Pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

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pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

After risking their lives in the action-packed climax of Mass Effect 2, If the player is persistent in pursuing a dedicated relationship with Jack. You can choose to not romance anyone in Mass Effect 2 and instead you to pursue a brand new relationship that may, or may not, be ideal. For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic So I can pursue Kelly and one other, since she doesn't count as a real.

This is specific to Liara, though. First, a quote from a chat with CaseyH presumably the creative lead, Casey Hudson. Thank you, redditfor this obscure link. From a chat host by BestBuy with CaseyH: To Guest One thing I'm really excited to see is the achievement data that will show how faithful players are to their ME1 love interest.

And the best part is, even though I expect most almost all? Heavy spoilers start now. Which, considering the way she treats you in ME2, strikes me as unfair. I can kinda understand how Kaidan or Ashley might feel betrayed given the messages they send you after Horizon, but Liara can be left with no leg to stand on. There are essentially two scenarios. You start pursuing another love interest before you find Liara in ME2.

In the case of the first scenario, Liara has reason to be angry provided she can find out exactly when you started romancing your new crewmate. Your character could be somewhat justified, however, by stating that it had been 2 years and he'd assumed Liara would've moved on since she was young and he was dead. In the second scenario there really isn't a reason your decision should "come back to haunt you. Liara makes it absolutely clear that she'd rather pursue vengeance over the death of a friend who may well turn out to be you -- but she was specifically, so how were you supposed to know?

She even refers to you as nothing more than a "friend" when you argue with her about her obsession with the Shadow Broker.

A rather touching scene plays showing her enjoying a bit of time alone with the Commander. Much like all of the other romanceable party members Jack is broken up with fairly easily. Simply make your way down into the lower level of the Engineering level and speak to her in the usual spot. Just don't expect her to be very sociable afterwards. She's grown a bit in the past two years showing herself to be rather interested in the Commander a fact she kept hidden since she first met you.

Tali seems to view him almost like someone would a knight in shining armor; since he has saved her from a few dangerous situations she's now got quite the crush on Shephard. There are a number of complications to the relationship between Tali and the Commander but the excited girl seems quite eager to find a way past them.

In her own words she wants to feel Shephards skin on her own which is a fairly dangerous prospect. But to her it's all worth the risk in the end. This requires that she go back to the Migrant Fleet to face the charges. Just a note about this one - while you can bring Legion along just don't do it. It makes dealing with the Quarians much harder. If you're going for a romance with Tali you're only increasing the chances of messing it all up. It seems that the trial has already begun to take a negative spin in her favor before she even gets there.

Speaking to the judges reveals that they're very divided on how to judge Tali.

pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

Commander Shephard can convince the judges that he can check the Alarei and possibly clear Tali's name. They'll accept the offer so head on aboard via the shuttle. This entire place is a run and gun battle against the Geth with small breaks in between. Moving forward will present you with a number of hostiles as well as a Geth Hunter. The Hunter deploys combat drones, goes invisible and rushes your position to get in close and chew through your health. There is a small lab that is connected to this area where you can get some dialogue about the type of experiments Tali's father was running.

Continue into the next lab area to find another Hunter. He goes down pretty quickly without a whole bunch of Geth supporting him. However as you head up the stairs more Geth will come out to attack from both the left and right doors up ahead. Try to direct your squadmates to keep any Geth with shields busy while you have Tali hack any vulnerable Geth.

Put yourself in whatever position suits your character class, taking out Geth or blowing down their shields.


In the area you must battle Geth while they're trying to get at you from the bottom of the stairs. Take cover near the top and keep pushing them back when they try to move forward.

Any who have shields should be Overloaded while those who get too close can either be hit with a Concussive Shot or hacked. Get down the stairs and take out the last bit of resistance here. Unfortunately in the very next room Tali finds her father dead at the bottom of the stairs. There's a Paragon interrupt to try and comfort Tali by giving her a hug. Doing this doesn't seem to have an actual effect on the romance but it sure is a sweet gesture.

At the top of the stairs is the lab where most of the experiments happened. You must reach the console in the center of the room. Unfortunately it's guarded by the devastating Geth Prime as well as numerous smaller Geth. Try to knock the big boy on his butt with a heavy weapon while you direct your squad to deal with the smaller ones.

Once it's down to just the Prime focus everything you've got on him to take him down expediently. When it's dead use the console to find out what exactly was going on here. Tali begs you not to tell the fleet about her fathers actions but that's up to you. Return to the judges to find out that you've got a few options now. Doing this clears her name but this causes you to fail the loyalty mission and destroy your hopes at a romance. This counts as completing the loyalty mission as well as allowing a romance to continue it's just a fairly harsh punishment.

If you choose to stay together with Tali then you will get a cutscene with her in the Captain's cabin.

pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

After the final mission you can talk to Tali to find out how she's feeling after your time together. However should you not wish to take the risk it's possible to refuse to sleep with her.

