Pisces man woman in a relationship

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pisces man woman in a relationship

When it comes to connecting with a Pisces man in bed, he's all about romance, it difficult for a woman to know exactly where her relationship with him is going. Relationships between a Pisces man and a Leo woman can be passionate and exciting. The two may face some challenges though. Learn more about this. Of all the same sign relationship combinations, the Pisces man and Pisces woman has to be one of the most magical. This can be a wonderfully tender pairing.

This sun sign is ruled by the planet of Neptune, the God of the Sea. This is considered to be the planet associated with motivation, dreaming, dissimulation, perplexity and it is also related to claivoyance and spiritual essence of enlightenment.

Neptune also plays a major role in deceving one self and also others which sometimes makes things worse for the both the male and the female Pisces. A Pisces male and Pisces female, both are quite kind-hearted, benign and humble, and do not trouble themselves with small issues. But if such a scene occurs, where they are too much troubled and harrased by a situation in life, they will just leave their complications right there without even considering the problems, just so they do not have to face it again.

Even though there are some drawbacks in this combination of sun signs, the Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility have a good chance to survive in together in a Pisces relationship. Pisces Man And Pisces Woman: The Love Affair A Pisces man and woman can sense an energy of mutual oneness when they come in contact with each other.

There is natural affinity towards each other which they can instantly feel, which is a good sign for the Pisces man and Pisces woman love compatibility to thrive. They also do not like to hurry in recognising the right kind of relationship that they look for, rather, they take their own time and proceed progressively without taking much chances.

Both Pisces man and Pisces woman enjoy each others company. The Pisces male zodiac is looking for that charming, funny and elegant Pisces female whom he can love endlessly and the female Pisces is looking for that handsome guy, who will give her the freedom to be whatever she wants to, who can surprise her with his witty attitude and sweep her off her feet. Opposites Attract Pisces men and Scorpio women have some of the hottest, deepest, romantic bonds. However, because their communication styles are so different, passion can easily turn into jealousy and even hatred — if the two get together at all.

Dating a Pisces Man Like any star sign, the best traits associated with Pisces can also be the most frustrating. This can be fantastic in the bedroom, but it also leads to miscommunications and illogical decisions.

Meanwhile, your own desire for control and loyalty can quickly turn into jealousy and paranoia. Be appreciate of unexpected gestures and surprises, even if they catch you off-guard.

Pisces man Pisces woman

Cultivate shared interests that bring out her passionate, spontaneous side. To learn more about the romantic connection for a Pisces man and Scorpio woman, talk to a relationship psychic on Keen. Scorpio women are known as good secret-keepers who stay cool under pressure, while Pisces men are loyal and easygoing companions. This is a great combination for a platonic relationship, because friendships between these two signs are built on mutual expectations of trust and honesty.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

He did things for me and I didn't even notice it thinking I was in Love. Pisces men and women are not a good combination. I wish none of this actually happened. He is eight years older then me which I find not to bad. Our relationship is going well I believe.

We have our ups an downs as relationship do have but we compromise and get through it. We met each other at work and we hit it off from there. SEX is awesome but we stop having sex for the first part of our relationship so we wouldn't fall into the lust part. That helped out but it was still difficult. I plan to marry this man and he plans to marry me as well.

It can work out as long as you both can understand each other and compromise. The first one I was in a relationship for 8 year and he was 8 years older than I was a real ladies man, player, smoother talker, great sex and a big liar, cheater, lazy. I finally got smart and got rid of him it was not easy he was a stalker. I final meet my husband who is also a Pisces man who is one year younger than me but he is in total charge.

He is my soulmate we have been together for 20 years now and I don't see my self being with anyone else. Its funny how I can always tell who is a Pisces even in women. Sometimes us Pisces don't get along with other Pisces. I find this with some men who's birthday are very close to mine.

pisces man woman in a relationship

Its like we are competing with each other. Now with women who have the same birthday as my or a few day apart we get along great. I've been with a Pisces for almost 4 months and he dumped me because he couldn't take the pressure anymore. My husband was treating me so bad that when I found myself in the arms of my Piscean love he resembled me like "prince charming".

