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Discover the meaning and history of the Ingwaz Rune - free from Trusted Tarot!. With bright Sowilo guiding our half-month, this week's stave, Ingwaz, brings our attention to community, and how we're situated in it. All signs. Free relationship runes reading from Michele Knight.

Healing Property Problems associated with the male reproductive organs. Inguz speaks of the fertility of new beginnings, of the power of the universe held in the answer of the seed responding to the warm rays of the sun. Inguz speaks of the creativity of masculine energy. It is masculine energy — the probing heat of the sun that causes the seed to split as the plant pokes forth to answer the call to growth.

Inguz is asking you to do the same at some level. Allow yourself the space to grow. Accept the changes within you as you incorporate them in the outside of your world. Men who receive this rune in their spread can expect the potential of a new birth in their blood line. Normally this birth is as close as having a child. The child may be a metaphor for a great idea ready to grow over time into full maturity and splendor.

The energy of Inguz takes time to develop and grow. Inguz is said to be the doorway to the astral plane — that place where only the essence of the true self may travel.

Inguz challenges you to accept the invitation to go within to be able to see without in a new perspective. Inguz speaks of the perspective of manhood. Urz, Ur Meaning s: Power and Strength This rune represents a wild ox, appreciated for its strength and power. It stands for internal mental fortitude, will to face challenges, and new beginnings.

For men, it represents manhood and for women, it stands for femininity. When inverted, this symbol indicates weakness or lack of power.

Rune 3 Thurisaz Other Name s: A thorn or giant This represents a force or tower of strength needed to take up challenges. Emotional forces like anger and hate can be controlled and used, but your own strengths can end up destroying you.

inguz rune relationship quizzes

This rune has a very ambiguous meaning; it can be viewed both, as a positive and negative symbol. Rune 4 Ansuz Other Name s: As sOs, Aesir Meaning s: Ancestral god Odin This rune represents Odin Norse god of magic and Shamanism and stands for communication, revelation, and divine prophecies. It essentially represents words or messages conveyed through speech. When reversed, it represents the god of mischief, Loki, and hence, warns against tricks and deceit. Rune 5 Raido Other Name s: Raidho, Rad, Reidh Meaning s: Wagon or chariot One's life can take many twists and turns, and different directions.

Life's journey is represented by this rune. It tells you how your decisions can change your path. It also symbolizes the need to change oneself through a journey of self-awareness. Its reverse can mean stagnation or lack of change.

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Rune 6 Kenaz Other Name s: Kaunaz, Ken, Kano Meaning s: Fire, torch This is a rune of burning light, heat, and warmth physical and mentaland stands for an awakened and enlightened mind. It represents mind, opening itself to new ideas, revisioning of old thoughts, creativity, and exploration. Its reversal signifies a loss of awakened knowledge and loss of one's path. Rune 7 Gebo Other Name s: Gyfu, Geofu Meaning s: Gift The spirit of giving through physical gifts or emotional help is reflected in this rune.

It stands for an act of generosity, a boon, or a skill. It also follows the "what goes around, comes around" philosophy, where an act of kindness should always be returned, and you owe the giver, gratitude. One good deed leads to another, so doing good to others is also advised.

Rune 8 Wunjo Other Name s: Joy The spirit of happiness, feelings of well-being, being loved by someone, reveling in the relationship, and enjoying good health and wealth is represented by this rune. Emotions and feelings are represented by this rune over materialistic wealth. If reversed, it symbolizes difficulties and obstacles in the path of happiness. Heimdall's Aett Heimdall, according to the Norse mythology, is the watcher of the underworld and keeper of the rainbow bridge that leads to heaven.

He presides over the second family. Rune 9 Hagalaz Other Name s: Haegl, Hagal, Haal Meaning s: Hail This rune symbol represents one of the harsher forms of weather, and suggests that the things are going to change.

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It symbolizes a disruptive force that may affect your life. Reversal suggests that the storm will fade away, and peace and calm will prevail. Rune 10 Nauthiz Other Name s: Nyo, Nyd Meaning s: Need Need may mean a want, wish, or a necessity that has to be addressed. Need can also mean desperate circumstances or hardships that one must solve or handle.

This rune urges one to realize what one truly needs to survive and live, and to acknowledge what is important and what is not. Rune 11 Isa Other Name s: Interpreting a runecast is like telling a story. Your job is to find the characters, themes, events, and advice of the reading.

The Weekly Rune: Ingwaz Merskstave

Take as much time as you need to interpret a spread, and pay close attention to all the connections. The times I am most satisfied in the accuracy of my readings are when each rune clearly plays a part in the runecast, or rather when the runecast itself becomes a comprehensible story. Sometimes the runes will clearly answer your question, and sometimes they will ignore it completely, choosing to focus on other issues instead.

