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mega man 64 ending relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Mega Man Legends. The sequel, Legends 2, picks up a year after the end of the previous game, with Volnutt and the. Bass' blueprints shown during the ending of Mega Man 9. . Bass is set to appear (alongside Proto Man) as an addition to Mega Man's Mega Legends Final Smash. .. Shadow and Sonic's relationship is similar to that of Mega Man and Bass'. The legendary ending of Mega Man 2 peels away layers of artifice to reveal poignant truths. It's Mega Man 2 Day on The Gameological Society! .. I think companies have a very conflicted relationship with their own franchises. . for myself, having grown up with an Amiga and a C64 rather than consoles.

These refractors are valuable; they serve as an energy source, and their shards are used as currency. Those who try to excavate these ruins are called "Diggers" "Digouters" in the Japanese version. He lives there alongside Roll Caskett, his Spotter who is searching for her missing father, [11] Barrel Caskett, Roll's grandfather, [12] and Data, a mysterious monkey that talks in gibberish only Mega Man himself can understand.

They consist of Teisel Bonne, the leader of the group. Story[ edit ] Mega Man Volnutt exits a ruin after finding the refractor inside. After dealing with the Reaverbots blocking his way out, he makes his way to the Flutter, which leaves the ruin. Amelia asks Mega Man to investigate the island's ruins.

Even with Juno's physical body gone, he transfers his backup data into the systems of Eden, preventing the halt of the Carbon Purification Process. Mega Man had stored his memories into Data as a way to prevent Eden from ever tampering with it.

Data promises to restore Mega Man's memory when the time comes. Development and release[ edit ] Producer Keiji Inafune stated his purpose was to create a new Mega Man which would be completely different from all the others. Wanting that game to entertain gamers of all ages, Inafune decided to mix the action, RPG and adventure genres.

With Megaman and Roll approaching their prime in their digging careers, he has taken a back seat as their advisor, coordinator, and manager. Von Bluecher - some rich guy with an obsession. His complexity as a character is limited by his words alone; the game neither explores or tries to explore the other facets of this man. Matilda Gaskett - Gramps' daughter Roll's mom who vanished 10 years ago on an ill-fated landing on Forbidden Island.

Dying, she was healed by Mother-unit Yuna, only to lose her individuality when Yuna was forced to take over her body due to some -- unpleasantness. It mustn't be fun when you watch your wife disappear in a fierce storm using something you built My god! What have I done? It's her coffin now!

One can only guess what were his last thoughts as "Banner" -- the dropship plans he held so tightly when he was found outside Yosyonke may be the last vestige of his desire for his family. Yuna - Mother-unit of Habitat Terra.

mega man 64 ending relationship

Pacifist nature, and non-confrontational. Her peaceful demeanor explains why she was noticeably absent from the War Sera and Trigger fought years ago.

mega man 64 ending relationship

She currently inhabits Matilda's body and is seeking a way to rectify the error without harming Matilda or Sera while remaining free from the System's control. Sera - Mother-unit of habitat Elysium. More aggressive despite her initial original appearance. I say she looks like the gal from Ridge Racer 4. Prone to jealousy and extreme action, she expresses the System's wishes as the Master's orders -- hence her limit in thinking.

She currently inhabits Yuna's original body, although both mother-units are trying to return to their "original configuration" since Megaman has shut down the System on Elysium.

Megaman Juno - a beaureacratic model suspended in the depths of Kattalox Island. His activation comes as a result of Megaman's accidental triggering of the local carbon initialisation program in the local network. Although made for administrative duties, making him appear quite the queit fellow, Megaman Juno is only a local coordinator, lacking the memory and faculties of Mother- units to make fully autonomous decisions -- this explains Juno's rather simple minded and blood-thirsty behaviour when Megaman Trigger disagreed with Juno's decison to format Kattalox.

Data serves as a repository for Megaman's memories and allows him to save his freaking game. You shouldn't be, the Legends 1 manual states that Data can only speak in binary gibberish; however, Megaman is the only one who can understand what jack-off bot says. That's why the end of Legends 1 was so intersting because we finally hear Data talk instead of just reading the text.

