Dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

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dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

Welcome to Dynasty Warriors 8, the latest flagship title in the Dynasty Warriors series! View the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Wu story. .. same place to discuss your relationship deepening into something more. For Dynasty Warriors 8 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "just got wu's hypothetical ending [spoilers]". Dynasty Warriors 8 is a hack and slash video game and the eighth official installment of the In order to unlock the hypothetical path, players must complete all of the optional the Battle of Xiapi and utilizing him in the Battle of Guandu, while a Shu scenario . This triangular relationship is similar to Rock- paper-scissors.

However, Wan Castle happens and before he dies, he gives his life to save Cao Cao, regretting in the process he wasn't able to keep his promise and in 7, this is basically unavoidable. But in 8, if you do things right and get the Hypothetical Route, what do you see in Wei's ending?

Also in the hypothetical ending, we see the resident Rich Bitch Zhenji approach Cai Wenji and approvingly nod before playing a song together The two's music is enough to make Wang Yi finally smile for real instead of her usual brooding about 'how do I kill Ma Chao'.

Zhang Bao (Shu)

Though it kind of help that Ma Chao is dead, it may also show that maybe thanks to Zhenji and Cai Wenji, Wang Yi wouldn't collapse after fulfilling her vengeance, she finally can find another purpose in life aside of revenge.

Cao Cao taking the remnant of the Yellow Turbans from Qing Province, men who are starving with no food and only fight so they could live to see another day, as his own troops and giving them fields and land to farm is another great heartwarming moment, as this shows his nicer side, contrasting the fact that he's often labeled the villain of the Series and the ultimate example of Classic Villain in China.

The latter will show his uneasy feeling because some of his allies in Shu are doubtful about his loyalty to Liu Bei. Pang Tong, however, comfort and encourage him and basically said he has faith on Wei Yan.

A couple of camp dialogues in both Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 are very heartwarming, as some soldiers will try to help their superiors in accepting hard losses, while others may tell stories of their personal lives or their devotion to their lord. In Shu's story mode in 8, if one goes through the camp dialogue, there will always be a peon who always starts with "Hey, it's me! Throughout Shu's story, he states tells his superiors about how he's been following Liu Bei ever since he saved the peon's family.

As the story progresses, he tells his superiors about how he's trying to man up to propose to the one he loves, and how he's going to expect his first child.

However, his statement regarding his child is made during the camp of Fan Castle. If the historical scenario is followed, then the peon's son will appear at the next camp, stating that his father died at Fan Castle. From that point on, he takes on his father's role as the "Hey it's me" guy, and he often notes how he wants to make his late father proud.

If the hypothetical scenario is chosen, the peon survives, and he states that his son has also joined the army, and he wishes to keep on fighting to be the father his son deserves, while the son has similar thoughts. At the end of the story, we finally see that the peon who just started out as a private finally received a promotion as a captain.

Swearing an oath in Empires with another character into being siblings is this. Even taking those who have been enemies such as Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi and have them swear and vowing to end the chaos now considering the other as family. Dynasty Warriors 9 brought back the individual-based stories where all the 90 characters have different endings. While some have bittersweet to sad endings, there are some that have some heartwarming moments: Zhang Liao shows her Lu Bu's iconic halberd which is his last memento.

Lingqi tests it despite how heavy it is which impresses Zhang Liao. When he asks her what she's going to do in the future, Lingqi understands that her father doesn't want her to fight but she also believes that he doesn't want her to turn away from her desired path.

dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

In the end, she decides to continue fighting which Zhang Liao respects. This is also one of the rare moments where Zhang Liao and Lu Lingqi interact each other in a master-apprentice relationship.

Diaochan's ending has Lu Bu respecting her wishes not to join him and telling her to live on as herself and not as poison or her father's pawn.

Lu Bu isn't even mad at her for her decision to leave and accepts it because like him, she's being used by other people. In Zhenji's ending, she plays her flute while her husband Cao Pi listens. When she noticed that it's getting cold, she goes to Cao Pi but notices that he's not moving, causing her to panic.

Cao Pi holds her and tells her not to worry because he is thinking how thankful he is to have her on his side after all the work and stress he experienced as Wei emperor. Then, the two embrace each other which shows how much they love each other regardless of what happened to their relationship in history.

