Kenshiro vs raoh first fight in a relationship

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kenshiro vs raoh first fight in a relationship

The Fist of the North Star manga by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara was adapted into two animated television series produced by Toei Animation. The original series, simply titled Hokuto no Ken (北斗の拳), lasted .. Rei's relationship with Mamiya. It also introduces Kenshiro's fellow Hokuto brothers, Jagi, Toki and Raoh. Violence and brutality be damned, Fist of the North Star is arguably the most his hair white, just so he'd have his strength back and a little more time to fight Judah. Raoh, having felt fear when Kenshiro manifested Musou Tensei before him, From seeing Jagi as he was, his relationship with Ryuken, Anna's death and. See more ideas about Manga anime, Stars and Anime art. Kenshiro and Raoh, Fist of the North Star / Hokuto no Ken Ken Le Survivant Hokuto no Ken, Kenshiro, Yuria Anime Couples Manga, Anime Manga, Old Anime .. Bill LaimbeerDbzManga AnimeAnime ArtFight ClubProject 3ParadoxArt Posters Surface Design.

There are a few, generally involving the deaths of major villains. Shin, declaring his love for Yuria even as he dies from Kenshiro's techniques and throwing himself from his throne room is an early example. One of the most effective involves the death of one of the protagonists, however. The battle between Raoh and Toki ends as Toki, who has been dying of radiation sickness makes a last, desperate series of attacks in order to try to kill Raoh, his older brother.

As the fight goes on, Raoh realizes that Toki's dying body means that Toki has no chance to win, but continues to fight regardless, and Raoh himself begins to cry even as he continues to fight, out of love for his younger brother, and because the destiny of their style makes a tragic fate such as Toki's unavoidable.

Fist of the North Star

The title of the episode that ends the fight says it all: The Tears Fall Only Once! Turns out that part of the reason this is happening is that while growing up, Raoh had made Toki promise to stop him were he to go down the wrong road, and had previously scolded Toki for crying. Raoh couldn't bring himself to kill Toki, and instead delivered a knockout blow.

Later on, Ryuga, himself a tragic character, comes along to finish the job. What makes this all the more soul shattering was that just mere seconds before Ryuga arrived, Toki expressed that he had found new hope in using his powers to heal the sick people of the Village of Miracles.

Feel free to cry, Toki. I won't scold you again Take care of your body, my little brother.

kenshiro vs raoh first fight in a relationship

The ending credits of the movie, in which Kenshiro imagines himself walking through a beautiful forest and seeing Yuria happy, only to have everything fade back to the desolate nuclear wasteland it all really is, all to the haunting theme of ''Purple Eyes''.

Somewhere around half the cast is composed of tragic heroes and villains. The murder of Ryo, an innocent little boy, by Souther's poisoned bread in the original manga and the first Raoh Den film.

Watching a massive warrior weeping with his beloved baby son limp in his arms, you'd either have to be as kind as Kenshiro or as evil as Souther if you believe the tyrant deserves any forgiveness. The death of Shuu's son, Shiba. Kenshiro can't even find the words to describe it.

The undisputed champion of tear-jerking deaths in this series is Rei. His death is SO important, it's even used to signify the end of the second 'act' of the first anime series. Kenshiro's long, echoing Say My Name cries really drove it home. And then Shuu lasts just long enough to miraculously regain his eyesight and see Kenshiro as an adult.

Cue Kenshiro being the most pissed off he's ever been. Kenshiro Den has one of the most devastating ones in the entire franchise: Yuria, dying of radiation sickness, reveals to Kenshiro that she is pregnant with Kenshiro's child. The big man himself lets the waterworks flow at the revelation. Jagi Gaiden can best be summed up as one long Tear Jerker after another from start to finish. From seeing Jagi as he was, his relationship with Ryuken, Anna's death and Jagi's reaction to it, Ryuken's sorrow at what Jagi had become, Jagi's final moments looking back on his miserable life, Kenshiro's anguish over having killed Jagi despite everything he did, and Jagi possibly reuniting with Anna in death Honestly, it's hard not to weep at how thoroughly Jagi's life has been screwed by both his own actions and bitter fate.

