Kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

My Theory on LOTV's Ending : starcraft

kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

Eventually they (and Omer) ended up on the troopship Hydrus, where they would be shipped to the warzone planet of Turaxis II Kerrigan allowed Raynor to flee but the psychic connection between the two remained. .. Legacy of the Void . This is Starcraft 2, not Starcraft: The stuff after the books that no one read. In the end, he actually never gave up on her, even tho he had rough time and probably .. Raynor probably romanticized their relationship into being. It started with the first SC: "Is Kerrigan alive? Did she get captured Now, some people think Jim Raynor killed himself: he did not, I assure you.

And let's be fair and realize Valerian's offer was too good to pass up: Deinfest Kerrigan and eliminate the Zerg Threat, which has been haunting the Terrans far more than Arcturus' tyranny ever did. Listening to Valerian doesn't mean he couldn't ditch Valerian and return to fighting Arcturus.

kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

In HotS, he did tell Kerrigan to "forget Mengsk", and he may have chosen to protect Kerrigan first and allow Horner and the growing revolution to deal with Arcturus. Valerian never liked Arcturus. The novels showed Valerian swore to be a better man than Arcturus, and his ambitious campaign on Char was a well-intended, yet naive, way to prove that he could succeed Arcturus. Kerrigan underwent a character arc throughout the series to show her transition from greatest villain to anti-hero on the side of good.

kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

In WoL she was the possessed Queen of Blades, in HotS she sought to destroy Mengsk and had to get her hands dirty several times, not always because she wanted to kill. She's supposed to be dancing precariously on the fence between good and evil until the finale.

Warfield refused to abandon Char, so Kerrigan had to burn him out. She went to Kaldir to assimilate Nafash's swarm and accidentally bumped into the Protoss who immediately threatened to summon the Golden Armada to destroy them. Kerrigan had to choose to wipe them out so not only would they not attack Kerrigan on Kaldir, but to prevent the Golden Armada from chasing her down throughout the story.

Even pre-infested Kerrigan would choose to do this, she'd been killing protoss left and right when she was still a ghost.

The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2 - Overthinking It

In a show of character development Valerian stood up to Kerrigan and convinced her to not harm the Civilians as collateral damage, even after Kerrigan stated Arcturus would use Kerrigan's compassion towards civilians as collateral damage. Kerrigan does not kill civilians for kicks, but her character both before and after her infestation is generally cold - sacrifice a few collateral lives to achieve the main goal of deposing Arcturus.

This is the same mentality she used when infesting Terran criminals on a prison ship, and she even mentioned how it was cruel, but necessary to her goals.

She had no idea the protoss were trying to retake Aiur As far as she knew, they were still barricaded at Shakuras, and no one told them to go retake Aiur. Her priority was to try to stop Amon, not interfere with the protoss who'd try to kill her anyway. Artanis almost turned on Kerrigan on Ulnar until he decided the Hybrid was a greater threat.


And finally, I shall talk about your story. What is the motive?

kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

Is this story's purpose to entertain readers with a nice fulfilling story that expands the Starcraft world and gives out new messages to the reader, or is it a short-lived fic meant to vent and indulge the author's personal grievances against a single character? Everyone deserves better — we can send a better message, and we can do it by writing a better story. Starcraft 2 is a tremendously popular multiplayer strategy game, the long-awaited sequel 13 years long-awaited to the crown jewel of real-time strategy gaming, the game that became the de facto national sport of South Korea, with pro players earning six-figure salaries and multiple television channels showing professional matches all the time.

And the single-player missions are generally well-designed and fun, anyway.

Homecoming: Kerrigan Returns for Jim (Starcraft 2 Epilogue - Final Ending)

So, people are still going to play it, even if the single-player storyline that frames the missions is awful. But there is definitely something to be learned from looking at how and why the story is so bad. SPOILERS — Beginning at the End The best way to get a sense might just be to watch the end cinematic, which is by far the worst part of the story, bringing together all the mistakes and missteps it has made along the way.

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kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

Okay, so what happened here? She is the ascendant ruler of the Zerga species of alien monsters that operate through a hive mind and sweep through the universe destroying civilizations, taking over planets, and subsuming the genetic material of other organisms in a quest for perfection.

kerrigan and raynor legacy of the void ending relationship

She is also the ex-girlfriend of one of the human heroes the guy with the space helmet and the mustache in both videosa space marine named Jim Raynor. Of course, he is totally wrong, there are bigger things going on than their relationship, and he is continually disappointed by the fact that no, this woman does not exist as an erotic object, but is in fact a totally legit badass who is playing him like a fiddle because he is dumb and sexist and keeps underestimating her.

The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2

The Starcraft 2 betrayal cinematic really hammers in on the new, retconned, damsel-in-distress Kerrigan that has in Starcraft 2 replaced the one we know and love from Starcraft and Brood War. Look how helpless she is without the men in her life, despite her being a special-forces soldier with psionic powers and a personal cloaking device!

The Queen of Blades, before her debasement in Starcraft 2.