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icarly cam relationship fanfiction

This page is to post fanfics from Cam Friendship and/or Cam Relationship. More Than Anything by dreamswideopen. Sam´s thoughts during the goodbye scene. Hi guys I just saw the new iCarly iStart a Fan War and I couldn't help but pulling Sam to her feet, "Because the only relationship here is Cam". get to know me meme: favourite relationship [1/?] → Carly x Sam (iCarly) I've read A LOT of iCarly fanfiction over the years, but there were two authors on mephistolessiveur.info Second, the other big name I fondly remember from my days shipping Cam.

While Miranda Cosgrove Carly Shay has never tweeted about it, before the premiere of iGoodbye, Jennette McCurdy Sam Puckett has tweeted about Cam once, confirming that she knows about the ship's existence. Despite that, it is shipped by numerous fans.

All Ship Warring or fighting will be punished severely by the administrators! Sam and Carly normally appear together after an episode of iCarly to promote iCarly.

They rarely ever do appear with someone else. In most episodes, they share glances with one another, whether happy, sad, or fearful. Sam and Carly show similar expressions or reactions in several situations on the show, showing they have girlfriend parallelism.

Whenever she isn't hanging around Carly, Sam is willing to help Spencer and enjoys spending time with her best friend's brother. Carly supports Sam because of her mother's poor parenting skills. Neither Sam's nor Carly's relationships with other people last longer than one episode except when Sam dated Freddieyet their friendship remains intact and seems to get stronger because of those failed relationships ex: PeteJonahShaneetc Some of the relationships they have can be interpreted as "substitutes" for the other e.

Griffin is "bad" like Sam, Carly stops liking him when he's no longer "bad". Sam and Carly have similar taste in boys. Carly and Sam sometimes yell at each other affectionately. Usually Sam and Carly will be mentioned together when someone is talking about the show, with the running gag being that Freddie is never included. Sam and Carly like to classify people as "nubs", while Freddie averts this term, possibly because at times the derogatory remark is directed at him.

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Both Carly and Sam say the phrase "Shoosh yeah! Also used by Spencer. Usually on the iCarly webcast, Carly and Sam finish each other's sentences. When something really bad happens to Carly, Sam is never very happy about it.

icarly cam relationship fanfiction

This can also happen to Carly sometimes, when something bad happens to Sam. When Carly and Sam get their picture taken together, they usually put an arm around each other's waist or shoulders.

Carly and Sam usually go to each other for comfort when they're about to cry ex: Sam and Carly have seemingly distinct mannerisms when they fight, like slamming their lockers, along with their major arguments involving only each other in the room, and ignoring anyone else in their vicinity. The farm girl is supposed to be flirting with the cowboy, making it seem like Carly is flirting with Sam. Dan has stated before that the violent Sam would never do anything violent to Carly.

In mostly seasons 3 and 4, Carly doesn't get as mad at Sam's bad habits as she used to get. In every incidence that Sam has cried, which is only three times, the reasons for her crying had mainly something to do with Carly. In iDon't Want to FightSam cries over almost losing her friendship with Carly over a stupid fight, and Sam cries only near Carly in iOwe You because she hates working, but she wants to pay Carly back and keep her promise.

Carly and Sam both are brought to tears in iQuit iCarly after their biggest fight nearly cost them their lives.

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This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Sam immensely cares about Carly, the same could be said for Carly. Sam seems to be able to tell that Carly's crushes aren't serious, but never directly mentions this to her. Most times, she will openly support Carly, despite her personal feelings on the matter.

Neither Sam nor Carly in the series were able to keep a boyfriend for a long period of time, further suggesting their similar tendencies in relationships, and possibly the notion that they intentionally had relationships that were bound to fail to avoid addressing the issue of each other. Freddie's Role in Cam Freddie is often a buffer between Carly and Sam, and a mediator in their quarrels. Many actions he takes with one of them often affect the other girl. During shots, when either Carly or Sam makes an important decision or speaks in normal dialogue, the camera will pan from the two before panning to Freddie.

Sam finds Freddie's crush on Carly to be annoying, and Carly seems to be amused by it.

Cam Fanfiction

On several occasions, it's shown that Freddie and Sam CAN get along with each other if Carly is not around to monitor them. This begs to ask the question whether they fight over Carly, or more specifically, if Sam bothers Freddie to impress Carly or show his flaws to get her attention off of him, and onto her.

icarly cam relationship fanfiction

Both Carly and Sam pursued a relationship with Freddie, in which both can be linked to breaking up the other's relationship. Sam explained to Freddie how Carly wasn't in love with him, but in fact his actions and saving her life.

In a speech to Spencer and his former babysitter, Carly remarks that their relationship is weird and wrong, provoking a reaction in Sam and Freddie. In both instances, Freddie, Carly and Sam decided it best to be friends, and break off the relationship.

Carly and Sam will always share a common link in Freddie, and on several occasions have fought with each other, and intentionally put Freddie in the middle to prove a point to the other. Although Carly is a terrible liar, her very first scene with Sam has to do with her lying to protect Sam from getting suspended.

Carly goes so far as to "punish" Sam by making her also be part of the auditions after Carly is forced to miss the Cuddlefish concert. Sam accepts the punishment fairly easily, without putting up any fight. Sam sings for Carly after her room burned down. One of the best things my mom has ever done for me and trust me there isn't a lot on that list was actually not something she planned. She was the reason me and Carly became best friends. Carly gets sick, Sam takes care of her.

You are a dead beat dad! However, she can't push away her feelings for a certain brown-eyed tech-boy any longer. Setting is months after the arc. This is set during the episode "iChristmas" Sam Puckett lives two lives, one in juvenile detention and the other is the life she never knew she once had… till she re-met her best friend Carly Shay. Cam Friendship or One-Sided Cam. I'm starting A series of Cam One Shots. This one is a double feature to celebrate the beginning of this idea.

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Carly finds Sam in the mental hospital and things don't go as planned 2. Carly gets sick and she finds herself freezing at night alone. Third CAM one shot I've written. Carly is having trouble sleeping lately and she doesn't know why. Then a certain dream sparks a moment Carly will never forget. You know the chiz. Carly admits she is gay and has a girlfriend, and Sam starts acting weird. Sam keeping a secret drives Carly insane.

Spencer's been noticing some things Carly is NOT jealous because of the first Seddie kiss Rated T iLove You, Idiot by shawn-n-belle. And you can't let her go.

icarly cam relationship fanfiction

No matter if that means you die with her because without her, you are nothing. Rated T iSpray by AnNtidote. Rated T Doubts by demondreaming. But she's pretty sure Carly doesn't feel the same way. Rated T iRealize by coffee. Everyone else realizes the relationship between Carly and Sam, so why can't they figure it out themselves?