The fact that this manga could make you sympathize with Jagi of all characters, one of the biggest bastards in all of Fist of the North Star, is saying something. In a rather tasteful use of drama by Toei AnimationKenshiro, after crossing Raoh's battle aura, tells him how much he and Toki admire him and how the feeling will never goes away from his heart, he full-blown sheds his Manly Tears in this fight.

In the same episode, after Yuria tells Raoh of her fate by radiation sickness like Toki'she sheds tears of his own againmourning of her eventual fate and deciding not to sacrifice her to obtain Muso Tensei, but achieving it by the sadness that fills him with this revelation. Souther may be an irredeemable monster, but there is one way to some to ignite sympathy even for him: Unfortunately, Ougai purposely missed out about how he'll have to kill him in order to succeed the Nanto Houou Ken.

When Souther found out the hard way that he had to kill his master, he tearfully declared that if love hurts so much, he has no need for love, leading him to be the brutal tyrant he is. Could be just a Freudian Excusebut it's a pretty powerful one to see how the Crapsack World turned one of the most loving kids in the verse into a brutal tyrant. Then when Kenshiro beat him, all of the sudden, he felt like a child again, after commending Kenshiro over his victoryhe slowly pulled himself up the side of the pyramid and crawled into the statue of his master, wept for his master and begging him to comfort him again, well just in time for the whole pyramid to crumble, taking him with it too.

His acts may be unforgivable, but how he ended up that way For 22 minutes we are shown a desolate, nuclear blasted wasteland. The credits cue up and show scenes of natural beauty He defeats several groups and continues on his way with Mr. Hobb, a little old man and leader of a group of hunters.

Meanwhile, as Bat, Rei and Mamiya leave to search for Lin, she is found by a group of nomads and begins travelling with them. Toki omae no kokoro wa kusatte iru!! They meet Toki, who, although he saves the boy, plans to use his parents for his experiments.

Kenshiro reaches the Village of Miracles and confronts Toki. However, Ken is unconvinced that his adversary is the real Toki, until he reveals the scar on his back - a scar Toki received while rescuing a young Kenshiro in the past. Tada aku o nikumi Toki o utsu!! Fortunately, Rei and Mamiya arrive to help Ken, revealing that "Toki" is actually an impostor named Amiba. Amiba gloats that he is a genius and has imprisoned Toki, but Kenshiro defeats him.

Before he dies, Amiba reveals that he is following orders from a man known as "Ken-Oh". Mamiya seeks clues to the real Toki's whereabouts and learns that he is imprisoned at the Dungeon of Cassandra, the City of Wailing Demons.

Kenshiro sets off, followed by Mamiya. Meanwhile, Uighur, the Warden of Cassandra, learns of Kenshiro's approach. A Tragic Woman Born of the Times!! Jidai wa kanashii onna o unda!! Meanwhile, Kenshiro's group are attacked by the Cassandra Assault Squad on their approach. Uighur then blackmails a female prisoner named Bella, the successor of the Ranzan Kurenaiken Crimson Orchid Mountain Fist style, to kill Kenshiro, under the watchful gaze of Targel. Kenshiro and his companions double back to avenge Bella, killing the guards and Targel.

News of Targel's defeat reaches Cassandra and Uighur. The Gates to Cassandra Open Now! Kasandora no mon ga ima hirakareru!! After years of destroying anyone trying to enter without permission, they decide to quit, but the merciless warden Uighur forces them to continue. Beaten by Kenshiro, they decide to join him to free Cassandra from the yoke of Uighur even at the cost of the life of their brother at arms, Mitsu. They break open the giant doors of Cassandra, and Kenshiro finally faces the giant warden, Uighur.

