Song about bad mom relationship

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song about bad mom relationship

This sweet song talks about the two-way relationship between mothers and daughters, and how having a daughter can completely change how. I've noticed throughout a lot of songs, he tends to have kind of a poor rapport with his mother. Obviously, the most obvious example is the entire. 10 Songs About Complicated Father-Child Relationships . trait among the bad dads here: a love of the hooch that overwhelms their wavering.

The son vows to be just like his dad, and in a bleak, if predictable, irony when the roles are reversed and the lonely father wants to spend time with his now-grown son, it's his son who is just too darned busy and preoccupied to be able to spend time with him. But you don't need to be M. A or lost in drunken haze to disappoint and frustrate your child.

Madonna sings from the perspective of a young woman who gets pregnant unexpectedly, something that complicates and darkens a relationship with a father she grow up looking up to and admiring. This pregnancy puts a terrible strain on their relationship once she defies her father's wishes and decides to keep the baby of a boyfriend her father encouraged her to break up with.

song about bad mom relationship

It's a song rich with ambivalence and moral ambiguity, as a young woman in a terrible bind defies the wishes of the people she loves most and asserts her autonomy and independence in the face of fierce parental opposition. The father makes intermittent attempts to be part of his son's life, but that just exacerbates the pain of being abandoned.

On "Biological Didn't Bother" an uncharacteristically introspective Shaq raps about the angst he and his mother felt after Shaq's father, lost in a world of drugs and selfishness, abandoned him while the NBA superstar-to-be was just a little boy.

song about bad mom relationship

But even here, Shaq finds a way to be positive. Shaq's birth father pops up late in the song, appearing on "The Ricki Lake Show", and angling for a payout from his rich and famous son, but by that time it's too late. Being a father isn't a matter of biology, it's a matter of love and responsibility, and as Shaq insists over and over again, that the title and honor of "Father" was one his stepfather earned and his birth father lost.

The song starts off on an upbeat note, with the singer recalling how his father's smile as a child could make the whole world seem bright and kind. He revels in his father's kindness and warmth and it's this early adulation that makes the eventual abandonment and betrayal hurt even more. The song grows darker and angrier until the singer is bitterly demanding, with a voice raw with righteous rage and indignation, "Father of mine, tell me how do you sleep?

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With the children you abandoned, and the wife I saw you beat? No, as the title betrays, this sad little boy just wants the Christmas Day return of a father who walked out on his family while he was still a young boy and whose absence never stops being a source of tremendous pain to him and his mother. Alas, there are limits to even Santa Claus' power, so it's doubtful the young boy will wake up to find his errant father underneath the Christmas tree and honestly, it'd be a little freaky if he did.

This abandonment lends an overwhelming air of sadness, loneliness and melancholy to what should be the most joyous day in a child's year.

10 Songs About Complicated Father-Child Relationships

Here's the summary of the list. I also included a brief description of what the song is about. Below this list, you can listen to each song directly on the page. Top 10 Songs to Honor Mom: If you only have time to listen to one song on this page, choose 'Supermarket Flowers' by Ed Sheeran: The video travels a lifetime with a young mom and her little girl; from mom caring for her daughter, to the daughter caring for her mom in old age.

The 10 Most Genuinely Disturbing Songs About Mothers

The circle of life is on full display, but mostly, love is on display. A hero to her daughter in the wedding dress She gave her wings to leave the nest It hurts to let her baby go Down the aisle she walks right by Looks back into her mother's eyes That smile lets her know She somebody's hero 2.

This song is incredibly moving. It's beyond words how personal this song feels when you've been gifted a wonderful, caring, loving mom.

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I think about friends and family who have lost their mom, and I'm sobbing for them. This song honors a mother with every note and lyric. Get ready, it's typical Ed Sheeran beauty in song. You were an angel in the shape of my mum You got to see the person that I have become Spread your wing And I know that when God took you back he said Hallelujah You're home 3. Small Town Girl Year: It's so heartbreaking to listen to Kellie sing the true story of her fractured relationship with her mother in this song.

song about bad mom relationship