Long distance relationship story tagalog

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long distance relationship story tagalog

clingy and annoying doesn't bother me when it's from the right person, i literally do not mind if my boyfriend sends me a picture of a car he likes at 3am even if I'm . From having the right attitude to trying couple tech, discover how you and your partner can overcome long-distance relationship struggles. How this couple makes their long-distance relationship work. Published 14 And thus their love story began. "Nung first time kami.

However, with the advent of the Internet, long-distance relationships have exploded in popularity as they become less challenging to sustain with the use of modern technology.

long distance relationship story tagalog

The increase in long-distance relationships is matched by an increasing number of technologies designed specifically to support intimate couples living apart. In particular there have been a host of devices which have attempted to mimic co-located behaviours at a distance including hand-holding, [9] leaving love notes, [10] hugging [11] and even kissing.

Couples who have routine, strategic relational maintenance behaviors, and take advantage of social media can help maintain a long-distance relationship. There are many ways in which they can make their partner happy and strengthen the overall relationship [15].

The ways in which individuals behave have a major effect on the satisfaction and the durability of the relationship.

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Researchers have found systems of maintenance behaviors between intimate partners. Maintenance behaviors can be separated into seven categories: Dindia and Emmers-Sommer identified three categories of maintaining behaviors that are used by partners to deal with separation. These are known as the relationship continuity constructional units RCCUs. Maintenance behaviors as well as the RCCUs are correlated with an increase in relationship satisfaction, as well as, commitment Pistole et al.

Research[ edit ] In a study of jealousy experience, expression, in LDR's, individuals who were in LDR's indicated how much face-to-face contact they had during a typical week. Furthermore, those without periodic face-to-face contact were more likely to use the Internet to communicate with their partner.

long distance relationship story tagalog

They found that the presence of periodic face-to-face contact is a crucial factor in the satisfaction, commitment, and trust of LDR partners. Those who do not experience periodic face-to-face contact reported significantly lower levels of satisfaction, commitment, and trust.

Another study generated a sample of undergraduate students who were in LDRs and became geographically close.

How this couple makes their long-distance relationship work

When the respondents were asked about having the ability to have more face-to-face time when GC, and the enjoyment of increased time spent together most comments were positive.

Pero I still sent him that email luckily, he was interested din pala to continue what started here in Manila," Janine shares. And it did," she continues. After emailing for a month, the two transferred to Skype, before she finally convinced Val to create a Facebook account.

Long-distance relationship

From there, they transferred to Facebook messenger. Six months after their consistent exchange of messages, the two decided to make their relationship official and it has always worked ever since. Here, the couple tells us how they make their LDR work. Communicate and be open Janine and Val agree communication is important in every relationship, whether long distance or not. Similar to overfilling a balloon with air.

long distance relationship story tagalog

They've even made the most out of the hour time difference: For me it builds the connection and familiarity with each other. Cherish every moment you get to spend together physically Janine and Val only see each other for a couple of months once every two years.

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Their most recent meeting was in Augustwhere they went around Philippines and Hong Kong, it was also Janine's first birthday with Val. We cherish every moment we have because we know this moment is only temporary," Val said. Accept that your relationship isn't like any other relationship It's important to keep in mind that you have a different kind of relationship with a different set of expectations.

No weekend dates, no hatid-sundo ni boyfriend, no biglaang movie dates. But the good side of this is that you will really savor and appreciate the time you will spend together when he comes back.

long distance relationship story tagalog

Don't give up on romance Just because you're far away from each other, it doesn't mean you can't experience "romance". For Janine and Val?

long distance relationship story tagalog