Unfortunately she doesn't take this as well as the others and it's very easy to ruin your relationship. Speak to Tali in Engineering and she will repeat one line of dialogue that allows you to break up with her at your discretion. This is available both before, and after, the Omega-4 Relay mission. Tali will also break up with you if you side with Legion over her during their argument aboard the Normandy. The poor confused Turian really isn't sure what to make of it but seems very willing to give it a try.

Once you complete Garrus' loyalty quest he grows more and more attached to the idea of trying this very unlikely pairing. It is very, very important that you remain careful with this relationship at all times.

pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

Garrus is very difficult to romance thanks to the fact that he is very awkward when it comes to the idea of romancing a human. It's an entirely new thing to him as he isn't actually attracted to them most of the time, it's just that Shephard is an exception. As such you should be very careful with the responses you pick to his dialogue since it's very easy for Garrus to be put off the idea by something as simple as saying you don't want to ruin your friendship.

You should try to pick the neutral or even Renegade options for the best results. Due to this difficulty it is suggested that you always save before talking to him even if you would normally not do so. If you're getting into a relationship with Garrus then it's very much suggested that you speak to Mordin.

The conversation that ensues is one of the funnier moments in the game. Here you will meet Fade, flanked by a pair of Krogan. After a bit of talking you'll come to realize that he's not going to help.

You can either take out the Krogan via Renegade Interrupt or actually fight them. Once you've taken them down "Fade" will reveal that he's not actually Fade, Fade is actually an ex C-Sec officer who is working out of the Warehouse district. When you arrive the ex officer runs off leaving you to deal with some Blue Suns mercenaries. These guys are easy to fight simply by using Biotics to take their unshielded butts up into the air.

Starting to move forward LOKI Mechs will pop out of the crates with yet more of them coming out from further ahead. The path into the Warehouse is full of mechs and Blue Sun troops to deal with. Keep on moving forward, taking out the troops that pop up between the crates as well as inside of the shipping crates. At the far end of the path some Legionnaires will pop out to attack. Try to take them out from a distance, trying to remove their shields in between hiding from their attacks. Once you've taken out the last of the enemies lower the bridge nearby and start moving along the path.

Try to take out the mech as quickly as possible using your heavy weapons and powers so that it doesn't get the chance to move in on your position, taking you out.

You can tear at its shields with Overload but heavy weapons are best for finishing it. Head into the office to find Harkin is cornered in the next Warehouse section. He has nowhere to go and he's sending out his last wave of mechs at you. This gets pretty rough so loot the room before opening the window to see what lies in wait for you. This part is simple in theory but hard as hell in practice. You must push your way forward through a small army of LOKI Mechs, taking them out until you reach the raised platform.

Due to the tight quarters it's actually really hard to get through this without using a bunch of Medi-Gel if you're not careful.

The problem is that the mechs move slow enough that you can often take one down before it reaches you but then the other will get all up on your party. This allows it to cut you down repeatedly and with ease.

Try to keep it focused on your party members whom you can revive if they fall which they can't do for Shephard and pop out to shoot it when you have an opening. Keep moving away from it, taking cover where possible, and shooting it in the arms.

If you hit one of the arms enough then you can destroy it, leaving them with a bit less offensive power. Here you will confront Harkin now that he has nowhere to go. You can either let Garrus shoot him or use the Paragon Interrupt to save Harkins life.

He still gets a bit beat up and is likely going ot be arrested by C-Sec but at least he's alive. Everything picks up with Garrus planning how to snipe Sidonis. This is a fairly long sequence of dialogue but it's actually fairly simple. Shephard can either let Sidonis get shot or you can block Garrus' line of fire. By constantly talking to Sidonis and using Paragon Interrupts you can actually spare Sidonis, convincing Garrus to call off the hit.

No matter how you resolve it you will have finished off his loyalty mission positively. Frankly this is definitely the funniest romance scene in the entire game. Garrus interrupts the Commander as she walks out of the shower, trying to set the mood so as to properly consumate the relationship. Shephard can either put him at ease or send him away but the scene is rather touching.

The only way to lose your relationship with Garrus is to choose to break it off with him, either by talking to him on the second level of the ship or by refusing his advances.

Unlike the females you can romance the males are all a fairly calm bunch. He knows that there is a very important mission in front of them and he's not really interested in getting distracted from that. It takes a good deal of effort for a male Shephard to get him to start opening up and it takes even more for a FemShep to make him even realize that a relationship between the two of them is possible.

Jacob is something of damaged goods. He's been burned by the Council as well as the Alliance, has no faith in most higher powers and has a few daddy issues to sum up the mess. But he's not beyond salvage so long as you approach him in the right manner. Completing his personal quest opens up his personality a bit more allowing him to consider a relationship with the Commander. Since he joins you so early on he's also one of the first to open up to the Commander.

