Radiata stories human path ending a relationship

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radiata stories human path ending a relationship

Radiata Stories is a role-playing game developed by tri-Ace and published by They Really Do Love Each Other: Jack and Ridley's relationship started with her He doesn't quite fit either, as he mostly stays offscreen in the human path and . Downer Ending: Given the game has multiple endings, there had to be one. It's ironic then that Radiata Stories, their most unconventional entry into the Jack as a character and his relationship to his father, sister and friends If you choose the non-human path and finish the game, your ending is that. For Radiata Stories on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "why the human path is the correct one (spoilers! Of course, he could get it but he would end up giving away his true intentions. Admittedly, my views on Ridley and Jack's relationship have been soured by horrible.

Or after, like he'd planned, when Lucian's tongue would have been loosened from pleasure.

GAF, what game do Radiata Stories remind you of, gameplay wise?

Hundreds of opportunities wasted, all because it didn't seem to matter quite that much when the chance to enquire came around. Lucian bowed his head, the picture of regret, but Salute knew him well enough to hear the smile in his voice when he spoke.

You're suggesting that I'm some kind of spy? It seems to me that you know too much.

radiata stories human path ending a relationship

He gave a careless sort of shrug. Lucian paused in the doorway, but didn't look back as he replied, voice heavy with regret and something else that Salute couldn't begin to define, "Lord Larks, it has been an honour to serve you. I do not think we will meet again. The door thudding shut snapped him from whatever spell seemed to have fallen over him. He jumped to his feet and, forgetting all thoughts of decorum, ran after Lucian, not sure what he'd say when he caught up, but knowing that he couldn't let his sometimes-lover leave with just that as a goodbye.

He found Lucian in the stairwell, standing on the rising between floors and staring out the windows that someone had thrown open. Lucian turned to look back at him, surprise making him look so much younger for a moment. His lips moved, silently giving shape to a word that looked suspiciously like, 'Salute', then he smiled, wide and almost cruel, and jumped backwards, through the open window.

Salute let out a horrified gasp, but before he could call out or start forward, a dragon took shape outside the window, black clouds darkening the sky with unnatural speed. One gleaming silver eye peered through the window, staring at Salute in a way that was too familiar.

As he ran, Salute wondered where Lucian was going, and whether he was brave enough to follow. Receive their reports, update King Jiorus, remain the absent-minded Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief he knew everyone expected him to be. Then again, perhaps running off after Jack and the dragon was absent-minded. Gods alone knew what the king would say when he finally returned. He caught up to Jack at the bottom of the golden tower awaiting them at the centre of the ruined city he'd followed the boy and his squad through.

Not that they'd seemed to know he was there, between the sand falls and the broken ladders and the elementals, but he'd made no attempt to announce himself, learning from their struggles when there was danger ahead. Just because he'd grabbed a sword from a fallen knight before he left, didn't mean he was truly capable of this poorly-conceived adventure, after years stuck behind a desk.

radiata stories human path ending a relationship

The last member of Jack's squad — a young man with unusually long hair who was dressed in robes from Vareth — was unfamiliar to him. Jack shook his head. A part of him knew he needed to rest, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to get going again if he stopped. Lucian was waiting for them on the outer staircase that ringed the upper levels of the tower. The easy smile he wore upon seeing Jack, vanished when he met Salute's eyes. He blinked, surprise stealing across his face.

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Behind him, Jack and his squad let out startled noises, and it spurred him on to give voice to the conclusions he'd reached during the long, hard trek through the countryside. Keep going up to the North and you'll find the bridge leading to Cepheid, the Wind Dragon.

Cepheid is accompanied by Gil, the strongest of Light Elf fighters. Coming in to this battle without a full party will allow you to befriend Dynas, as outlined in the Friends section. If you do, he'll join up to fill that last spot.

Cepheid has HP, can cause Bind, and is obviously wind aligned. Cepheid will also slowly regenerate its health as you battle.

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After a brief battle with Cepheid in its form combined with Gil, they will separate and allow you to take them on in a more normal battle. Focus your efforts on Gil first. He can freeze you, which will allow Cepheid to rain wind and lightning attacks down on you. With him out of the way, you just need to use quick, small attacks on Cepheid. When it turns to blow a gust of wind at you or try to electrocute you, run out of the way.

Use your Volty Blast whenever you get the chance. Watch out for your partners. They aren't as smart as you and will take damage much faster. Once that battle is done, you'll be thrust into a briefing about Fort Helencia being sacked. Hurry over there and you'll find Gawain, the man who killed your father. You can't beat him here, so just let him knock you about for a bit to get to the next story section. Before he can finish you off, Ridley will come to your rescue. She won't stay though, her decision to fight with the non-humans is set.

Ganz will also take off, leaving you without the support of your two initial friends. Gameplay and Story Segregation: In the non-human path, your final battle against Elwen can be won, though winning isn't mandatory, but the fight a little later against Cross is unwinnable. Yet the last fight against Cross near the end of the game is much easier to win than fighting Elwen, and this time he has soldiers backing him up.

