Robocop prime directives ending relationship

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robocop prime directives ending relationship

I've heard about the ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES heard they were and by the end of "Dark Justice" (which doesn't end necessarily well for what can only be called parasitic relationship between OCP Junior Exec. RoboCop: Prime Directives (TV Series ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more The sad result: Page Fletcher, who plays RoboCop in "PD," spends most of . post-house Stargate Studios (no relation to the SF series)in Toronto who had There are also many loose ends which are never tied up, I am only giving. Buy Robocop - The Prime Directives (Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set) from room for greater character development, and that as the set gets near it's end they Another exercise in race relations with two crying robots hugging each other?.

Also, the music was nothing like the classic RoboCop theme I still get shivers up my spine when I hear that tune The theme tune in these films is campy and sounds more like something out of a western.

Lastly, Page Fletcher looks nothing like RoboCop. He is short and has an annoyingly shaped mouth and chin seeing as that's the only part of Robo's skin that you see, you'd think they'd find an actor with a 'handsome' chin.

robocop prime directives ending relationship

He also speaks more like Microsoft Sam then RoboCop. His performance would not have been so bad if the storyline did not keep throwing 'Murphy Memories' at us. Page Fletcher looks more like an average cop then the cool, sophisticated but compassionate Murphy that Peter Weller delivered to us all those years ago. He is also several years too old, seeing as though the memories are set before Murphy transferred to Metro South.

Fletcher's costume does not help the problem either. It looks acceptable when he's wearing the Robo helmet it actually looks pretty cool since it is so battle-damaged. But when the helmet is removed, you can tell that it is a man in a costume. Unlike the original, or even the later TV series, this suit had no complex wires and circuitry attached to Murphy's face.

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Murphy's face looks exactly the same as it did before he was shot down. Also, you can easily spot the seams at the chin that lead down into Fletcher's neck. Anyway, now that I'm finished ranting about the series' problems, I can tell you the good things about it. First of all, this series 'pretends' like the events of the second two movies and the TV series for that matter didn't happen.

RoboCop: Prime Directives

That means, no RoboCop 2s, no Detroit revolutions, no jet packs etc. This was a good move. Second of all was the unique comic-book plot the four movies delivered. He partners up with his old partner John Cable who is unaware that he is his old partner.

I enjoyed 'Dark Justice' because it didn't throw us right into the main story as of yet. For now, it was focusing more on the characters and where they've been for the last ten years. However there were parts I did not enjoy. But I think I've said enough about the abysmal special effects and Page Fletcher's casting. He basically looks exactly the same as RoboCop 1, except he is a shiny black and his visor is silver.

However, Murphy recognizes his friend and frantically tries to make him remember his past. Also, we get to see Murphy's old partner go through the same confusion and pain that Murphy himself went through all those years ago. On a more negative note however, a lot of focus is put on the 'Cable' character, leading me to believe that the series on a whole has got more to do with him than to do with RoboCop.

Data spike — RoboCop's data spike is a sharp, spike-like device that protrudes from Robocop's right fist. This device can be used by Robocop to interface with a corresponding data port in order to download information from the police database and compare information he's gathered from his missions with the police database.

Not actually a weapon, this device was also used to take out Clarence Boddicker; having pinned RoboCop under a pile of scrap metal, the cyborg waited for Boddicker to approach and then stabbed Boddicker in the throat, killing the crime lord.


The spike does not make an appearance in the second, but it is used by RoboCop in the third film to access the OCP mainframe where he finds that a young girl's parents have been eliminated.

It also appears regularly throughout RoboCop: Explosives — In RoboCop: The Seriesunidentified explosive devices were equipped in Robocop's left thigh holster, and adhere to metallic surfaces.

robocop prime directives ending relationship

When armed, they can be detonated by weapons-fire, and are used primarily to remove barricades and other obstacles. When anchored in place, RoboCop is able to stop a colliding car in its tracks. While this function is called 'Ramset' in its first two appearances, in ep. Perception[ edit ] RoboCop's vision has an internal zoom capability for better aim as well as tracking. RoboCop also has different vision modes but the only one that has been used in the movies was thermal vision in RoboCop and RoboCop 3.

