Fundamental values in a relationship

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fundamental values in a relationship

While sharing interests might enhance your relationship, what really makes a happy in a relationship with someone whose core values conflict with their own. Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important because we think loving someone is the sole reason to be in a relationship, but it's not. Here are the values I. Filed Under: Values & Compatibility Tagged With: chemistry, common interests in relationships, core values, relationship insanity.

So my brain is wired to experience pain or anxiety around touching. You feel the feeling but you do the right thing.

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Following your feelings is bad advice much of the time, because your feelings are rooted in history. You can feel the feeling, but make a conscious choice. Because if I would follow my feelings, I would never have enjoyed the pleasure of affection, you know, of touching, of appropriate touching. Now, let me show you how this manifests, because I think this is extremely important for those of us who have lived with, you know, neglect or abuse or whatever in our history and then want to be in a primary love relationship.

fundamental values in a relationship

When you long for something and it becomes a source of pain, when it finally shows up in your life, the longing ends, but the grief begins. And so getting what you want can feel very uncomfortable.

So you have to manage that anxiety, manage those feelings and stay in relationship. Feel the feelings, stay in relationship. In my history, someone who ignored me felt like love. You know, when you get something, then you can lose it. And you have that fear. But remember, your strongest feelings, if you let them, should lead you back to your core values, which would be to love again. To savor the moment. To be present in the moment. Compromise Relationships are all about give and take.

fundamental values in a relationship

If one partner only takes and never gives, something is bound to break. Healthy relationships need compromise in order to work and to establish happiness between both partners.

5 Shared Values Your Relationship Needs to Flourish

Safety If you don't feel safe with your significant other then you are not in the right relationship. Nothing is more important than your own safety and security. Love makes it hard, but it is not worth it if you are being abused in any way. Independence Some couples eat, sleep, breathe and live together - and that is okay! Even if you two have similar hobbies or genuinely enjoy spending as much time as possible with one another, you should never put aside your own identity for anyone.

Partnership Along with having individual space, you both also need to be a strong as a couple. The role of religion in your lives There may be nothing that has a stronger hold on us than our beliefs. For some people, their religious beliefs or lack thereof are an integral part of who they are.

It influences how they live. It can weigh on you when your partner believes in something different. You both may ignore it for a while, but there needs to be some resolution for there to be a future together.

The conversation starts by each of you communicating why your current beliefs are important to you. With that understanding, you can then talk about your needs and expectations.

Can you accept the other person not adopting your beliefs as long as they accept yours? Can you promise not to secretly resent your partner?

Staying True to Your Core Values in a Relationship - PsychAlive

Could you live happily with someone if they say they could never become a believer? Would you occasionally join your partner at church to support them? These are the questions you need to answer together.

Because the relationship can only work with one of two outcomes: Or one person shift theirs beliefs enough because they authentically want to to satisfy the other.

fundamental values in a relationship

The importance of family approval Family is everything to a lot of people, myself included. We cherish their love and value their opinions. That complicates things because you want to satisfy and appease your family, but also follow your heart. But other times, family may not approve of someone due to race, intellectcareer, or even gender.

Sometimes they think they can, but when the reality sets in that their parents might not financially support them, want to ever see them together, or even threaten to disown them — they give in. You both need to sit down and discuss the real consequences that may occur if you stay together.

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If you decide to see this relationship through, then the person struggling with their family has to clearly communicate that decision to them. Family should want their children to be happy and live their own lives. The expectations for your sex life Intimacy is a core human need. Everyone has a different level of desire and threshold for how long they can hold out. On average, research shows that people who want sex in a relationship, need it at least once a week.

Some people, though, wait on those needs for long periods of time based on religious and cultural values. And other people unfortunately struggle to be more intimate due to trauma or sexual shame.

Sex drive incompatibility can be a controversial subject to talk about, especially early in a relationship. Ask them why they feel this way. Share how important intimacy is to you. Find out how you can make them feel comfortable and desired. And coercing someone into betraying their values never ends well.

10 Things That Hold More Importance In A Relationship Than Love

If your partner is dealing with general shame, trauma, or anxiety — open communication, reassurance, patience, and time can help build your sexual bond. Maybe they have other sexual needs or kinks that feels fulfilling. Maybe you stopped trying as hard both in the relationship and in bed. You stopped creating some variety or giving the proper time for foreplay.