I wouldn't say that sex is not so great but he is my best friend and we keep talking for hours about each others problems or daily situations and never get enough of one another's presence. He is 9 years older than me, very ambitious and successful.

pisces man woman in a relationship

I am very ambitious as well so I think till now he is Ok for me, we have planned to get married, actually we have a daughter that he adores, and he has two sons from his first marriage. He loves children more than any other man I have known and I adore this. I think if both Pisces work on their ambition they can do big things and make them wiser and less adventurous. Good luck to all Pisces couples!

I think im the one scared to love ouch! I think he is cheating on me. I have had a rough something years single woman and a Mom with a son.

He is the only man I allowed to meet my son. I felt he was different from the rest and I let my guard down. We also went to the same high school and graduated from the same class, so there was that bond for me. All I can hope is that he is a good man and I am wrong since I have been cheated on with my last 5 relationships. I have no proof that is tangible that he is cheating on me, just my gut. Which by the way, has never been wrong. But he tells me he isn't and I want to believe him.

Rejection is not something I want to feel right now. So I may be in deep denial. He sounds so convincing. So I am giving it some time, until I catch him or? I am angry and feel stupid to let this have gotten so far, meaning I fell for him and we have been together.

I have boosted his saggin ego to the top of the hill and I think he is testing his new found libido. Give him six months to prove himself before sex. He has to knock the door down to get to you, or it will not work. You can't pick him, he has to pick you. Make sure you can trust him, if you can't, don't go to bed with him. Look at his friends, notice the kind of people they are.

Listen, listen, listen, men will always give themselves away. Their actions speak more than what they say. And they can say anything to you. And always, always get tested for aids before sleeping with them. It's free, takes only 20 minutes with a swab to test you and him! Pisces man I am, fell in love with my Pisces woman at first sight, both of us understand each other, comfort each other,etc. I am a Pisces woman dating a Pisces man.

I love him until forever. I'll be here until the end I have made friends with a Piscean female. Like what some people said, there is a telepathic connection between us. I rarely have a connection like this with anyone, and it is scary. I really want to be more than friends but I do not know how to do it.

I do not know if she feels the same way. She gives me mixed signals. I really like this girl. I am going to be the man and tell her how I feel. My fear of rejection will take a back seat because she is worth it. Reading all these bad Pisces and Pisces, has gotten me worried about how my current relationship will be.

All I'm hearing is the sex is great but he wasn't very ambitious. I don't know how the sex is with my Pisces partner but we have a romantic and sexual connection.

But he also is a good friend to me. How could this end badly if he's a great person now? I am a Pisces man and had a very gratifying and mostly sexual relationship with my Scorpio wife. We dated for 7 years she gave me an ultimatum and I married her. That was the biggest mistake of our lives. We always had great sex but in the end that was not enough of a reason to stay together.

After 10 years of marriage she tells me that she has been unhappy all our married life and wants to break up. This was devastating to me because I knew we had problems but never felt that this was reason enough to end the marriage. She then tells me we can have sex whenever I want to because she still wants me but does not want to live with me.

This confuses the crap out of me! I have dated only Pisces women since the breakup with the wife, our divorce is just months away now. I have found that Pisces Man and Woman can be a great team but it has to be the proper team members in a particular team that will make or break the relationship. All of the above is true it is almost freaky how in tune fellow Pisces can be almost telepathic. Not all Pisces have the same degree of qualities or faults common to Pisces personalities.

Pisces man and women can be the greatest relationship a Pisces can experience; the chemistry is having the proper balance of personality. What I mean is that like any other relationship the best situation is when a couple complements each other for instance if the man is stubborn the woman is not just as equally stubborn or the man is lazy maybe they woman is the stronger of the two in terms of this fault.

The most important key is to recognize our weakness in the relationship and acknowledge your partner's strength in that area and thus help each other to be a better whole by working together. This is really working for me and I truly believe it does not matter what your mates sign is if you are both mature enough to truly give and take you can make any pair of people last forever together in bliss. I am a Pisces girl of 17 years, met a Pisces man 6 years older than me last year and we immediately connected.

One day he told me he loved me I was so happy and thought it would progress further from there but it seemed to do the opposite. I don't know if he suddenly got scared or what but he wasn't much of a talker I never knew what he was thinking and I was too shy to ask it was all mainly lust. Me and my girl are having our year in about a week. We have had only two arguments that mattered. The rest were just playful banter.

