Play fighting relationship tumblr post

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play fighting relationship tumblr post

symptom of love. When you're in a long-term relationship, however, those ' butterflies' that you. tumblr-post-long-term-romantic-relationships-butterflies Her post, raw, fearful and full of regret, touched many people who had experienced the shocking relationship-marriage-love-advice-story- acutelesbian Apr 29, One major downside to any relationship, serious or casual (or romantic or platonic), is fighting. Even when we try to avoid it, hurt feelings.

Let me make that clear.

play fighting relationship tumblr post

I left the people in my family who were harming me and found family who DID love me, and isolated myself for awhile. I had love, but it felt weird. I began to go to therapy, and started to wade through deep muck of sorting through past experiences.

play fighting relationship tumblr post

Turns out, a lot of abuse victims find solace in BDSM. Turns out, its still ok for me to like being hurt even with and in spite of my abusive past.

play fighting relationship tumblr post

I could have the pain I felt I craved in a safe, sane and consensual way? I still somehow chose the bad guys again, and again. I ended up in bad shape.

Someone On Tumblr Explains Why People Divorce, And 1,480,000 People Agree

It was really low. He ended up in jail for what he did. I saw it as a kinda second chance. I had to change. This was all wrong. I had, during this time, made a best friend in college. A total giant teddy bear. The nerdiest, kindest, most loyal knight you could find. With my permission, he climbed down into the depths of my tormented hell, and he dragged me out of that pit.

He took my used, beaten, nearly dead body. I was starved, neglected, broken. He fought them all. He gave them the choice to shape up or ship out. He made them choose to leave me alone or go get help. He supported my mental health battles, and encouraged my therapy appointments, reminded me to take meds. He took over decisions when I was unable to speak or cope, he loved me gently, he accepted me tenderly, he brought me out of the world of abuse.

We fell in love. Over the years my need and desire for pain resurfaced in unhealthy ways. He knew about my submissive nature. Hes a really loving, logic man, and wanted to help me heal more if possible.

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I was his beloved. He literally stood guard over me from myself. He turned into a protector, a teacher, a mentor, a literal shield. He taught me to self care properly without pain I now have hobbies! He natually implemented rules and regulations, and punishments when needed. Mild Angst, Fluff, Smut, Vulnerable! Dean, Fluff, Smut, Angst Girls Night - Dean suggests having a girls night to cheer you up after you and your boyfriend break up. When you find him sitting on the kitchen floor in the bunker late one night, staring at pictures of the past.

Angst, General Sadness, Vulnerable! When things get to be too much, it gets harder to deal with everything on your own. The girl he fell for many years ago.

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He realises and goes and gets you chocolate and painkillers an is generally fluffy and lovely Minor Period Talk, Fluff. Little does she know, a certain Winchester knows her better than she thinks he does.

Fluff Take Care of You -The reader has come down with a summer cold on the way back from a hunt. Dean is kind enough to take care of her. Your pen pal happened to be a little different. A little boy named Dean Winchester.

play fighting relationship tumblr post

The kid that moved around a lot. That never stopped him from sending you letters every chance he got. Slightest bit of Angst, Fluff. Injured sam, blood loss, fluff Cuddle Time? My Rudolph - the Reader is sick, so the boys skip their hunt and stay behind to take care of her. That is, until one morning. Imagine Sam showing up at your doorstep after years of silence. At a convention, a fan thanks Jensen for helping her stop self harming because they assumed he helped the reader.

Jensen x Danneel, self harm, fluff Love Is Complicated - The reader is in an abusive relationship and goes to Jensen for help Abusive Relationship, Angst, Fluff One Hour - You and the boys are doing a photoshoot to promote the next season of Supernatural. But when Jared gets a call, leaving you and Jensen on your own, things get heated.

You have stuck together through thick and thin, good times and bad; everything. How will your friendship be effected when he asks you to be his fake girlfriend? You fly your way to Vancouver to your two best friends in hopes they will lift your spirits a little.

Your co-star, Jensen Ackles, is awaiting his flight to Austin Texas. One flight delayed, the other right on time and leaving within the hour. Is it all worth it? One of the things you have to remember, no one deserves to be alone on Christmas. The days where you feel like a lesser version of yourself. You are headed to the wrap party with your two best friends.