Facebook notes about your relationship

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facebook notes about your relationship

Facebook relationships — you either hate them or you love them, and if you love them, then this post is most definitely for you. Does anyone. If you tell Facebook you're in a relationship, but don't say with whom, then you might think you've got some privacy. But think again: A newly. One week is way too soon to add the "in a relationship with" phrase that person from uploading photos or writing elaborate notes about their.

How Facebook can ruin your relationship

Family time has been sacrificed for its lures, and instead of meaningful one-on-one conversations, time is occupied with reading comments on the various posts. In this, the final on the two-part series with Family and Religion, Pastor Joan Gumbs of How Ya Livin' Now said that if couples are not careful, social media, and in particular, Facebook, can place a wedge between them.

facebook notes about your relationship

Then you complain that there are no good men or women around when you find yourself alone," she noted. She said that it is a no-no to share personal details about your relationship on Facebook.

What Too Many Mushy Facebook Posts Really Mean About a Relationship

That, Gumbs said, is the fastest way for a break-up. If he is sloppy, whatever the fault might be, she says that there is a time and a less open space for resolving the issue, and it is definitely not by inviting the world into your private affairs. Gumbs said that another habit that can drive a wedge in the relationship is hooking up with exes on Facebook.

Hooking up with exes can lead to so many things To keep the peace in the relationship, some partners remain off their significant other's pages, but then others get suspicious and upset if they send a friend request and it is not accepted.

Gumbs said that in this scenario, it has to be a mutual agreement. Break-ups are hard, and no one wants to go through any.

facebook notes about your relationship

When my SO and his ex girlfriend ended their two-year relationship, they kept pretty quiet about it. They still spent time together and went places with friends, and yes,they hid their relationship status on facebook. They wanted to stay friends and not cause a big uproar about their relationship ending.

facebook notes about your relationship

They still got along and had common interests, they just were not romantically compatible and trying to force it was making them miserable, so they stopped.

But because they kept it low-key, A LOT of their friends did not know they had split.

facebook notes about your relationship

About 7 months later, when he and I had been dating for about a month, we decided to change our facebook statuses at the same time. We did not expect what happened next. Countless friends of his ex crawled out of the woodwork to bash him, thinking that he had spontaneously dumped her or was cheating.

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They publicly posted obscene, insulting comments and even sent him threatening messages in private. It took the ex a few days to catch up with the situation and call off the hounds, but that amount of time was enough for my SO to lose pretty much every person who had been a mutual friend of theirs.

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Not to mention the whole thing made him feel terrible for having left her, even though he knew it was right thing to have done.

They guilt-tripped him so badly it took him months to get over it. And these were all adults, mind you. I'm not talking about awkward teenagers, here.