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'Unbroken' star Jack O'Connell was shocked that Angelina Jolie kept her promises to him and treated her crew so well, despite the pressure of. Jack O'Connell left school with two GCSEs and has gone on to become Britain's His father was Irish and worked on the railways and his mum worked for .. His friendship and working relationship with Angelina Jolie has. The latest Jack O'Connell news, blogs and videos on Metro. Jack O'Connell talks about his new film Starred Up, fancying Angelina Jolie and those Star facing one of the toughest romance challenges of all – a long distance relationship. had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day so her father, Hal, joined her on.

In Septemberthe film officially got the greenlight to begin shooting the following month in Australia. To celebrate, Jolie posted an American flag on her roof for Zamperini to see. But it was a tall order. And at the same time, it had to be a skilled actor who can be deeply emotional and make people root for him.

And by the time it was ready to send, I felt polished.

Jack O'Connell: journey from tearaway to redemption

I think that was a deciding factor for Angelina. Their initial meeting was in a group, surrounded by cameras, but the second time they were alone. We made him an honorary Zamperini for the rest of his life. Early on, she thought of casting a rock star. Who are your favorite actors and actresses? Though he had never considered an acting career, Miyavi was thrilled at the prospect.

Still, he hesitated playing such a sadistic character, worried it would reflect badly on the Japanese people. He then had to quickly bulk back up for scenes of Zamperini as an Olympic runner.

Because I was never going to suffer as much as Louis did. In the end, his support of me and my support of him was important. There have been reports that Jolie, currently the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, is thinking of retiring from thesping.

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She readily admits that directing is her first love. They're not bullies and they won't pick on the weak or individuals and that's a key factor in what I saw in Eric too. The actor's currently skimmed out in oil and loincloth, flexing his lithe masculinity in sequel, Rise of an Empire, signifying his Tinseltown debut. Puffing out his hollowed cheeks, he rolls his eyes on the mention of the stunning Oscar-winner. Every interview since the announcement that Jolie single-handedly selected the actor from a thousand-strong worldwide search, has naturally come armed with feverish enquiry; did he melt on the first encounter?

Does her stardom irritate the helming process? It's humbling and I find myself spontaneously grinning.

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If I can pay her that due responsibility, I'm not only meeting a superstar, I'm demonstrating the skills that got me to where I am and hopefully bettering them.

It's kind of extreme, the selflessness she approaches her work with and the sacrifices she's willing to take on a personal scale. She's a mother of six and a wife, it's definitely widened my tolerance and my expectations for myself. It inevitably gave Jack a valuable insight into celebrity superstardom. Jack found himself splashed all over the red tops as the former X Factor judge's bad boy squeeze. How does he look back at the experience? I just tend to knock around with who I fancy at the time.

And the one thing it did confirm to me is that the public persona put out by the media is leaps and bounds from the individual themselves. So that definitely made the whole celebrity thing a lot less appealing to me. With dyed jet black tresses and a 'couldn't give a fuck' air, I mention it's oddly reminiscent of a young Colin Farrell.

The city I'm from, we've a really strong community from Ireland. When you have no geographical reference whatsoever, there was one point where I thought Derby was humongous, at least enough to fit a separate country.