No more visa japan philippines relationship

How to Apply for Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines

no more visa japan philippines relationship

Look no further — here's the ultimate detailed guide on how you can get a page of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines for more information. 2 your economical or social ties within the Philippines (example: pay slips. We entertain questions about Japan Visa Application for ! The most important step in the process is securing the requirements. https://www. For travelers applying for a tourist visa without a guarantor (meaning, you will. Longing to visit Japan and have a Philippine passport? There is a visa for tourism purposes (which is what most of us need), If there is no record in the NSO, submit a Certificate of Non-Record together with a marriage certificate from Unlike when applying for a U.S. visa or a Schengen visa, there's no.

Note that as a first time Japan visitor, you are only allowed a single entry visa for a maximum stay of 15 days.

Visa guide: How to apply for a Japan tourist visa in Manila

Visit the website of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines for a complete list and description of all the types of visas you can apply for.

This article is specifically for those who are traveling to Japan for tourism purposes without a guarantor. Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios Japan. Photo by Aleah Taboclaon Prepare the requirements. For tourists traveling to Japan for the first time, and without a guarantor, here are the requirements: This must be in good condition, valid for at least six months, and with at least two blank pages left.

If your passport is damaged in some way or about to expire in a few months, renew your passport first before applying for a Japan tourist visa. You can download the application form here and check out a sample filled-out form here. Make sure that the photo complies with the guidelines which you can check here. Most photo studios are also aware of the requirements of embassies, so make sure to tell them to which embassy you are applying.

NSO-certified birth certificate with receipt; you can order it online here. I paid P via Metrobank and the birth certificate arrived in 2 days. This is not required with the submission of an old, used Japan visa.

Relaxed visa program for Southeast Asian visitors starts

If the NSO certificate is not clear, a birth certificate from the local civil registrar is required. If the birth certificate is a late registration, a birth certificate from the local civil registrar, the original baptismal certificate, the school record Form or school report cardand school yearbook are required. Note that you also need to submit the contact number of the church and the school. NSO-issued marriage contract, if applicable.

If there is no record in the NSO, submit a Certificate of Non-Record together with a marriage certificate from the local civil registrar. The itinerary should cover your entire stay in Japan. You can prepare this yourself or have your travel agency prepare it for you. You can download a sample form here. This should be recent within 3 months of submission of the application and the amount should adequately cover your airfare and your stay in Japan.

One original and one photocopy. Choose an accredited travel agency. Unlike when applying for a U. All applications are coursed through accredited travel agencies. For my trip to Japan last September, we used Friendship Tours in Makati; they also have an office in Cebu and charge P1, for first time applicants. We got the results in 4 days.

Here are the other accredited agencies and their respective fees as of October 5, Wait for their call and you will get your passport back in less than 7 days. Nothing can be simpler, eh? This also means that you are paying your taxes properly. Then attach copies of receipts of your income or their payments. But then again, as a freelancer, you are still required to pay your taxes in the Philippines.

What if you are unemployed, a minor or a student? See the sample template HERE 2. Proof of relationship with guarantor You need to provide a proof of relationship with your guarantor and this is crucial.

Submit photos of you and your friend together, screenshots of e-mails and chat conversations, etc. Otherwise, the travel agency may not accept your application or they may accept it, but your chance of getting approved is slim. You can only apply for Japan Visa via an accredited travel agency. I suggest you go there early as line can be quite long in some travel agencies. Service fee will be collected by the travel agency processes, the fee depends on the travel agency, could range from PHP — PHP 1, All original documents submitted will not be returned by Japan Embassy.

Bring the original copy for verification purposes.

no more visa japan philippines relationship

Take note that they will not tell you whether you were approved for a Japan Visa or denied. You need to claim your passport. Usually, it takes 7 to 10 business days, but during may last Japan visa application this year, it only took 2 business days.

no more visa japan philippines relationship

A white sticker at the back of your passport indicates that your Japan visa is approved. A red sticker means your Japan visa was denied. About 2 months before your intended travel date. If your Japan visa is approved and you want to return to Japan to travel again, then you can try to apply for the Japan multiple-entry visa. This may be seen as an indication that you will be staying that long in Japan to look for a job. Unless of course you can explain it well and back up your explanation with proper documents.

Now if you already have a Japan visa before and you returned to the country without overstaying in Japanyou have complete documents and you think your bank account has enough funds to prove your financial capacity to fund your Japan trip, try to request for a Japan multiple-entry visa.

Relaxed visa program for Southeast Asian visitors starts | The Japan Times

I will write a separate blog for Japan multiple-entry visa application soon. The Japanese Embassy can grant 15, 30 and 90 days of stay. The Japan visa application processing time really depends because sometimes the Japan Embassy may need to verify some documents.

The travel agency told me though that normally, the process takes about business days. I strongly advise to apply for a Japan visa at least a month before your travel date to avoid any hassle. For example, you want to further prove that you have strong economic ties in the Philippines and you will submit proof of your properties, cars, land, etc.

You can do that, anyway, the travel agency will just return it if not needed. For my recent application, I submitted proof of payments from clients. I was applying for a multiple-entry Japan visa. The staff at the travel agency returned some of them. I asked why when those he returned where much bigger payments. I told him what if I get declined and I asked him why?

  • How to Apply for Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines
  • Visa guide: How to apply for a Japan tourist visa in Manila

When I claimed my passport, I got approved for a multiple-entry Japan visa. You can book your flight and your hotel once your Japan Visa is approved. You need to write down the flight number and the address and contact number of your hotel. For the Flight number, go to the website of the airline, search for flights and copy the flight number.

no more visa japan philippines relationship

I have no concrete idea, I am not a Japan visa expert. With this budget, you need to stay in an inexpensive dorm room, eat in convenience store and fast food restaurants and visit FREE attractions e.

FREE temples, shrines and parks. So, based on the approximate Japan budget daily expenses for a solo traveler above, you can multiply the daily expenses by the number of your intended stay in Japan.

no more visa japan philippines relationship

For example, you intend to travel in Japan for 5 days. Again, this sample budget does not include the transportation cost. Also, this is just based on my experience, to give you an idea of you the cost of travel in Japan, may experience may be different from your experience.

Do not treat this as a bible. It may be seen as a reason for you to overstay in Japan. The money in your bank account is just 1 of the many factors for determining if you will be granted a Japan visa. You can have a large amount of money in your bank account, but still be declined. You can write a letter explaining this.

no more visa japan philippines relationship