Wang Yuanji's ending has her looking for Sima Zhao who is resting in her bedroom. When Zhao confides to her that he now has a lot of responsibilities to do as the Regent of Wei, Yuanji reassures to her that regardless of his rank, he is still himself.

dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

Then, she tells him in a Tsundere way that she would always watch over him. Zhao thanks her and lays his head on her lap which Yuanji doesn't mind. Sun Shangxiang's ending is her wedding with Liu Bei.

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Then on their wedding night, they hold hands as they watch the moonlight. In Cai Wenji's ending, she plays her harp as Zhenji and Xin Xianying come in and appreciate her music but they notice that there's some sadness in it. Wenji tells them that she thought that the chaos brought a lot of grief in the land but she realizes that there's hope and vows to pass her music to the next generation. Later, she and Zhenji play their instruments together as Xianying watches on.

Xingcai's ending is bittersweet in a sense that despite the defeat of Shu where she and her fellow officers are unable to fulfill what her father and his sworn brothers had been fighting for and being exiled to Luoyang with Liu Shan, she is given Liu Shan's permission to roam around the countryside, where she notices that the people are now at peace which shows that at least his surrender wasn't put into waste.

In Liu Bei's ending, he reminisces the time he and his sworn brothers are drinking and laughing together under the peach garden. Everything fades in his eyes and then, he sees his son Liu Shan and the children of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei together with Zhuge Liang under the same peach garden. It is there where he realizes that he and his brothers' legacy now rest on their children and decides to share that legacy with them.

In a flashback, it turns out that the surrender is actually was actually of his suggestion to lure Guan Yu out of the open and keep his men safe in case something happened.

Cao Cao was aware of this but was concerned that it would ruin his reputation.

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However, the Great Wei general could care less about it and requests his lord to keep it a secret in order for the plan to succeed. At the present, he visits Cao Cao's grave and Cao Pi comes along, wondering why the traitor like him came before his father's grave. The land is united under Sun Ce, but Zhou Yu perceives that his friend does not want to spend his time ruling it. Wanting to find more adventure, Sun Ce passes his mantle of leadership to Sun Quan and Zhou Yu leaves together with his friend.

After he defeats Yan Baihu and secures the southern garrisons, he leaves the command of the battle to Sun Ce. Later he assists the campaign against Yuan Shu in Shouchun. Present at Xuchang, Zhou Yu is one of the officers worried about the whereabouts of the missing Sun Ce. Zhou Yu is beside a dying Sun Ce's side when they take the capital.

He is entrusted to continue guiding Sun Quan. Like many titles in the series, he plans the fire attack and is skeptic of Zhuge Liang's true intentions at Chibi.

Luring the enemy's vanguard by pretending to be injured, he causes the elimination of several enemy troops. His coordination of the fire attack leads to a grand success, but they are prevented from pursuing Cao Cao due to Zhuge Liang's intervention. Though embittered by the strategist's decision, Zhou Yu commands the armies to instead keep pressing on-wards to invade the north.

dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

This time, however, Zhou Yu's injury is genuine and he is bedridden after their victory. After complementing his young lord, Zhou Yu quietly passes away. In Sun Quan's dream for Wu's ending, Zhou Yu appears as one of the belated individuals who praise him.

He shares his first Legendary Battle with Sun Ce. The two young friends try to impress the Two Qiaos with battling many other Wu generals. When Zhou Yu reaches Xiao Qiao, he remarks the beauty of the young girl.

She is also impressed by the strategist, but she wants to fight him to make sure his reputation isn't superficial. After her defeat, she asks Zhou Yu to marry her. He also serves as a mentor for Sun Quan, occasionally advising the inexperienced leader not to endanger himself or give in to emotions. Following Wu's victory at Chibi, he wishes to capitalize on their momentum by taking Nanjun from Wei. The seventh chapter has him repeat his feigned withdrawal to lure in Cao Ren only for Zhuge Liang to reap the fruits of his efforts.

In Wu's final scenario, however, he becomes aware of his rival's intentions and personally leads his men to isolate him.

Regardless of which version the player chooses, Zhou Yu survives past his historical death. He also employs an ambush attack to counter the Shu strategist's tactics at Chengdu.