Often times these are issues that you knew existed but didn't want to face. Look within to see if the runes haven't met the mark. Runes in divination work by connecting you to that part of you that is in touch with your subconscious, higher self or that part of you that is in tune with the all. However you want to look at it. Even the most accurate of runecasts can not tell you what is destined to be.

They only predict what is likely to happen based on current information. A negative runecast should never be taken as irreversible, you always have the choice to change your situation in life. In divination, runes are used to tell you what path you are currently on. Remember that it is always within your power to keep with or alter that path. In the next few pages you will find examples of rune spreads and runecasts. You may use these, or other techniques and rune spreads that you come across.

There are an abundance of tarot spreads available, for example, tarot spreads adapt very well to rune divination. You could certainly form your own spreads and techniques for a reading, or maybe incorporate methods from various spreads. Generally, the more runes used in a runecast or spread, the more involved the reading. Runes are read either upright or reversed.

When casting the runes, it is helpful to have a system of deciding which runes you will consider upright, and which you will consider reversed. I usually interpret all the runes with their top pointing up or to the left, upright; and all the runes that have their top pointing down or to the right, reversed.

Consult the meaning of this rune and see how it applies to you. This technique can be used as a daily pick in the morning to see what type of day you can expect, or to answer a specific question. You can also use the one rune method to answer a "yes or no" question.

inguz rune relationship quizzes

Upright, the answer is yes; reversed the answer is no. Runes that have no reverse should be considered upright. Place them on your rune cloth or table or whatever. Like the one rune method, this can be used to answer a "yes or no" question.

Place all the runes face up. If the runes are predominantly upright, the answer is yes. If the runes are mostly reversed, the answer is no. Another way to use the three rune method is to turn over one rune at a time and: Lay the runes face down, one through five as illustrated above.

Then, one at a time, turn them over and read them in the following order. Lay the runes face down in the above order. In this reading, you interpret two runes together for a combined meaning: Turn over the 1st and 2nd runes. These two combined form the issue or problem.

Kundalini or Qi ? THOR vs FREY Thurisaz Rune vs Ingwaz Rune - Difference between Qi and Kundalini

Then flip over the 3rd and 4th runes. The combinations of these two runes represent the factors of your past that have influence in your present situation. The 5th and 6th runes are the most important runes in this cast. They represent the advice the runes are giving you.

The 7th rune is the result of the situation. If you follow the advice given in the spread. There are as many variations of runecast techniques as there are runecasters. The first thing you will want to do, is choose the number of runes you'll be casting. The number nine is closely associated with rune lore, and I have found it to be a manageable size for runecasts. Odd numbers are traditional in divination, but you may use any number you wish.

In choosing the number of runes you will work with, keep in mind whether or not you will be incorporating the runes that were cast face down. Some people cast all their runes and read only the runes that fall face up, and others utilize those runes that are "hiding". I suggest that you experiment and find the technique that you are most comfortable with.

While concentrating on your issue or simply requesting guidance draw nine runes or however many you have decided on and cup them in your hands. Shake them up and drop them onto your rune cloth or whatever. Runecasting, it's true, is not as defined a method as using a spread, but that very lack of structure can be a valuable asset. You may find that the "look" of the runecast lends meaning to your interpretation. If after casting the runes, for example.

You notice that they have formed some sort of picture, let that picture speak to you and see how it applies to your reading. After noting the initial appearance of the runecast, read each individual pile of runes, then the runes that are face up, then one at a time flip over the runes that are face down if you are including them. Take all the time you need to interpret the runecast. Basically, your observations should lean towards individual rune meanings, combined meanings and the relationships the runes have with each other in terms of distance, overlapping, etc.

There are so many ways the runes can fall, I suggest you practice casting with a few pre-determined things to look for. If some of the runesappear to be in the center, for example, I usually take that to mean that those runes are the predominant issues, and runes that are away from the center may be considered outside the main issue.

Though they are in the spread and therefore have influence. Important things to look for are: How many runes are face down, unless you have chosen to exclude face down runes from your cast are there more runes hidden than showing? If so, these may be elements in your life that are at work behind the scenes.

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They may be issues that you have not been able to focus on, or they may be hidden elements at work in your life. Depending on the runes themselves and their placement in the casting.

How many runes are reversed, and how many upright? This will give you a feeling for whether the runecast is generally positive or negative. Runes that are touching or covering other runes are closely working together in some way. It is important to remember that each new combination of runes forms a new meaning, and each new cast will form new combinations. Forming a more defined plan for runecasting may be accomplished by adding special features to your rune cloth, see information under the heading RUNE CLOTH or simply figuring out something ahead of time.

There is no right or wrong way to cast the runes. Each technique is as valuable as the next.