Nurse client relationship powerpoint presentation

nurse client relationship powerpoint presentation

What is nurse-patient relationship? What is the purpose of nurse – patient relationship? Requisites for nurse-patient relationship. Careful thinking. Sensitiveness. great deal toward creating a solid nurse–patient relationship. What did she the patient is preparing for discharge, the nurse may begin teaching about health-. A. Describe the nurse's family and ask the client to describe his/her family. D. C. Introduce self and explain the purpose and the plan for the relationship.

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The Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A 32 year old mother of 2 young children diagnosed with cervical cancer with metastacies, tells her nurse Im going to die, arent I? The nurses most appropriate response would be No, you are not.

Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship

After all you are receiving the latest treatment available, and your doctor is one of the best in this area. We are all going to die sometime. What did your doctor tell you? You have a serious illness.

The Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship - ppt download

Do you have feelings that you would like to talk about? A client relates angrily to the nurse that his wife says he is selfish. Which response by the nurse would be most helpful? Thats just her opinion.

I dont think that you are selfish. Everyone is a little bit selfish. You sound angry tell me more about what went on. The most therapeutic response a nurse could make to a student who begins to cry upon learning that a failing grade was received on a final exam is Youll make it next time. Failing an exam is an upsetting thing to happen. How close were you to passing?

nurse client relationship powerpoint presentation

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Engage in sexual conduct with a client b Engage in conduct that may be interpreted as sexual c Engage in verbal behavior that is seductive or sexually demeaning to a client; or d Engage in verbal behavior that may be interpreted as seductive or sexually demeaning to a client. A social relationship remember empathy About you or your problems or personal life About the clients personal life which does not directly affect the care 8 Therapeutic Relationship is about: Providing professional care to the patient.

The Nurse Client Relationship - ppt video online download

Demonstrating and practicing patient advocacy. Nurses should encourage and expect their patients to be active players in their health care.

nurse client relationship powerpoint presentation

Patients are encouraged to communicate, question, assist in planning care and to retain as much independence as possible. May have preconceived notions about a patient which are then confirmed or dismissed. Nurse needs to display: Nurse needs to clarify that message was understood or that it needs further clarification. Communication takes place both verbally and nonverbally 16 Verbal communication Communication which involves words which can either be spoken, read or written.

nurse client relationship powerpoint presentation

Used to gather facts, instruct, clarify and exchange ideas 17 Verbal communication What should the nurse assess in order to verify what method she will use to communicate information to her patient? As related to verbal, writing and reading? Therapeutic silence-withholding comment in order to encourage the patient to participate or elaborate further.