On mio ending relationship

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on mio ending relationship

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However, such tension between the two does not last long. During Mio's Fan Club Tea Party presentation, their other band members questioned if the slide show was really about Mio, since most of the pictures were dominated by Ritsu.

Ritsu said that the photos were from her collection, which she had with Mio since they were little, therefore Mio appeared in every single photo. The fact that there were so many photos of them them together showed how they grew up together as best friends.

Yui Hirasawa Ritsu's first impression of Yui was that she was a clumsy, childish, and useless girl. Yui and Ritsu have a lot in common, such as their lazy and laid-back attitudes, reluctance towards learning or school in general and their need for fun.

They also have a sweet tooth for Tsumugi's treats and are usually the band members who propose a break first.

on mio ending relationship

Yui sometimes gets disappointed when she finds out that Ritsu has also a reliable side, like when she does well on her exams or takes good care of her drums. Despite acting immature herself most of the time, Ritsu sometimes criticizes Yui's odd behavior or thoughts. Tsumugi Kotobuki Ritsu first met Tsumugi when Mugi originally intended to join the choir club. Mugi later joined Light Music Club only after witnessing the "fun and painful interaction" between the Ritsu and Mio.

Ritsu had usually been polite to Mugi. The only exception was when Mugi suggested that if Ritsu was male, she would be really popular among girls. It was the one and only time Ritsu hit Mugi on the head and shouted at her. Although the two do not have the closest relationship among the members of the Light Music Club, Mugi has always enjoyed Ritsu's company.

When the two ran into each other one day and decided to go out togetherRitsu had brought Mugi to commoners' places like tuck shops and the arcade, as she knew that Mugi was a rich girl and rarely got to visit those places.

on mio ending relationship

Ritsu had once said that even without Mio, she still has Mugi to tutor her in her studies, meaning she sees Mugi as a very reliable person unlike herself. Ritsu was shocked and speechless when she first found out in a phone conversation with Azusa that Mugi's house had a housekeeper. She is often amazed by Mugi's life standard which differs so much from her own. Azusa Nakano After Yui, Ritsu is can be considered Azusa 's next closest senpai probably because of Ritsu's friendly nature as well.

on mio ending relationship

Whenever Azusa laughs about Ritsu or nags about the Light music club, Ritsu pull her into a choke-hold as punishment which happened more often in the manga than in the anime. Azusa badmouthed once about Ritsu being a "lazy and irresponsible leader", although the latter does not truly seem to mind such comments. Azusa has praised Ritsu's cooking, yet, in the same episodeAzusa was the one who pointed out Ritsu's father's underwear in the living room.

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Despite being often disappointed by the club president's irresponsibility, Azusa still held her respect and admiration over Ritsu and the band's coherent performances.

When Azusa first mentioned that she is joining the Light Music Club, Ritsu had practically pounced over her. Ritsu and Yui had been scolded by Azusa numerous times when they were lazing around and procrastinating during their training sessions and camps. At the end of the series, Ritsu could be seen worried over Azusa being the only remaining member of the Ligh music club although that would make her the club's president. Ritsu would act responsibly as the leader whenever the club needs to do something for their junior.

The most memorable scenes were when Ritsu went all out trying to recruit freshmen for Azusa and when she initiated a performance with the other band members when Azusa was considering quitting the Light Music Club.

Satoshi Tainaka Ritsu and Satoshi are close siblings living together. Ritsu, as the older one, often plans activities with her little brother like going to the cinema. Satoshi is often troubled by Ritsu's forgetful nature and has to help her out in such situations.

Despite lamenting over it, he is still somehow willing to do so.

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The social life of his sister seems to interest Satoshi, as he is caught at least two times in front of her door when she had visitors however, one time he blew his cover by laughing about his sister playing Juliet in her class' school act. Ritsu still can be angry with him as seen when he laughed about her and also has some authority over him as the older sister as seen when he asked her if he could go visit a friend.

In elementary school, Ritsu often picked on Mio due to Mio being very shy, as well as left-handed and having silky black hair, among other things. Mio was depressed because of her shyness, so Ritsu encouraged Mio to imagine the audience as pineapples, which allowed Mio to get over her stage fright. Since then, the two have been best friends despite having very different personalities. Ritsu has loved to tease and scare Mio since they were kids, especially about scary things like ghost stories or disgusting ones like barnacles.

Ritsu also clings onto Mio like a lifeline when it comes to studies, and claims that Mio is the best tutor she has ever met. There were times when Mio clings onto Ritsu instead, when Mio was being bullied by Sawako or other people, hoping Ritsu would save her but sometimes Ritsu joined in the bullying too.

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They both also have a similar interest in photography, as Ritsu always brings a digital camera around, and Mio brings a film camera around. Ritsu was also the one who introduced music to Mio, and encouraged her to learn bass. However, such tension between the two does not last long. Ritsu said that the photos were from her collection, which she had with Mio since they were little, therefore Mio appeared in every single photo.

Azusa Nakano Azusa has always tried to impress Mio and often goes with Mio's ideas since they are the two "sane" members of the light music club. She looks up to Mio because of her maturity, her bass guitar skills, and her more serious attitude than the other band members.