Pakistan egypt relationship with us

Marking its 70th anniversary of relations with Egypt, Pakistan takes CPEC to Cairo | Arab News

pakistan egypt relationship with us

CAIRO: The Egyptian-Pakistani Forum has kicked off its activities on Monday here, marking the 70th anniversary of the beginning of relations. EGYPTIAN President Mohamed Morsi's first visit to Pakistan was essentially India and Egypt's uncomfortably cold relations with Pakistan — bordering, Provoked by a development that doesn't concern us here, Dawn took. Q: Pakistan and Egypt enjoy exemplary bilateral relations in education, health and trade and . US sends Kerry on 2-day visit to Saudi Arabia.

What is the current trade volume between Pakistan and Egypt? What does Egypt import from Pakistan and what does Pakistan import from Egypt?

pakistan egypt relationship with us

How can the trade imbalance be addressed? Egypt attaches great importance to importing the following products from Pakistan: Whereas Pakistan imports petrochemicals, fruits, vegetables, electronics, linen, fabrics, construction material, pharmaceuticals, and office supplies. How can the organizations like OIC and Arab League be made true representative of over 1 billion Muslim population of the world? These organizations are governmental mechanisms and therefore it up to the political will of the leaders of the member countries to promote the issues of concern to the Muslim Umma, especially that we should all be unified towards the betterment of our peoples and their interests.

With regard to situation in Syria and Yemen, what role does Egypt play to restore peace in the region and what is its stance on the situation? Egypt has always called for peaceful resolution of all disputes, and rejects any foreign intervention in order to preserve the sovereignty and unity of all countries.

Egypt has sought to mediate between disputing parties through regional and international mechanisms, and was host to some of the peace talks with regards to the Syrian issue. Egypt has strived to resolve such issues amicably, but Qatar refuses to refrain from such aggression which will not be tolerated anymore. How the crisis can be resolved amicably?

Pakistan, Egypt enjoy strong relationship – Daily Pakistan Observer –

Through on going mediation of the state of Kuwait. Many Egyptians rapidly grew disillusioned with post-revolutionary developments. They could neither approve of the initial military rule under the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, nor the subsequent parliamentary and presidential electoral victory of the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter's ideological exclusiveness and poor governance, drove most liberalists and secularists as well as Christians who form 10 per cent of the otherwise Muslim Egyptian population and many ordinary Egyptians to engage in street protests, enabling the military rule to make a comeback with a claim to put the Egyptian transition to democracy back on track.

The military's overthrow of the electorally mandated president Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood has not only polarised Egyptians as never before, but also put the old establishment back in the saddle.

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The goal among the revolutionaries of democratising Egypt is now at the mercy of the military and the outcome of the ongoing bloody power struggle between it and the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the main beneficiaries of these developments is Hosni Mubarak. He and his two sons had been detained and charged for corruption.

pakistan egypt relationship with us

Mubarak was also charged with the killing of over protesters in the popular uprisings that caused his fall. Although his trial on the murder charge continues, he is now declared acquitted of the corruption charges by the very judiciary and security institutions that he had patronised.

Pakistan and Egypt agree to boost relations

This causes three cheers for Mubarak and none for those who wanted to see him punished for his crimes against the Egyptian people. In contrast, Pakistan has engaged in a process of democratic transformation, which commenced after General Musharraf was forced out of power in Whilst having been under military rule for half of its life since its creation inPakistan's elected PPP-led government succeeded in completing a full term for the first time in Pakistan's history, paving the way for a democratic election in May that brought Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan's Muslim League-N to power.

Musharraf, who had seized power from Sharif in a coup inwent into self-imposed exile in London and Dubai amid widespread allegations of misrule and involvement in the killing of Benazir Bhutto, who herself had returned from exile to contest the elections against Musharraf, in a bomb blast in Islamabad.

However, the General decided to form a political party and return to Pakistan early this year to contest the elections in order, as he put it, to save Pakistan from its downward spiral into chaos and violence under PPP's corrupt and dysfunctional leadership, led by his old enemy, Asif Zardari, the husband of Bhutto.

Egypt–Pakistan relations

As a former head of the military, Musharraf seemed confident that he could easily brush off any allegations or threats, given the persistent status of Pakistan's powerful military and military intelligence ISI as a state within a state. Yet, he misread the situation. He did not realise that during his absence, Pakistani politics and people had moved on to embrace the ballot box rather than the military as a means to change government.

The Electoral Commission declared Musharraf disqualified to run for elections, and the judiciary - an increasingly reformist institution that Musharraf had sought to denigrate and paralyse - placed him under house arrest.

pakistan egypt relationship with us

After Nawaz Sharif won the elections, he found it appropriate not to let Musharraf get away scot free.