Rose and greg meet

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rose and greg meet

Rose eventually developed a romantic relationship with a human, Greg . While she never got to meet her son, Rose cherished Steven even before his birth. Greg knew Pearl was in love with Rose, yet he pursued a relationship with her Nonetheless, since the Gems we've met refer to themselves and each other as. Greg explains that Marty was "an old amigo from way back when". He also explains that Marty was his manager from when Greg met Rose. Steven then asks.

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The reason she even met him was from being unable to resist his listening to his music, too. Greg doesn't care about a purple, talking owl saying that if he keeps asking stuff, it would have to kill him or the fact that there's a fence blocking the way, super strong ladies that come out of beams of lights threating him or his super jerk manager trying to control his life ; he would not stop at anything in order to be with the mysterious pink lady.

Steven asks about Greg's former manager, Marty. Before he tells his story, he says "He's dead to me" with a reminiscent smile on his face. The Dog Bites Back: Greg had enough of Marty controlling his life just to get quick cash.

rose and greg meet

Rose is concerned that she'll ruin Greg's short life, but the viewer knows that Greg will be outliving her. Marty asks Greg "how big" Rose was, obviously referring to her bust. Greg, who has a thing for tall women, gushes that she was probably 8 feet. Favors for the Sexy: Greg gives Rose a free album and t-shirt, which annoys Marty. Since we already know how they got together. This is lampshaded when Greg mentions that he's told this story to Steven before, except without mentioning Marty.

As Greg and Marty are leaving Beach City, the camera lingers on a box full of shirts identical to the kind Steven wears. What Greg tells Marty so he can be with Rose. To emphasize that Greg is not bald, he flips his hair a lot and there's a lot of wind that makes it flow while he's singing in the concert. Not knowing Greg's name when he first walks into the temple, Pearl cautiously addresses him as "you.

The episode is Greg telling Steven how he first met Rose Quartz. Amethyst says this to Greg when he asks about Rose. Greg is more intrigued by the possibility of finding Rose than scared of an owl threatening him. When Amethyst is telling Pearl about her encounter with Greg, Pearl asks whether "it spoke to you? I Was Quite a Looker: Greg had a full head of hair and was pretty fit when he met Rose. Marty, who calls Greg a kid and only cares about making money from concerts.

To show how disconnected they are from humans, Rose assumes Greg's "space train to the cosmos" to be a literal train and is confused as to why he wouldn't want to come back.

Later on, Pearl answers Greg's "what time is it" question with "nighttime" instead of a specific hour. Greg in his 20's was quite cute and not only had his very long hair, but also a pompadour-like hairdo.

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Love at First Sight: Greg and Rose fall for each other as soon as they meet, although Rose is reluctant to act on her feelings since she knows she'll outlive Greg. Garnet when Rose caught her almost throwing Greg over the fence, Pearl when Amethyst and Garnet giggled over her jealous remark and Steven while playfully teasing his dad over his love for Rose. Given a nod when Rose initially tries to reject Greg because she'll long outlive him and doesn't want to ruin his dreams she even said he was really cute and would like to play with him, implying that a relationship between them would be just a dalliance for her even if it lasted his whole life.

When Greg tells her that his dream is to be with her, you can tell she's flattered. He also told her that he just destroyed his dreams of being a musician just moments earlier anyway.

While talking about Greg's album, Rose asked how he would return to Earth and Greg said he'll never return; she expresses sadness because it's his home. Later, Greg expresses his desire to come back to Beach City and be with Rose. He then chooses to stay now that he has found home. In the flashback, Marty said he's going to make both himself and Greg rich "and as far as these saltwater saps" knew, they already were.

rose and greg meet

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Marty being a jerk towards Greg made it easy for him to decide to stay in Beach City. Man, Marty was the worst! Oh, yeah, he was awful. But I guess I owe him a lot. He made it easy for me to stay. Apart from Rose, the Gems really have no idea how to react when Greg shows up to the Temple. It's clear they'd rather not interact with humans at all, since they have the beach fenced off.

rose and greg meet

When Garnet warps into the temple, she's carrying two bubbled gems which she quickly teleports away. Garnet finds Pearl's jealous declaration about being able to sing hilarious, bursting into giggles.

Rose's size was larger after Rainbow Quartz unfused than before Rose and Pearl fused. When Garnet was about to throw the stick for Amethyst to catch, The television behind Amethyst is off, and in the next scene it turns back on. When Rose and Pearl are about to start their fusion dance, Rose walks off the stage holding her microphone.

Once Rose and Pearl start dancing together, Rose isn't holding the microphone. When Rose spins Pearl, her right leg was raised.

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After that, her left leg is raised without her right going down. When Rose and Pearl fuse, Rainbow Quartz is in the center of the room. Once Rainbow Quartz starts dancing, she is suddenly next to Greg. When Rose and Pearl fused into Rainbow Quartz, the microphone disappeared, when they unfused, Pearl was holding the mic. This may have been explained in " Are You My Dad?

rose and greg meet

When Pearl is telling Greg that he is a human and can't fuse her legs are bigger than normal. When Greg asks Rose if she has ever been in love with a human, Greg is shown to be barefoot.

However, he was wearing sandals both before and after that. When Greg tells Pearl that he will try fusing with Rose; they're in a background where there is no stairs and there's only a wall. However, when Greg drops his mic, where Amethyst is; there is a different background.

When Greg stands on the various boxes to kiss Rose, his left sleeve is missing. When Amethyst tells Greg that a fusion dance isn't about his head, Garnet and Amethyst are standing on Greg's mat but in the next shot with their feet shown, they're standing on the sand. There is also no stick on the sand shown. First you need a Gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light.

Then you need a partner you can trust with that light. He is not made of light, so he cannot fuse the way Gems can. Let me tell you something, Mr. You have to dance like you. You have to fuse your way. Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. If she thinks Greg and Rose can fuse, I trust her judgment. Greg trusts her too. Pearl, watching from a distance with Garnet and Amethyst, reacts with confusion and anger. Why are they still dancing!? What does this mean? Well, we know from several episodes that a fusion is a relationship between the two participants see my fusion metaa conversation, an experience.

Human beings can give birth without losing their form, so why does Rose? What do we know of what happens when Gems fuse?

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While we know there can be conflict within the fusion and that one personality can dominate another, we also know that the fusion is more than just a combination of individual parts.

Now apply this to Steven and Rose. Steven is therefore a permanent fusion. Loving you and loving being you. To me, that sounds like what half of a fusion would say.