This Is the Hellish Cassandra!! Koko wa jigoku no Kasandora!! Uighur then immobilizes Kenshiro with his Taishan Thousand Streak Whips and knocks him into the graveyard. Apparently beaten, Kenshiro recovers and defeats Uighur, knocking him into the grave prepared for Kenshiro. Meanwhile, Ken-Oh's royal guards arrive at Cassandra to regain control of the prison. Ken omae o matte ita!! Kenshiro defies them and this time the prisoners and guards attack the royal guards while join Kenshiro and his allies fight their way into Cassandra to find Toki.

Raiga and Fuga become trapped by royal guards and then are confronted by their Wind and Thunder Fist master, Sohjin. They declare that it is their destiny to fight their master, and they manage to kill him. After killing them both, they eventually reaching Toki. Hokuto no shinwa wa nurikaerareta!! As they leave, the tower begins to collapse and they are attacked by Ken-Oh's suicide squad. Raiga and Fuga encounter Bulg, leader of Ken-Oh's suicide squad, and sacrifice their lives to allow Kenshiro and his companions to escape before the tower collapses.

As the group prepare to leave their way is blocked by Bulg and the remainder of the suicide squad but they are no match for Kenshiro and the angry inmates of the prison.

They come across a village devastated by Raoh's Assault Squad and learn they are headed for Mamiya's village, so Rei goes back to protect Airi and Lin. Toki reveals more about Ken's past to Mamiya. After she leaves, she is cornered by Seeker of Raoh's reconnaissance squad, but is saved by Ken. Meanwhile, Raoh's invading army has started attacking Mamiya's village. Lin no atsuki kokoro no sakebi o kike!!

Meanwhile Kenshiro, Toki and Mamiya are attacked by Raoh's mobile bike squadron. After Ken defeats the squadron, they find a trail of huge hoof prints left by Raoh's horse, Kokuoh. On his way to the village, Rei finds Bat who tells him of the attack on the village. Meanwhile, the invading army forces the villagers to swear allegiance to Ken-Oh by being branded, or killed if they refuse. However, Lin is captured while hiding Airi and defies them, but is saved by the arrival of Rei before she can be sacrificed.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Mamiya stop at a bar so that Toki can rest, but the inhabitants are members of Raoh's special forces.

After defeating them, Ken goes on alone to catch up with Raoh. Back in the village, the Assault Squad try to capture Airi, but spurred on by Lin's courage, Airi gains the strength to fight for herself again. Rei goes on to defeat the invading leader, only to come face-to-face with none other than Raoh himself. I'll Give my Life for the Sake of Love!! Kenshiro, unable to save Rei, challenges Raoh, who initially refuses to fight him, but they engage in a titanic battle, creating a tornado with their conflicting auras.

However, their battle is interrupted when Rei fires an arrow at Raoh. Raoh then hits Rei's pressure point Shinkesshu and declares that Rei now only has three days to live. Meanwhile, Ken is weakened by a severe blow to his chest. He intercedes in Kenshiro and Raoh's fight, revealing that Raoh was responsible for the death of their frail master and adoptive father, Ryuken. Believing that Ken is not ready to fight Raoh, he paralyzes Ken and challenges Raoh himself, advising Ken to learn from his technique of avoiding and deflecting direct attacks.

However Raoh pins their feet to the ground with a short trident. Shinu no wa kisama da!! Mamiya goes to intervene, but Rei stops her, saying that it will end in her death, and that he loves her. She fires a crossbow arrow at Raoh, but Kenshiro manages to break free from Toki's paralysis and intercepts the arrow when it's returned by Raoh. Ken and Raoh now fight, with Raoh using techniques stolen from masters he imprisoned in Cassandra.

They continue the fight to the point where they're both too wounded to continue and Toki separates them, the battle ending in a stalemate. Mamiya ventures into Medicine City by herself to search for a medicine to ease Rei's pain. However Galf, the ruthless, dog-loving Canine Master rules the city. Mamiya finds the medicine store, but is captured by Galf. However, Kenshiro and Rei arrive to rescue her.

Sore de mo onna wa ai o shinjiru!! Rei goes to her aid and deals with Zorige, while Ken disposes of Galf. Later, Rei discovers a "UD" mark tattooed behind Mamiya's shoulder, the mark of Yuda, the self-described lover of strength and beauty.

