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Employee-Employer Relationship

Hello everyone, To respond for an RFE for Employer-Employee relationship and Right to control (EVC model), is the SoW/PO between the. FAQ's and Answers: Neufeld Memo on the Employer-Employee relationship. Sample Request for Evidence (RFE) Response for In-House Employment 3rd. There are a wide variety of legal documents that can be used to satisfy the H1B RFE employer-employee relationship. These documents.

The specific positions are not outlined in the contract between the petitioner and the third-party company but are staffed on an as-needed basis. The beneficiary is a computer analyst.

Once placed at the client company, the beneficiary reports to a manager who works for the third-party company. The beneficiary does not report to the petitioner for work assignments, and all work assignments are determined by the third-party company.

The petitioner does not control how the beneficiary will complete daily tasks, and no propriety information of the petitioner is used by the beneficiary to complete any work assignments. The beneficiary's end-product, the payroll, is not in any way related to the petitioner's line of business, which is computer consulting. The beneficiary's progress reviews are completed by the client' company, not the petitioner.

The petitioner must also be responsible for the overall direction of the beneficiary's work.


Lastly, the H1B Employer should be able to establish that the above elements will continue to exist throughout the duration of the requested H1B validity period. The petitioner can demonstrate an employer-employee relationship by providing a combination of the following or similar types of evidence: A complete itinerary of services or engagements that specifies the dates of each service or engagement, the names and addresses of the actual employers, and the names and addresses of the establishment, venues, or locations where the services will be performed for the period of time requested; 2.

Copy of signed Employment Agreement between the petitioner and beneficiary detailing the terms and conditions of employment; 3. Copy of an employment offer letter that clearly describes the nature of the employer employee relationship and the services to be performed by the beneficiary; 4.

Copy of relevant portions of valid contracts between the petitioner and a client in which the petitioner has entered into a business agreement for which the petitioner's employees will be utilized that establishes that while the petitioner's employees are placed at the third-party worksite, the petitioner will continue to have the right to control its employees; 5.

Copies of signed contractual agreements, statements of work, work orders, service agreements, and letters between the petitioner and the authorized officials of the ultimate end-client companies where the work will actually be performed by the beneficiary, which provide information such as a detailed description of the duties the beneficiary will perform, the qualifications that are required to perform the job duties, salary or wages paid, hours worked, benefits, a brief description of who will supervise the beneficiary and their duties, and any other related evidence; 6.

Copy of position description or any other documentation that describes the skills required to perform the job offered, the source of the instrumentalities and tools needed to perform the job, the product to be developed or the service to be provided, the location where the beneficiary will perform the duties, the duration of the relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary, whether the petitioner has the right to assign additional duties, the extent of petitioner's discretion over when and how long the beneficiary will work, the method of payment, the petitioner's role in paying and hiring assistants to be utilized by the beneficiary, whether the work to be performed is part of the regular business of the petitioner, the provision of employee benefits, and the tax treatment of the beneficiary in relation to the petitioner; 7.

Copy of petitioner's organizational chart, demonstrating beneficiary's supervisory chain. The H1B Employer can do so by providing evidence that it continues to have the right to control the work of the employee, as described above. The H1B Employer may also include a combination of the following or similar evidence to document that it maintained a valid employer-employee relationship with the employee throughout the initial H1B visa status approval period: Copies of the beneficiary's pay records leave and earnings statements, and pay stubs, etc.

Copy of Time Sheets during the period of previously approved H1B status; 4. Copy of prior years' work schedules; 5. Documentary examples of work product created or produced by the beneficiary for the past H1B validity period, i. The materials must clearly substantiate the author and date created; 6. Copy of any employment history records, including but not limited to, documentation showing date of hire, dates of job changes, i. If USCIS determines, while adjudicating the extension petition, that the petitioner failed to maintain a valid H1B employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary throughout the initial approval period, or violated any other terms of its prior H1B petition, the extension petition may be denied.

Does this memorandum change any of the requirements to establish eligibility for an H1B petition? This memorandum does not change any of the requirements for an H1B petition. The H1B regulations currently require that a United States employer establish that it has an employer-employee relations with respect to the beneficiary, as indicated by the fact that it may hire, pay, fire, supervise or otherwise control the work of any such employee.

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In addition to demonstrating that a valid employer-employee relationship will exist between the petitioner and the beneficiary, the petitioner must continue to comply with all of the requirements for an H1B petition including: As stated in the memorandum, USCIS will evaluate whether the petitioner has the "right to control" the beneficiary's employment, such as when, where and how the beneficiary performs the job. Please see the memorandum in the links in the upper right hand of this page for a list of factors that USCIS will review when determining whether the petitioner has the right to control the beneficiary.

Please note that no one factor is decisive and adjudicators will review the totality of the circumstances when making a determination as to whether the employer-employee relationship exists. What types of evidence can I provide to demonstrate that I have a valid employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary? You may demonstrate that you have a valid employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary by submitting the types of evidence outlined in the memorandum or similar probative types of evidence.

What if I cannot submit the evidence listed in the memorandum? The documents listed in the memorandum are only examples of evidence that establish the petitioner's right to control the beneficiary's employment. Unless a document is required by the regulations, i. You may submit a combination of any documents that sufficiently establish that the required relationship between you and the beneficiary exists. You should explain how the documents you are providing establish the relationship.

Adjudicators will review and weigh all the evidence submitted to determine whether a qualifying employer-employee relationship has been established.

If the type of evidence requested in the RFE is not a document that is required by regulations, you may submit other similar probative evidence that addresses the issue s raised in the RFE. You should explain how the documents you are providing address the deficiency ies raised in the RFE. Adjudicators will review and weigh all evidence based on the totality of the circumstances.

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Please note that you cannot submit similar evidence in place of documents required by regulation. Will my petition be denied if I cannot establish that the qualifying employer-employee relationship will exist? If you do not initially provide sufficient evidence of an employer-employee relationship for the duration of the requested validity period, you may be given an opportunity to correct the deficiency in response to a request for evidence RFE.

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Your petition will be denied if you do not provide sufficiently probative evidence that the qualifying employer-employee relationship will exist for any time period.

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