Indo maldives relationship questions

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indo maldives relationship questions

In response to questions on the impact of the emergency on India-Maldives ties and New Delhi's concerns about the Chinese presence in the. A New Chapter in India-Maldives Relations. By Vinay Kaura. December 22, . With a change of leadership in Male, the Maldives have turned back to India. Read breaking stories and opinion articles on India Maldives Relations at Maldives say India was first stop planned for special envoy's visit, scheduling issues.

The move comes after the moderate Islamic nation approached New Delhi earlier inover fears that one of its island resorts could be taken over by terrorists given its lack of military assets and surveillance capabilities.

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Maldives has coastal radars on only two of its 26 atolls. India will help set up radars on all 26 for seamless coverage of approaching vessels and aircraft. The coastal radar chain in Maldives will be networked with the Indian coastal radar system.

indo maldives relationship questions

India has already undertaken a project to install radars along its entire coastline. The radar chains of the two countries will be interlinked and a central control room in India's Coastal Command will get a seamless radar picture.

indo maldives relationship questions

The Indian Coast Guard ICG will carry out regular Dornier sorties over the island nation to look out for suspicious movements or vessels. Military teams from Maldives will visit the tri-services Andaman Nicobar Command ANC to observe how India manages security and surveillance of the critical island chain.

indo maldives relationship questions

Ekuverin, an annual joint military exercise is held every year since between India and Maldives. The exercise aims to enhance the interoperability between the Indian Army and Maldives National Defence Force in order to effectively undertake counter-terrorism operations in urban or semi-urban environments.

indo maldives relationship questions

India and Maldives share a friendly and close relationship. During the first few decades of independence, the bilateral partnership was limited, although the two did sign a comprehensive trade agreement in The Indian armed services quickly restored order in the archipelago and the Indo- Maldivian relationship reached a new high. Not only has New Delhi remained dedicated to its assistance in the Maldives during bilateral disputes, but it has also evinced a pattern of escalating support.

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As India has increased its development cooperation with the Maldives, it has also strengthened security arrangements, demonstrating growing geostrategic ambitions in the Indian Ocean waters. These changes highlight the complexity of the bilateral relationship as New Delhi recognizes the strategic importance of the island chain while in turn the Maldives realizes its own leverage.

Early bilateral development cooperation focused on health infrastructure. InIndia agreed to establish and finance entirely a medical complex in the capital of Male.

indo maldives relationship questions

At present, the hospital provides the most sophisticated tertiary care in the Maldives. India continues to support the institution, and in NovemberIndia financed a major renovation of the hospital at a cost of InIndia established in Male the Faculty of Engineering Technology, an institute of technical education.

Disaster relief and management has been a second key part of Indian assistance to the Maldives.

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Following the tsunami that hit in DecemberIndia was the first country to provide relief. The LOC has a two percent concessional interest rate with a repayment period of 20 years, putting it in the same interest rate category as loans provided to low income countries by the International Development Association of the World Bank. Although India and the Maldives signed a trade agreement inbilateral trade is not commensurate with its potential.