Both light and dark elves dress in this style to future contrast the humans; the light elves have their "grass clothes" and the dark elves with their "leaf clothes". She certainly had Jack fooled: Melissa Mark II is a giant creature made of clay and animated with magic. Presumably Sebastian is one as well but made of metal. Joaquel, a member of Void, is huge and hideous and disfigured. Anastasia looks like a pig in too much finery.

The Old Faction of the Olacion Order is composed of pious and good-hearted clerics. Gray and Grey Morality: The non-humans oppose humanity for reasons running the gamut from justified retaliation for past misdeeds to because the humans caused a caused a cosmic imbalance that threatens all the races of the world, but are led by a genocidal xenophobe. The humans fight for self-preservation, but many of them are haughty and xenophobic, especially Cross.

Both sides have good reasons to wage war upon each other, and both sides have heroes, but they also each have villains and considerable amounts of blood on their hands. While the game has a more realistic experience than the standard RPG towns populated with eerily identical cookie cutter residents who say the same things ad inifinitumthe characters will repeat the same list of activities every day, with a few exceptions.

While it is uncertain whether Zane is wearing makeup or if that's just how he naturally looks, the fact that he is the only light elf who has green eyelids and green nails suggests the former.

Hard Work Hardly Works: Every Hopeless Boss Fight is against people older, or at least more experienced, than Jack. Gerald personally defies it: What did you expect, fool? I was a swordsman years before you were born. Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Most of Theater Vancoor's members wear helmets that completely cover their face, with you only able to see their faces in their bios, though many of the knights' faces are obscured even without their helmets.

And Jack himself can get a couple armors that have helmets, though most do not. Several characters do this, often deeply affecting their friends and loved ones: Nogueira contracts the Algandars disease when he saves Ridley and Hap by performing the transpiritation ritual on them Gawain saves Ganz from being penetrated by Aphelion's sword by taking the blow himself.

On the human path, Dynas saves Cross from foolishly being killed; when Cross lunges at the fire dragon, who is taking a large breath, Dynas jumps in the way of the resulting fire blast and is killed.

The first battle against Ridley is unwinnable; her HP states: There's also a few later where the game progresses whether the player wins or loseswith slight variations in dialogue being the only consequence.

All of these fights end when you are hit with the boss's Volty Blasteven if you survive the attack. Morgan is a professor at Vareth and dresses in a fashion for another profession.

Despite the fact that the cosmic balance of the world sometimes requires the destruction of humanity, every time the dragons strike them down they manage to rebuild. He's sick of a system blatantly in favor of every race but one, and is willing to kill his fellow dragons to get rid of it.

Humans Are the Real Monsters: The whole reason the light elves and many of the other races feel hatred and distrust toward humans is because they, from the non-humans' point of view, are considered selfish, evil beings who are ruining the balance of the world.

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To be fair, they're not entirely wrong on that last bit; the balance and all that. When Jack takes over Fort Helencia, he decides to bask in his glory by jokingly telling Natalie that he will spare her life if she does exactly as he says.

Natalie misinterprets this until Jack clarifies that all he wanted her to do was "grovel a bit". Quite a few characters use various forms of cutlery as weapons, while others use either musical or personal instruments, or discarded trash. Elef, the foreman of Radiata's bridge builders, for instance, uses his iron tobacco pipe. The Arbitrator for the non-human path is the second strongest one-handed sword in the game.

Holy Sword Gram has an attack rating of and it is obtained after beating Valkyrie. Despite supposedly being a legendary sword re-forged by the gods, she had two. This makes sense when you remember that in Valkyrie Profileshe can make more than one Gram.

Genius will make sure you know he's smarter than you. Jarvis can become quite aggressive when he's had one too many.

radiata stories human path ending a relationship

Loads of examples, particularly those who have no affiliation with the guilds and work mundane jobs, such as farmers, doctors, nurses, and the like. Many mundane objects such as an umbrella and different kinds of farming tools can be used as weapons. Katanas Are Just Better: The best one-handed and two-handed swords available for purchase are katanas.

However, the best swords period are not. Hap and Nogueira and presumably Zane on the non-human side, die offscreen. Although his presumed death occurs after the time frame of the game, Ridley confirms to Jack under the Ressan Tree that Zane has Algandars, which is pretty much a death sentence in itself. Jack appoints himself Ridley's White Knight in the in the non-human path and not only protects her but lifts her spirits with endearingly corny jokes. In personality, they're the bright couple, but to the humans, they're the dark couple.

Gerald praises him for having the balls to turn against his entire race for the sake of his girl. For her part, Ridley is a bright lady ojou who is trying to do what she think is right, and is grateful for Jack's support. Elwen in particular; being of stunning beauty, it's surprising to see a woman in such a position without making her into a tsundere or something similar.

To get the leaders of the warrior, mage, and priest guild, you have to recruit everyone in the guild, then talk to and fight in the case of the former two the leader of the guild. For the thieves guild, you have to recruit the other three leaders, then do a short quest that ends with fighting the thieves guild leader.