In Legends 2, the observant will notice that Data only talks when it and Megaman are alone -- reflecting the nature of the Data-speak.

The Master - No one knows who this guy is! There were rumours that megaman was still the robot and Doc Light made him for the Legends game, but this is not true. The Master acts as the initiator of all the turmoil going on as his creations -- his "children" -- the Anthro-units fight one another over his legacy: Data does make snide references to Megaman in 'Legends 1' about how "purty" she is, etc.

Megaman may even choose to hit on this attractive older woman But nothing comes of it, so you can only dream As for Data's comments, one can imagine what went on between the Mother-units and Megaman Trigger so many years ago wink, wink, huhuhuhuhu.

Hey mom, I'm going to Japan She's drunk most of the time; there's no mention of her previous husband; and it's a wonder her daughter is not afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Although he offers info, you gotta pay for it. So let's refer to him as an information broker instead. He keeps the Calinka Sub-gate and the fourth key a secret until the Bonnes attack Yosyonke.

Guildmaster - The head guy on Nino Island. He's also crazy enough to self-destruct the island and everyone in it if the pirates manage to get through the door even by an inch. Shu - some cast-away girl who lives with her "brothers" on Caldonia Island. Appo and Dah - Known simply as the twins, these gene-pool rejects are whom Shu focuses her life on.

They're complete morons with an illiteracy rate that beats the U. There are certain parts needed for these "Special Weapons" as they are far more powerful than most Buster Parts Combinations. There are also similarities between the first Legends' Weapons and the Legneds 2's Weapons.

Stats valid when fully upgraded Legends 1 Legends 2 Equivalent Machine Buster Machine Gun Arm Requires: Broken Model Gun Max Ammo: Scattering Powered Buster Buster Cannon Requires: Thick Pipe Max Ammo: Bottle Rocket Max Ammo: Homing Ability Special Enhance: Homing ability Drill Arm Drill Arm Requires: Broken Drill Max Ammo: Shield size Vacuum Arm Vacuum Arm Requires: Suction something the Energy Enhance: Sucking power Blade Arm Blade Arm Requires: Super Ball Max Ammo: Mine parts kit Requires: Rusted Mine Max Ammo: Rusty Bazooka Firecracker Clipsize: It highly resembles the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Party Wagon of crap-o- la fame but was only intended as a temporary alternative to the Flutter when it was damaged.

It had all of Roll's spotting equipment on board, as well as fully functional workshop. It was used by Roll to help Megaman fight off the Bonnes while on Kattalox.

The vehicle was not used in Legends 2. It featured some armour plating and was used by Roll to fight off the Bonnes' submarine forces in Lake Jyun. The craft was returned to its owner Wily, when the Flutter departed. Flutter - small flying ship, base of operations, and home of Megaman and Roll. Has four decks including the uncovered top deck with three small cabins Roll, Megaman, and Grampsa living room, kitchen, lavatory, half-bath, storage rooms, and a machine bay.

It uses refractors to power its engines and copes well with a variety of modifications. Dropship - a specially designed pod-like vehicle designed to descend in rough weather. It uses a rotor system to slow its descent and ascends by inflating a helium gas cell stored in its upper compartment. Gessellschaft - The Bonnes' equivalent of the Flutter, but much larger and more expensive cha-ching!

It had a variety of unmapped rooms evidenced in Tron ni Kobun including: Sadly, this craft was obliterated over Kattalox Island in Legends 1. Gustaff - a large mech which "Miss Tron" runs her operations.

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In Tron ni Kobun, the Gustaff was a bipedal machine playing just like Megaman and was limited to mounting only one weapon at a time.

It was capable of firing beacon bombs from a cannon on its forehead to guide Servbots to tactical objectives. In Legends 2, Tron gets smarter and develops a hover skirt for the Gustaff -- making it more maneuverable -- as well as fitting both arms with modular pod units, allowing the Gustaff to carry two weapons at a time.