I'm The Most Beautiful!! Ore wa dare yori mo utsukushii!!

Fist of the North Star / Tear Jerker - TV Tropes

Kenshiro and Rei learn from an elder that Mamiya was once kidnapped by Yuda, who also murdered her parents. Ken and Rei go to Yuda's castle to confront him, but only find his vice-Commander, Dagarl. How Cruel Time Passes By!! Ten wa zankoku ni toki o kizamu! They are attacked by a young group of rebels, but their leader, Nova, asks for assistance in rescuing their female friends and family from Yuda. They free the women, but find that the "Yuda" at Buldan is a decoy. The real Yuda is revealed to have been hiding in his castle all along, and he sacrificed Dagarl to implement his deception.

Rei sees the Death Omen Star adjacent to the Big Dipper constellation of seven stars becoming brighter. To exact revenge against Rei, Yuda orders his agent Komak to lead a raid and abduct Mamiya. Meanwhile, Rei accepts Toki's offer to push a pressure point on his body that will increase his strength and extend his lifespan for another day, but at the expense of great pain. Yuda's troops attack the village and the giant Goyan keeps Ken engaged while Mamiya is taken captive.

However, Rei emerges even stronger than before and rescues her, although Mamiya reveals that she can also see the Death Omen Star. Ima otoko wa koko made utsukushii!! Losing the fight, Yuda signals his men to destroy a nearby dam and flood the village, turning the ground beneath them to mud.

Otoko no hanamichi ni namida wa iranu!! Meanwhile, Kenshiro attacks Komak and the men who destroyed the dam and stops the flow of water. Back in the village, as the water level drops, Rei overcomes and mortally wounds Yuda with his ultimate technique.

Yuda accepts his defeat and recognizes Rei as a stronger and more beautiful man. Yuda dies in Rei's arms, but Rei does not have much more time left to live. He reminisces over his adventures with Kenshiro and his companions while awaiting death with dignity. He dies alone, screaming in agony. After Rei's death, Ken sets fire to the cabin with Rei's body still inside, cremating him and swearing to keep his legend alive. Part 3[ edit ] This part follows Kenshiro as he tracks down his surviving Hokuto Shinken brothers-at-arms: Shu, a selfless man who once saved the young Kenshiro; Toki, who has dedicated his life to healing; Souther, the self-proclaimed Holy Emperor of Nanto.

Original air date 58 "Beginning of Part Three: Supreme Rule in Turbulence! Kenshiro leaves Lin and Bat with Mamiya and sets off alone to find the remaining ones. He arrives at a town and finds the people being mistreated by the troops of a man named Souther. Souther has proclaimed himself the "Holy Emperor", seeking to conquer the world and using innocent children to build a pyramid-shaped Mausoleum as a sign of his greatness.

Time Evolves Beyond The Deathmatch! Meanwhile, as Souther's Hyenas prepare to capture Bat and Lin, they are saved by a stranger. In a small village, Kenshiro discovers that Souther's Hyenas are kidnapping children to work on his Mausoleum. When another Hyena tries to kidnap children, Ken rescues them.

He is surrounded by more Hyena troops, but they are decimated by rebels led by the blind martial artist Shu, one of the Six Sacred Fists. He challenges Ken, but Ken proves too strong and defeats him.

Bat and Lin intercede and explain that Shu saved them, and Ken offers his hand in friendship. Omae wa kono seikimatsu ni nani o miru no ka!! Lin offers to act as bait so Ken and Shu can trap and kill them. Something Shu says however, reminds Ken that he once fought in the South Star dojo while still a child, watched by Souther, Raoh and Shu. Shu challenged Kenshiro at that time, but although Shu won, he protected Kenshiro form the others, blinding himself as punishment for not killing the promising young boy, and awakening his own Star of Benevolence.

Must the Time Tear Love Apart!? Jidai wa ai o mo hikisaku no ka!! Ken arrives at the village after Garzus' men have already invaded it and abducted the women and children. Ken finds them and kills Garzus, but then has to tell Ami of Jay's death.