Make your way to the planet Aeia and send down a probe to find the quest. Don't land until you've mined the crap out of the planet until you've taken as much of it as possible. There's a good amount of Eezo on the planet and since that's a fairly rare element to mine don't miss your opportunity.

Once you've landed make your way forward, salvaging spare parts and picking up the log, until you reach the VI. Speak to it to learn about the beacon it has as well as a minor amount of what's been going on aboard the planet since the ship crashed Further ahead a survivor will pop out to speak to you.

After a bit of chit-chat you will get a Paragon Interrupt to save her from being shot by the other survivors. This group, known as Hunters, are fairly weak and don't use very good weapons but they're still dangerous due to the numbers they come in. Keep going forward, examining the mech as you go, where you will eventually find a camp of survivors. The women don't exactly react positively to Jacob, saying he looks too much like the "master", and they're all doing fairly bad.

pursuing relationship in mass effect 2

A quick look around the site will explain that they've been eating the plant that causes neural degeneration but not by their own choice. Afterwards speak to the doctor who will give you a datapad, this gives you a bit more information on what happened here. It also shines a light on what happened on this planet as the years passed and to say it looks bad for Jacob's father is an incredibly understatement.

Hack the nearby mech so that it blows up the nearby debris. Beyond this yet more LOKI mechs will attack. As you start trying to take them out they will be reinforced by yet more mechs. Continue pushing your way forward, through the mech lines making good use of Biotics here since the mechs are unarmored until you reach the guards. This is something of a boss battle against a number of survivors and YMIR mech. The mech is its usual powerhouse self but the humans all have shields making a fight against them all the more dangerous.

If you've got Overload then be sure to use it to make quick work of the shields while Shephard can use his heavy weapons to cut down the enemies in short order. Splitting up to hit it from multiple angles is a pretty good idea so as to distract its weapon fire. On the higher difficulty levels its best to try to remove the missle launcher arm if at all possible. Search the area for loot before continuing on to meet Ronald Taylor.

There are a number of ways this conversation can turn out: Back on the ship Jacob will finally have been able to move beyond his issues with what happened, having full closure now. Jacob sneaks into the Commanders office, telling her how much he cares for her. Depending on how you talk to him he will change his dialogue, having different reactions to Paragons than Renegades. He's actually one of the harder relationships to turn down, requiring that you do it several times.

The only way to lose your relationship with Jacob is to choose to break it off with him, either by talking to him in the armory room near the CIC or by refusing his advances. Dating an assassin who is on the verge of death is an even worse one. Factor in the dead wife and older son whom he is estranged from and you've just got quite the damaged goods. But that is not all there is to Thane as he is a deeply spiritual and emotional person that isn't really hidden. He's quite open about his views, vocally declaring his hopes that he will redeem himself on this mission even if it means his death.

Even though he's come to terms with his impending death that doesn't mean that Thane has entirely given up on life. He's not quite ready to just lie down and die, giving him quite a "nothing to lose" attitude. Reliable to the end Thane is a more than suitable lover for the person who has already died once before.

He has taken his first job from someone on the Citadel and if you want to stop him from ending up in prison you're going to need to head there to stop him.

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This entails going there, finding who hired him and then stopping him from carrying it out. Make your way to C-Sec and speak to Captain Bailey.

Drell are fairly rare so it is a pretty memorable thing to see one on the citadel. Bailey tells you that you should speak to Mouse on the level 27 Zakera War level. Head on up there near Rodam Expeditions look at your map to find him talking to someone on a communicator. You can either talk the information out of Mouse with Charm options or you can use a Renegade interrupt to vigorously ask him for more information.

He tells that the man who hired Kolyat was a man named Elias Kelham. Speak to Bailey to get Elias dragged in. Before going in you can choose to be good cop or bad cop but once you're inside you can still proceed however you'd like to do so. The quickest way is to tell him that you're a Spectre but if you don't want to throw that around then you can either use the Renegade Interrupts to beat the crap out of him or go all Paragon to Charm it out of him.

Should choosing a new love interest in Mass Effect 2 be considered "cheating"? *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Contrary to what the Brady guide might say there are no Paragon type interrupts in this conversation. It's Renegade or nothing. This may be a bit of an oversight on Biowares part, yet another minor glitch amongst the many. Regardless of how you do it Kelham tells you who the hit is on and where it's going to go on.

Thane and Shephard take a transport to the blocks in an effort to stop Kolyat from performing his hit. This part is very simple - all you need to do is watch Joram as he walks through the wards. Try to stay a bit in front of him and keep updating Thane whenever he asks for a status update. After watching Joram extort the bar you will encounter a worker up in the same rafters as you. Just be quick since Joram keeps on walking as you're talking.

It's possible to talk to him for a bit until Shephard knocks the guy out automatically but it wastes valuable time. At this point you will see Kolyat attempt to assassinate Joram. This culminates in a bit of a standoff.

You can either use a Paragon interrupt to disarm him, shoot Joram or wound Kolyat.