I myself have had problems with getting sidetracked but women do the same. Everything needs to be in balance for a Pisces to function. I over came my sliding by admiring my lover for what she provides me emotionally. When I get distraught and down because of a work problem she seems to find the hook to grab me back. I will love her till the day I die even if we don't work she will remain.

It saddens me to even think about that. My Honest Opinion about Pisces together is that they adore each other but aren't enough ground for each other and can actually remain great friends. I'm a Pisces woman being courted by a Pisces man. He's extremely romantic, and makes me feel like a princess. I'm worried though, because he doesn't have a lot of ambition and just got laid off. I really like him and want to start a relationship, but I'm pretty sure that if I do, he'll settle in and stay jobless.

At 14 years old I developed a huge crush on this amazingly beautiful young man who is now my husband. And without a moments hesitation I can say he is STILL the love of my life, my pull-apart, my best friend, my confidant and my absolute soul mate.

Even now when I see him at the end of our day, my heart leaps and I am again transformed back into that 14 year old with a big time crush? We share intense intimacy that thankfully also includes frequent, amazing and satisfying sex which never has gotten old or boring. It seems that majority of comments are negative. Both must have constant communication and be open to each other. Pisces and Pisces relationship can be good if both are mature and balance. I am a Pisces woman and dated a Pisces man for about 8 months.

We were previous friends from a while back through my ex best friend. He was the one guy she told me was off limits. Well we lost contact and we met up through work last July. He told me that he always had feelings for me and we started talking which led into more. We got along so well but then everything just went wrong and now we are not talking. I took it pretty bad and expressed that many times to him trying to get him back after I broke up with him over a trust issue.

He seemed to just disappear and never really addressed the issue except that I was looking for something that wasn't there as far as the trust issue. I had a gut feeling and felt the distance and this is where it got me. Yes Pisces can truly be happy with each other but I knew what I wanted and he obviously was not able to fight for us.

I have been talking to a Pisces man for 6 years. I am also a Pisces. I believe it can work with the right connection. We both have opened up and expressed how we feel about each other.

pisces man woman in a relationship

Our feelings are the same. We both were also fearing rejection from each other. But communication is so important to the both of us since we both are divorced and didn't have that with our ex.

I adore him so much and he feels the same. I feel good about this relationship and I know it will get more serious because we have so much respect and our needing each other every day. Wish us the best. I'm a Pisces man, born on Feb. I was lazy when it came to school, but an ambitious worker. I'm also a hopeless romantic.

I've found that if you want two Pisces to work together you both need to know yourself. Pisces are so caught up in trying to figure others out that they lose themselves in the process. Just slow down Pisces! Find out who you really are before you try to dive into a serious relationship.

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I am a Pisces and some of these things about Pisces I can say they are true because I experienced them myself. I must say it's weird how we can read each other and predict each other's next move.

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I have never been the girlfriend type. I met this Pisces man and he totally threw me for a loop. He is only 4 days younger than me and he happens to live right next door to one another. Our sex life began due to quite a bit of alcohol and ever since that day in consumed our relationship, after a while it got old and I thought for sure it would end and it actually got better. We love going out and doing things and running around together.

He's truly my best friend and best lover. He gives me so much support in the things I wanna do I don't see myself without him for quite some time. Yea we have a few arguments from time to time but we end it quickly and get back on track.

He just got promoted and usually takes the male role very well which I love. That is when my Piscean take over I cater to his every need without t hesitation and he does the same. Pisces and Pisces are a good match for me Why would my Pisces dump me for a Libra Oct Im a Pisces too March 7 and him February 28th? He tried to cheat and got caught but it makes no sense since I thought we were compatible.

He met her on a Wednesday slept with her, asked her out on Thursday and then dumped me on Friday cuz I felt it on Wednesday you know how us Pisces can feel things. Will he swim his way back?

Is this his soul mate seems to me like the moved way to fast when we had been dating for 8 months. I am a Pisces woman who met a Pisces man 6 yrs ago. I was also dating a young man AN his was a Pisces as well I don't think so I'm a gay Pisces male, and I dated an older gay Pisces male there was a thick age gap.

He was far too quiet for me. Quiet isn't necessarily bad, but he would hardly communicate his feelings to me openly.