His systems use a grid which is crucial to RoboCop's targeting as well as bullet trajectory allowing him to make ricochet shotsthough apparently the targeting reticle of RoboCop is internal to him, as seen in the first movie.

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This recording capability enables RoboCop to document any situation he encounters with perfect recall and unbiased neutrality, with his memory being deemed through legal agreement as admissible evidence in a court of law. As seen in RoboCop 2, RoboCop possesses a directional microphone with which he can track conversations from a distance.

It would seem to be very sensitive, as he can hear vehicles approaching from afar despite being indoors as he did when he was hiding out in RoboCop 3. In the television series, he is capable of lie detection by means of a polygraph. In the reboot filmhis vision is greatly enhanced: His visor comes down when in attack mode, and is usually up when in sentry mode. He uploaded the entire database of the Detroit PD in the visor, allowing him to instantly spot criminals in the crowd as shown during a demonstration, where he spotted a criminal and arrested him.

robocop prime directives ending relationship

He also has an internal microphone allowing him to speak directly with OmniCorp officials. Body structure[ edit ] Various displays and interpretations range from RoboCop being mostly electronic and mechanical, while others depict his structure as balanced between the two.

In the original print of the film, director Van recorded the death scene, in which crime lord Clarence Boddicker shoots Murphy in the head at point blank range, blowing out the complete rear right side of Murphy's head.

This would necessitate the computer running RoboCop, with Murphy's only partial brain interacting with the computer. This scene and successive conflict structure was removed from the original release, though the back head explosion scene and destructive showing of Murphy's head is included in most successive home releases as a deleted scene. In the released theatrical version and original VHS home releases, only the front of Murphy's head and the entry wound are shown visible when RoboCop removes his helmet in the final act.

Alex Murphy's brain, nervous system and personality apparently remain intact; he is able to fully reassert himself after most of the external controlling systems are destroyed and punctuated at the end of the film, where he states his identity as "Murphy" rather than RoboCop.

While all of Murphy's limbs have been replaced with "total body prosthesis" as indicated with the scene where Murphy's left arm is announced as salvaged Murphy's nervous system is maintained. The first movie lets the viewer assume that some of Murphy's organs were transplanted into the cyborg without clearly stating which ones and to which extentsince he needs to feed on a "rudimentary paste that sustains his organic systems".

Donald Johnson played by Felton Perry comments Robocop's paste "tastes like baby food". RoboCop's reconstructed external structure is protected by an armored shell composed of " titanium laminated with Kevlar " making RoboCop incredibly resilient against both bombs and bullets, as well as extreme impacts such as being hit by cars and falling off skyscrapers.

As demonstrated in RoboCop, the body armor can sustain thousands of armor-piercing rounds before damage begins to appear on the armor. It is also highly resistant to heat, as in RoboCop, he was unaffected after being caught in a gasoline station explosion and in RoboCop 3 when he was briefly set aflame.

His visor is made of the same material and a black strip of bulletproof anti-fog glass which protects the cranium apparatus and eyes. The visor also has an undercloth of Kevlar which protects the neck and covers up any wires etc. It should also be noted that the visor conceals most of Alex Murphy's face, and is attached with screws. When the visor is removed, only Murphy's face which is grafted onto a completely mechanical skull from the top of the neck up is exposed.

In RoboCop 2, RoboCop's right arm contained a display that alerted personnel to his health status. RoboCop's hands also contain actuators strong enough to crush every bone in a human hand about foot pounds. His right hand also contains a spike referred to by fans as a "dataspike" and by production as the "terminal strip" which is used to retrieve or display data from any computer bank with a corresponding port.

At the end of the first film, the jack is also used as a stabbing weapon against the antagonist Clarence Boddicker. RoboCop is extremely strong, able to lift the front of the average car over his head with one arm or resist the crushing effort of a car crusher, as seen in the TV series episodes 5 and 21, respectively.