Pronoun antecedent relationship advice

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If the pronoun takes the place of a singular noun, you have to use a singular pronoun. use a plural noun as your antecedent and thus use "they" as your pronoun, it may the Chicago Manual of Style) now include guidance on this kind of usage. .. Prepositions of Direction—Into · Prepositions of Spatial Relationship—A. Students will review pronoun-antecedent agreement rules with these task cards that ask students to .. Mandy Neal - Elementary Tips and Teaching Resources. You can make at least three kinds of pronoun-antecedent errors. Learn the rules and get these tips and how to write sentences with proper pronouns and.

See the OWL's page on the singular "they" for more information. Agree in person If you are writing in the first person Idon't confuse your reader by switching to the second person you or third person he, she, they, it, etc. Similarly, if you are using the second person, don't switch to first or third. When a person comes to class, he or she should have his or her homework ready.

When a person comes to class, you should have your homework ready. Refer clearly to a specific noun.

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Don't be vague or ambiguous. Although the motorcycle hit the tree, it was not damaged. Is "it" the motorcycle or the tree? I don't think they should show violence on TV.

pronoun antecedent relationship advice

Vacation is coming soon, which is nice. What is nice, the vacation or the fact that it is coming soon? George worked in a national forest last summer. This may be his life's work.

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What word does "this" refer to? Sometimes a noun gets tired, especially if it's been in play a long time, and when a noun needs a breather, the coach'll send in a replacement, i. Now, the one thing to bear in mind is that a pronoun isn't a permanent substitution.

pronoun antecedent relationship advice

Remember that whenever you have a pronoun in the game, the fans need to know who it's replacing - who or what it stands for, or refers back to, in effect what its "antecedent" is. In short, the link between a pronoun and a noun has to be direct and correct. If you maintain this connection properly, you'll have good pronoun-antecedent relations.

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Think of a paragraph as the flow of a game. Part of the trick of getting pronouns to refer back to their nouns properly is making sure pronouns and nouns agree with each other in person and number. Let's look at two paragraphs, one where the noun is clearly being overworked and one where it gets to take a break: Jack went down on Jack's knees.

Jack got the puck in Jack's pads and held the puck.

Pronoun-antecedent agreement

Jack went down on his knees. He got the puck in his pads and held it. He smiled behind his mask as the players skated by him, saying to him, "How to go, boss. Mentally we replace the pronouns with the appropriate nouns. Here's what happens when pronouns don't refer clearly and correctly to their antecedents: Jack decided to take up mountain climbing.

pronoun antecedent relationship advice

He asked Leonardo to come along. He was glad to do so. He offered him some of his boots and gloves, since he was a novice.

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This didn't bother him as long as he returned it. Most of the time, we don't know whether he, his, or him refer to Jack or Leonardo. And what do this and it stand for? If you can stand one more sports analogy: The positions don't change, but the people playing them do. The rules and objectives of the game don't change, but the "method" of playing gets adjusted to different occasions. So we have personal pronouns: And we have possessive pronouns which show ownership: And just as pronouns can act as subjects, they can also act as objects: Thus we have pronouns in the subject case and the object case.

This may sound a bit convoluted, but think of the way a hockey line has to play offense and defense on the same shift.

pronoun antecedent relationship advice

Being in the subject position is like having the puck - you create action.