I Disallow Love and Compassion!! Ai mo nasake mo yurusanai!! Kenshiro finally comes face-to-face with Souther. After defeating them, Ken faces the Holy Emperor, but although Ken strikes him with fatal blows, Souther appears to be immune to Ken's Hokuto Shinken techniques. Sono tamashii no sakebi ga ten o ugokasu!! However, Shu's young son Shiba sets off to infiltrate Souther's lair and save Ken, even at the possible cost of his own life.

Shiba manages to rescue Ken and they escape into the desert, but are found by Souther's troops. Rather that let Ken be captured, Shiba sacrifices his own life to save Ken. Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence!! Jinsei no namida ni ai ga oboreru!! However, Souther has located the rebel base and, after an initial surprise attack, he moves in with a battalion of his forces.

Shu sends the unconscious Ken off to safety with Bat and Lin while he remains to fight Souther and his troops. However, Souther uses his hostages to forestall Shu, then disables him by cutting his legs, rendering him helpless.

Souther's troops invade the rebel base, but Ken senses Shu's struggle and revives enough to begin to fight back. Meanwhile, Shu is forced to carry the apex stone that will serve as the summit of Souther's pyramid-shaped mausoleum.

Toki and Raoh become aware that Kenshiro is about to confront Souther again, and head towards Souther's domain. As Shu continues to painfully carry the huge stone to the top of the pyramid, Toki and Raoh attack Souther's troops. Another Comrade is About to Die!! Mata hitori tomo ga shinde yuku!! Toki and Raoh also arrive at the scene to witness Ken's fight with Souther. As Shu arrives at the peak of the pyramid, he recovers his eyesight and sees the now-adult Kenshiro before being crushed to death by the apex stone.

My Star is the Only Protector of Heaven!! Ten o mamoru wa waga hoshi hitotsu!! Kenshiro fights Souther again, firstly using Shu's technique, out of respect for his dead friend. Meanwhile, Souther opens a portal in the mausoleum revealing the body of his master, Ohgai.

Kenshiro uses his Hokuto Shinken, but it seems ineffective against Souther. However, Ken believes that he has finally fathomed the secret behind Souther's invulnerability. You Are Weary From Love!!

kenshiro vs raoh first fight in a relationship

Omae wa ai ni tsukarete iru!! This enables Kenshiro to strike using his Hokuto Shinken. The dying Souther joins his late master inside the mausoleum as Shu's blood begins to flow down the pyramid which soon collapses, taking Souther with it.

The children rejoice at Kenshiro's victory. Meanwhile, Raoh leaves, still intent on his own plans for conquest. Meanwhile, Raoh impatiently waits to regain his full strength in seclusion. Kenshiro still believes that Toki was the true successor of Hokuto Shinken and recalls the sacrifice Toki made to save him, Yuria and many others during the nuclear holocaust.

After Zengyo reports to Koryu that Raoh has recovered, Koryu decides to seal Raoh's fists according to the succession principles. At the same time, Toki also resolves that Raoh must be stopped. Drive Raoh to Oblivion!! Koryu's sons try to kill Raoh, but he is too powerful and easily defeats them, but lets them live. Meanwhile, Zengyo tells Kenshiro and Toki of Raoh's intentions. Kenshiro and Toki fight to determine if Toki is strong enough to defeat Raoh and Kenshiro wins.

Nevertheless, Toki prepares for a death match with Raoh, fulfilling his own destiny to die as a martial artist, fighting the other adopted son of Ryuken. The Heaven Prefers Tragedy!! Ten wa itazurani higeki o konomu!! Raoh arrives and reveals that he and Toki are siblings and how they met Ryuken after their parents died. Ryuken only wanted to adopt one child, forcing them to compete for the position, but Raoh helped Toki and they were both adopted.

The battle between the brothers begins, Roah's hard fist style verses Toki's soft fist style, but they appear evenly matched. A Man Only Cries Once!!