With Wei as their final opponent, he has Lu Xun deal with them to observe the youth's own development as a worthy tactician. He also survives the aftermath of Nanjun, enabling him to participate in the campaign at Hefei and help lead Wu to victory.

He also appears in Wei's hypothetical story at Jianyedefending Wu's capital from being overrun by Cao Cao's forces.

Though Zhou Yu attempts to impede their advance by activating a spike trap, Zhang Liao and the others are able to thwart his efforts. Zhou Yu has a larger role in the expansion as he is playable in three of Wu's Xtreme Legend stages.

His personal contribution to the battle is anticipating Guo Jia 's attempt to launch a sneak attack. While the main force attacks from the center, Zhou Yu leads his own force through the town in the east.

Zhou Yu's strategy against Lu Su is to receive Xiaoqiao's aid in the fight. He later ends up impeding the ruler as he, his new spouse and Zhao Yun attempt to escape Jianye. In the hypothetical route, he has Han Dang stay hidden in order to have a pincer attack, but Chen Gong sees through the attempt, and Lu Bu's forces secretly defeat Han Dang and assist the unit Zhou Yu attacks.

He later joins the final battle at Chang'an where he orders the ambush at the waterways and joins his friend in their attempt to avenge their comrades when Lu Bu's forces still breakthrough.

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Like most officers, he is slain. Warriors Orochi Edit During Orochi's storyhe coordinates his kingdom's resistance against the serpent army lead by Zhuge Liang. He tries to lure the enemy into the center of the field where Gan Ning and Zhang Liao wait in ambush. With a large number of generals, he aims to take Orochi 's main camp.

dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

His tactics are countered when engineers destroy the bridge and he is eventually defeated. He remains imprisoned until Sun Ce proves his loyalty to the serpent king in Warriors Orochi and resumes his role as Wu's main strategist. He also appears outside of the Wu story, first needing assistance at Hulao Gate in Shu's story and arrives to assist Nobunaga as a third-party reinforcement in the Samurai final battle at Koshi Castle.

In the sequelhe accompanies his wife to Kanegasaki and stage a plot to lure Dong Zhuo away from his hiding place. He will run to his lover's aid if she experiences trouble, even though she has Okuni guarding her. He reports the other factions' activities to Sun Jian after the battle, but his news doesn't convince his lord to march into war.

He then faces Cao Pi at Nanzhongand with the help of the Nanman people, his tactics and fire attacks overcome Cao Pi's superior numbers, to which he realises that the intent of the attack was not hostile, but rather one to check if Wu had the military might to resist Orochi, and why Sun Jian does not assist in the fight against the remnants of the demons.

Zhou Yu shares his dream mode with two other master strategists, Zhuge Liang and Shingen. Zhou Yu's role in the battle mainly has him call upon hidden reinforcements lead by Gan Ning and commands a fire attack with Zhu Rancatching Sima Yi in a pincer. When the coalition from the future speaks to Sun Jian and Ujiyasu that a hellish future must be averted by helping Da Ji, Zhou Yu is sent as part of the Wu forces to aid Hanbei at Changban.

Later the strategist helps Ujiyasu regain his subordinate 's trust at Shouchun. He is also featured in the hypothetical scenario of Changban where he the stage plays from the perspective of the reinforcements. He starts as the army's strategist and often advises his friends on how to proceed. When Liu Bei flees to Wu's ruler for safety, he states that it is fine to keep the general within their care since they can keep an eye on him.

If Sun Ce should die during the player's scenario, he will call for Zhou Yu but the strategist is not present for his friend's final moments.

dynasty warriors 8 wu hypothetical ending a relationship

During one of Wei's scenarios, at Chi Bi, Zhou Yu sets fire, but notices dummy soldiers on the Wei ships and one burning ship sails forward.

Zhou Yu sees to his horror it is a critically ill Guo Jia. As Guo Jia dies with a smile on his fast moving ship, Zhou Yu attempts to order a retreat, but it is too late, and the boat collides, killing everyone on board. Instead of commanding the two armies, he acts as one of the main generals who bides time for Zhuge Liang 's fire attack.

In Wei's story, he stands by his liege's decision to attack Cao Cao before they are invaded. Before he fights any foe, he plays a short melody on his flute.