tipped off by Decusthe fake Lloyd, and his tell-tale scent.

This emphasizes the theme that although Zelos appears ditsy at times, he actually carries a good amount of insight about the other characters.

Appearance and Personality Zelos is rarely serious, acting as a comic relief for the group, always ready to cheer the party up at heavy-hearted moments.

Quite the ladies' man, he charms every woman he sees, who in turn give him gifts. He is quite handsome, and approaches most situations hoping to meet or impress any pretty girls nearby.