Salesforce object relationship types quiz

Object Relationships Overview – SalesForce

salesforce object relationship types quiz

A Standard object has more than one Master-Detail relationship? A. True Which of the following is not the Return Type for Formula Fields? A. Start studying Salesforce App Builder - Data Modeling Quiz (20% of Exam). Which type of relationships can be defined with external objects? (Choose 2). Distinctive kinds of connections between objects in Salesforce decide questions that are on the “detail” side of an ace detail relationship can't.

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Log in to Reply CarlosSiqueira May 17, at 2: If both can have each other, then a junction object should be created, with 2 master -detail, one for Feature Request and one for Case. What Am I missing?

salesforce object relationship types quiz

Log in to Reply JohnCoppedge May 19, at 3: However, the question specifically states that the case looks up to the feature request. What this means is that a feature request can have many cases, but a case can only be linked to one feature request.

Object Relationships Overview – SalesForce

The customer service team likely spends much of their time using the case object so it would make sense to make this information available via the case object. Log in to Reply JohnCoppedge June 8, at I thought the restriction on the master-detail relationship was that the child could not be the standard object. Log in to Reply JohnCoppedge June 2, at 1: To erase a protest or record in a query relationship, first erase a proper number of its tyke records. To erase both the question and the field, utilize the metadata API with an erase show that utilizations purgeOnDelete.

salesforce object relationship types quiz

Or on the other hand, utilize Setup in the UI to erase the field first. External Lookup Salesforce Relationship An outer query salesforce Relationship interfaces a tyke standard, custom, or outside question a parent outside protest.

Outside question field esteems originate from an outer information source. Indirect Lookup Salesforce Relationship A roundabout query relationship connects a kid outer protest a parent standard or custom question.

When you make an aberrant query relationship field on an outer question, you determine the parent protest field and the youngster protest field to match and partner records in the relationship. Hierarchical Relationships in Salesforce A unique query Salesforce Relationship accessible for just the client protest.

It gives clients a chance to utilize a query field to connect one client with another that does not specifically or in a roundabout way allude to itself.

object relationships in salesforce

So, this was all about Relationships in Salesforce. Hope you like our explanation. Have a look at Salesforce Schema Builder 4. Still, if you have any doubt regarding Relationships in Salesforce, feel free to ask in the comment tab.

All the common objectives of the business are accounts, contacts, products, campaigns, cases, users, contracts, opportunities, leads, report, and dashboards etc… all come under the heading of Standard objects.

salesforce object relationship types quiz

Account Represents an account of the individual, that is a corporation or person committed your business such as customers, competitors, and partners. AccountBrand Represents the complete details of a Partner Account.

This object is available in API version AccountBrandShare Represents a sharing entry on an account complete record.

salesforce object relationship types quiz

AccountContactRole Represents the role that a contact plays on an Account. AccountFeed Represents one feed item on an account record detail page. This object is out there in API version AccountContactRelation Represents a relationship between a contact and one or additional accounts. AccountHistory Represents the history of changes to the values within the fields of an account.

This object is out there in versions