K1 visa evidence of relationship for us

Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa — Marriage Visa Attorney Blog — July 13,

k1 visa evidence of relationship for us

K1 visa proof of sincere relationship. k1 fiance visa sincere relationship proof K1 Visa applicants should be aware that while attending their US Embassy. Sometimes I feel like a broken record saying this but K1 visa applications failure to establish that the relationship between the U.S. Citizen petitioner and evidence regarding the legitimacy of the fiance/fiancee relationship. I recently sent in my K-1 visa application and along with it I sent an entire album of pictures as evidence of my relationship but it got returned to me .. the 90 day period, I am afraid of not having pictures of both of us together.

Monetary support is all a direct requirement when a sponsor is using the I Family visa to petition a Spouse. USCIS wants all petitioning sponsors to provide proof of an ongoing relationship, and financial support shows that you are serious.

There are no dollar amounts required by USCIS, nor are there any requirements on how or when you provide support accept what is important is how you and your loved one presents it in your case before and during the interview. Sponsors here is what you should know. If you are, or are planning on providing your loved one with financial support, you will need to prepare yourself and your loved one with these guidelines so that your case will be acceptable.

It is usually done within a matter of minutes or within 24 hours, and can be done at an online outlet or from the comforts of your home. In some cases, depending on whom you use?

k1 visa evidence of relationship for us

It can provide you with accumulated gift points such as free international calling. It is often times very helpful to your loved one and their family, especially in 3rd. Monetary support is for most sponsors, a bit of a sacrifice in as it shows that you are serious about that person in which you are petitioning to the U.

It is very easy for both the sponsor and the beneficiary to gather needed receipts, in the building of your case. Both Sponsor and Beneficiary should be saving all of their receipts, so that they will be able to provide plenty of good proof of an ongoing relationship for later.

The sponsor should save his receipts by keeping them all in an orderly fashion according to their date. The Beneficiary should save all of their pick-up receipts. Also these should be kept in an orderly fashion according to date.

All of the beneficiaries receipts and the sponsors receipt will be put together just prior to the interview. If the sponsor does online money remittances, then he will need to go to his email account to print out all of the receipts that were emailed to him. If he used a store then save those receipts. The Cons about money remittance.

K1 Visa Genuine Relationship Proof | K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Philippines | U.S.A.

The monetary support you provide, could possibly backfire on you, depending on these reasons. USCIS tends to believe that a young Filipino who is planning to marry a man that is much older than she, may not be sincere in her feelings toward him.

Reason being is because we feel it could be used against your case rather than help it. In these particular cases, it looks much better on a young Filipina if there is no monetary support involved.

Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa

US Embassy Interviewers often time look at larger age differences in a different light than you or I do. FilAm Immigrations has the most logical ways to remedy this problem so that all interviewers are not getting the wrong picture about you and your girl. We do not want to cause any confusion with what you are doing in your relationship, but feel that it is important to shed some light about the possible things that USCIS could view when your case is presented to them.

You are encouraged to give us a call to have your case reviewed on this subject, and allow us to evaluate what may need to be done in order to shore up on your proof of relationship. Not all cases are the same, so depending on many variables to your case will depend on how your case must be handled. They want to see real documentation and not hear say only!

These are are all very awesome and useful tools that help keep your relationship alive. These are the tools that provide oxygen that keeps your relationship flourishing.

Those same tools are also free and most of them do not offer the users a way to save or print out as documentation to show an interviewer during your K1 Visa interview.

k1 visa evidence of relationship for us

No matter what the couple has done in the beginning, it is still not to late for them to start making more tangible documentation for their interview. Follow these steps, to increase your chances during the interview. K1 Visa applicants should be aware that while attending their US Embassy Interview, the most important reason for being their, is to prove that you have a genuine relationship with the sponsor also known as your fiance.

Interviewers have a job to do and it is to find out if the couple is truly in love with one another and if so, then how do they communicate with each other and did they take the time to save, and print out all documentation of their relationship?

You both should use all available means of communication. Electronic Communication tops the list. Save and print all e mails, Facebook, instant messages, e cards, Postal Letter Communication is very convincing. Send each other letters, special occasion cards, post cards packages. Save envelopes with the letters, save postal receipts. Phone call records of bills.