This particular unit was destroyed in the Saul Kada Ruins. Blumebear - a lightly armed wheeled tank used by the Bonnes in Legends 1, the Blumebear has arm mounted machine guns instead of hands. It is also fairly speedy, making tight right angle turns with no problem. Servbots can open the hatch to throw bombs at attackers. Available in Red, Blue, and Yellow paint jobs to differentiate Tron's attack force at a glance.

Drache - a sleek small aircraft used by the Bonnes for scouting and raiding. For all purposes, this is a flying Blumebear; however, because of its high speed and ability to fly above the battlescape it is an invaluable as an interdictor and can be troublesome in some levels. Do note though, that Draches have less armour than Blumebears. Featured in Red or Grey.

The Bonnes' sizable air fleet is reduced to a single Drache after the Gessellschaft gets shot down and their private department store venture goes sour. Incidentally, the Bonnes' last Drache featuring some enhancements to the armament and sensor suite gets shot down by Geist when Tron tries to run interference to help Megaman in Legends 2.

Feldynaught - you remember this mech from Megaman Legends right? A large four legged monstrosity that Tron tried to sexually destroy her current beau with, yeah? That machine was destroyed by Megaman after a short battle. Bruno - largest Bonne Mech manufactured on Kattalox but not the most dangerous. It's existence was kept secret until Megaman discovered it in Warehouse Ten seconds of full exposure to an optimised Shiny Laser turned it into scrap heap.

Fokkerwulf - a large Bonne flying machine from which Capcom derived Geist's attack patterns from that served as the Bonnes' "Vengeance Weapon" after the Gessellschaft was destroyed.

Ten seconds of full exposure to an optimised Shiny Laser turned this machine into scrap heap as well. The Colossus - gargantuan implement of destruction While it had a large orbital laser implanted somewhere on its body, it also had the ability to manufacture hordes of Reaverbots to defend its vulnerable power-pylons at knife-point.

It was no more a Reaverbot than a heeee-yooge montrosity that outsized and nearly vaporised the Gessellschaft. Luckily the Bonnes actually did something right by destroying the Colossus over the water and sparing the islands from a threat most terrible. Sulphur Bottom - a total babe-magnet of a ship; Vivaldi's Spring Allegro is piped throughout the vessel, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a National Geographics "old boys' room" in the 19th Century. Von Bluecher spared no expense in creating his flagship for his once in a lifetime journey and its fate after Legends 2 is unknown.

Such opulent carft are rarely scrapped, rather their hulls are refitted to make them run more economically like the Queen Elizabeth II. From the scant scenes available from the introduction of Legends 2 and my running about, we can surmise that there are decks and rooms inaccessible during game-play. What we DO know, is the Sulphur Bottom has at least one docking bay large enough to accomodate ships slightly larger than the Flutter; on-board parts stores are readily accessible on the machine deck and all have weapon manufacturing capabilities; large luxury state rooms are the norm on the habitation decks, all are richly decorated with paintings, plants, and fine furniture.

Von Bluecher's office is one of the larger rooms on board with state-of-the-art internal security systems and lots of armed guards. My guess is that Capcom without the Gessellschaft to work with, made this sucker into one heckuva ship. Reminds me of what's-his-name's airship in Final Fantasy 6. While this had little effect in Legends 1 and no effect in Tron ni Kobun, 'cause it's Tronone specific optional event in Legends 2 is affected by alignment: To be evil, act like a complete ass.

Do note that in Legends 1, there are an unlimited number of ways to go bad although some once per game decisions count more against Megamanwhile in Legends 2, players have an infinite number of chances to go good and bad.

However, since all of Megaman's actions are recorded by Roll in her diary, I advise players to stay straight and narrow until the very end when you have the Zenny needed to swing back and forth between good and evil.

To become evil in Legends 2 is easy: To become good again, make massive donations to the church-gallery in Yosyonke Calinca Island. When completely evil, two donations of 1, Zenny will swiftly set Megaman on the path of good again. To check one's alignment is easy: If evil, the general store owner will say, "Don't come back until you've cleaned up your act!

