Guru devotee relationship

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guru devotee relationship

The guru is therefore not an ordinary teacher, but a preceptor-messenger celestial who guides the devotee through wisdom and reason, and the discipline of. All religions are historical forms of the Single and Ancient Way of Distracted love for the Divine Person, especially as Revealed in the Life and in the Company. On November 25, , a devotee of Adi Da Samraj asks Him: “Is there any way to know what is the relationship of ancient Realizers to the traditions that.

Adi Da is here without prior karmas, or limitations to be surrendered through the traditional Yoga.

guru devotee relationship

My background prior to becoming a devotee of Adi Da was Buddhist. And I had also been drawn to monasticism, or to the core of practitioners in the Zen tradition who had taken up a renunciate life. When I first became a student of Adi Da in my mid-twenties, I was conscious of the apparent similarities between Zen Buddhism and Adidam.

Face To Face; Confronting The Guru - Disciple Relationship

In the Zen community, we meditated, we lived cooperatively, we related to our teacher as a direct source of Spiritual power, and we evolved in practice as a result of the force of that relationship. The transition from Zen Buddhism to Adidam was fairly easy for me. I felt that I was simply stepping from one temple into a larger and more spacious one.

guru devotee relationship

I hold the Zen tradition and my former teacher in the highest esteem, because they are authentic-and that is rare in itself.

And this vision has been validated to me-not through reading or cultural appropriation, but through the sheer immensity of His Spiritual Power and the innumerable ways in which He has Instructed me, personally and directly, over the years. This recognition of Adi Da is what every one of His devotees can confess. But when you begin living in direct relationship to Him and embracing His Instruction, your eyes will be opened to the magnitude of His Revelation.

Adi Da's Greatest Gift, however, will always remain the direct devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him - the relationship that straightens, purifies, and sublimes the being. If your impulse is to that relationship, you will be richly rewarded.

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But such cultic movements are created by and designed for the instruction and social improvement of ordinary people, not men and women of the more highly evolved or awakened type. Therefore, alongside the development of exoteric religions there have always been secret societies and esoteric groups founded on practice of higher personal, moral, and biologically evolutionary disciplines. The common understanding of Spiritual Masters has now further degenerated even to the point where religious historians reviewing the accounts of Spiritual Masters such as Jesus or Gautama the Buddha provide explanations for why so many were drawn to these Masters in their lifetime along the same lines as followers of contemporary politicians or celebrities: Ah, the danger of projecting the God-less viewpoint of our own time into the past to revise history!

It may be hoped that, in this age of global intercommunication, and communication that is detailed and precise, rather than made solely of parables that do not satisfy our contemporary measures of credibility, we can actually be rightly informed about and make real and extensive use of such great and rare Spiritual opportunities. But in fact, what made disciples or devotees was the Force and Revelation of the Divine pouring, non-stop, out of these great, human, Spiritual Transmitters.

Adi Da's Wisdom on the Guru-devotee relationship

The Revelation of the Divine is supremely attractive. Just so, in the Hindu tradition, the gopis who were female tenders of cattle simply left their cattle and followed Krishna when Krishna appeared and played His flute.

guru devotee relationship

To bring this into contemporary experience and language, here is an account from a devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj: He will not let him out of his grasp until he can stand on his own two feet.

This catching and saving of the murid takes place through the light of the pir.

guru devotee relationship

He is nothing in himself. He shows the way to God.

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In short, love your Guru wholeheartedly, surrender to Him completely and prostrate yourselves before Him reverentially, and then you will see that there is no sea of the mundane existence before you to cross, as there I no darkness before the sun.

Be ever firmly resting in Him and in Him alone.

Guru-Devotee Relationship

Trust in the Guru fully. That is the only Sadhana. I gave them to him.

guru devotee relationship