Figure ground relationship photoshop

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figure ground relationship photoshop

This week we are going to look at how designers work with shape and color as Photoshop and InDesign will help you, especially if you want to complete the. One way to think about the relationship between figure and ground is the use of “ positive” and Vector Tuts are pretty reliable people for Photoshop tutorials. Figure to ground is the visual relationship between objects and the space they occupy. We live in a 3D world, Pull a picture into Photoshop. Select Filter > Box .

Setting aside whether you like their work or not, the way to use art to your advantage is to master the tools of successful artists, and apply them with your own unique touch. Lay a piece of tracing paper over the page and be sure to cover the whole picture. Can you still see the subject? If yes, there is good figure to ground. If the subject seems to disappear into the background then no, the figure to ground is weak.

Figure and Ground | 2D Design

The Museum If you wear glasses, this will be even easier. Go to a museum and find a painting. Now squint at the painting until it is all blurry, or simply remove your glasses. Can you still make out the major shapes in the painting. Light figure on a dark ground. The Computer If you prefer to use technology, here is a technique you can do in Shotoshop. Pull a picture into Photoshop. You will end up with a blurry version of the picture. Can you still make out the major shapes in the painting?

Your Photography Try any of the techniques above with your own photographs. If there is not strong figure to ground in your picture, play closer attention to the backgrounds when you shoot.

figure ground relationship photoshop

Camouflage What if you never learn figure to ground, what will happen? Will it be impossible for you to ever make a good picture?

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No, of course not. But when you understand why some pictures work better than others, and what tools to use at the right time, you will enjoy photography much more. When you have a toolbox full of resources, it becomes easier to create consistently powerful pictures. If you would like to know what the opposite of figure to ground is, look no further than camouflage.

figure ground relationship photoshop

Camouflage is designed to obscure objects in space. It is the direct opposite of figure to ground. If the goal is to blend in, then use camouflage — if the goal is to pop out, use figure to ground. It is your choice. It might be your break from everyday life, the pressures of work, or the hidden talent you want to explore. Whatever role photography plays for you, the idea to take away is that photography is not a rule book.

You can use a tool the way it was intended and achieve amazing things, or you can spend your life using a chisel as a fork and wonder why eating is so painful. Think of your photography like a toolbox; it might have a hammer, a chisel, a screwdriver and a wrench. You might use more than one tool at a time, and all tools will not be used for every job. Your role as the photographer is to know how to use each tool at the appropriate time to reach the desired effect.

Escher is another artist who was interested in the relationship between figure and ground. His work was created in a very systematic way.

The Principle of Figure-Ground

Simple Trick for Tesselations in Photoshop This is a surprisingly easy way to create a tesselation. Vector Tuts are pretty reliable people for Photoshop tutorials.

Positive and Negative Space A very simple visual explanation of positive and negative space at work. Kristin Atchison talks about a very technical understanding of figure and ground and its relationship to human perception.

Her slides are very helpful. Negative Space in Photography You can use the concepts of negative space in photographs to make them work for you artistically as well.

How to Use Figure to Ground Art Theory in Photography

How to Remove Backgrounds Try watching this video, pausing it, trying a few of the steps, and then playing a few more steps, then doing it yourself, then repeating the process, etc. Tracing a Drawing This video will show you how to trace a drawing in Illustrator to create a vector based drawing.

This video is best for those of you who want to learn to use Illustrator and those of you thinking about going into illustration and game design. Saving and Exporting in Adobe CC Knowing how to save and export files is pretty important and can be confusing. This video will help clear some of it up. Put this explanation in the notes field of each pin.

The original artist must be identified. If you want to use Photoshop to complete this assignment, then open the image in Photoshop and remove either the figure or ground completely.