We don't like your kind around here anyway. Roll will then go out and buy a special Toolbox with her Zenny thus reducing Megaman's Special Weapon Improvement costs by an unspecified percentage. I have these last items To acquire the special weapon "Crusher", one needs to buy a "Taser" from a black-market dealer in the town on Saul Kada Island. The black market guy Mustafa is fairly hard to find and remains fairly well hidden in the ruins of the city.

However, it is necessary to be evil to deal with him, else he will not show you his wares.

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If after purchasing the "Taser", you wish to prolong your association with Mustafa, Megaman may sell the Reaverbot Claw attained from the Yosyonke Junk Store owner for Zenny. You may also purchase a "Reaverbot Eye" and sell it to the Yosyonke Junk Store owner later for more money.

And some last words when dealing with the black market and about bargaining stolen wares don't be too greedy; and opportunities only occur once unless you save your game Does mission time affect the next game? In Legends 1, Megaman would start off with Jet Skates if he finished the game within a ceratin time limit.

Instead, Legends 2 allows new game difficulties to be selected once the current game is cleared. Tron ni Kobun also did not recognise mission time, and used it only to differentiate saved games by virtue of time spent. Appo, Dah, and Shu's situation can be seen as depressing, alarming, or both. The hottest Mayor-ette is the madam at Pokte Village. Smart, sexy, and Wow!! What's up with that? Are we supposed to accept that because Roll is "all grown up" that she doesn't need her parents to stay together anymore?

Mistress Yuna is also in error, abandoning her shell for a carbon's! That is no longer Mistress Yuna! It's an abomination and a threat to us all!

If you insist on following her I shall be forced to terminate you--both of you!

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You are our only hope! This is all your doing! If it weren't for you, this would not have happened! I came here to Terra with the Master! This is, a good luck charm.

mega man 64 ending relationship

As long as you have it, no one can stop or harm you. Delete all data from the Library, you understand?

mega man 64 ending relationship

He'll be all right. Though his memory is still fragmented, he can still download whatever he needs from your little monkey friend. Now, Gatts and I will get a pod ready that will take you back to Elysium. You can find both of us where you initially came to Terra. The choice is yours--the Master's final wish or, follow the path the System has chosen!

Find us when you make up your mind. How are we doing, Gatz? I had Gatz merge with the Shuttle Pod to repair it. Mistress Sera will execute the Carbon Reinitialization Program shortly! What are you waiting for? Execution of Carbon Reinitialization Program has been paused, awaiting order to continue from Mother Unit.

Execution of Carbon Reinitialization Program has been paused, awaiting order to continue from Mother Unit I have been waiting for you, Mega Man Trigger. I could've executed the Carbon Reinitialization Program at any time, but I chose not to. Do you know why? Unlike you, I cannot act against the System, I can only act within the parameters it defines for me. Indeed, I cannot think of anything beyond the System's limits. That is why I cannot comprehend what could have motivated the Master to attempt to destroy the System.

I am jealous of you. You were close to the Master, you understood his thoughts in a way I will never be able to. Yuna chose to remove herself from the System, even though she is like myself a Mother Unit. I cannot do that! I've waited for you from the Master's Home. Perhaps by defeating you, who was so sympathetic to the Master's desires, I can purge myself of these, troublesome emotions!

Come then, Mega Man Trigger!

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Show me what a First Class Purifier is capable of! Gatz is, attempting to assist you, by invading my, internal systems! I do not understand, a Servitor Unit such as Gatts should be unable to disobey the System's commands!

Still, a Mother Unit, like myself, is superior to a Servitor Unit! His sabotage attempts are, a distraction, nothing more!

When last we struggled, Yuna imprisoned me beyond Terra! Perhaps this time, it will be you who is imprisoned! Don't think you're going to get off that easily, Sera! You were always too stubborn for your own good! If you had a shell, you could transfer your primary programs over, right? Gatts is dead, he died because of your gamble!