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He was cited, said Sebring Police Cmdr. Based on landmarks and Google Maps, Helms was approaching from the north approximately feet from the intersection, alongside La Hacienda market, when the accident occurred.

In the center of the video, a yellow light can be seen blinking over the intersection. The video also shows a green light over the intersection as a white SUV appears from the left. The video also shows another witness, a motorcycle rider who had been behind the Chrysler, beyond the intersection circling back through a parking lot.

Davidson of Zolfo Springs, ran the light. The Saturn hit the right quarter panel of the Chrysler, reports said. She told police, when her light went green, she started across the intersection and was hit. Police said Davidson complained at the scene of abdominal and rib pain while her passenger, year-old Dalton M. Hill of Sebring, complained of lower leg pain.

Both were transported to Highlands Regional Medical Center. Shortly after the Chrysler started moving, he said, the Saturn ran the light. He also provided police a copy of his video. It showed all damaged vehicles, with drivers getting out of their cars, with the Saturn wedged in between two cars in the eastbound lanes. What was not on video was how, after hitting the Chrysler, the Saturn skidded left into the front of a custom-yellow Subaru Impreza sedan, driven by yearold John A.

Hernandez of Sebring, spinning it backward and clockwise. The Saturn then hit the left rear side of a charcoal gray Toyota Corolla, driven by year-old Brian S.

Jurkowski of Avon Park. None of the other drivers appeared to have more than minor injuries. All vehicles had to be towed from the scene. The video also showed a green light for Ridgewood Drive trac, indicating that Joshua E.

Faireld, 30, of Sebring, at center, getting out of a white Saturn Vue, allegedly ran a red light while westbound on Sebring Parkway. Subject to availability and price change. CD values are subject to interest rate risk such that when interest rates rise, the prices of CDs can decrease.

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Some features may vary. Caridad Pantaleon, 24, of Sebring faces a felony-level petit theft charge, allegedly for it being a third subsequent offense. Arrest reports said Sebring Police answered a call at A woman wearing a black tank top and cutoff shorts reportedly had left the store with unpurchased merchandise in a blue rope-handle beach bag.

A female employee who had been standing behind the store told police she saw the woman heading north on Lakeview Drive. Reports said he made the above-mentioned employee aware of Pantaleon so they could keep an eye on her.

A short time later, reports said, the employee called the manager to the back of the store, and they both saw Pantaleon walk across the parking lot carrying the same blue bag.

The female employee, reports said, noted that the blue bag she saw the woman carrying in the parking lot was similar to those sold in the store. She also reviewed surveillance tapes with the manager, reports said. Police, reports said, were able to identify the bag Pantaleon had as one sold by the store, as well as a pair of sunglasses she had with her, with a piece of a ripped-off price tag still attached.

Brooks passed away on July 25, at the age of They relocated to the Sebring area in He will be deeply missed by his family, extended family and the many lifelong friends he was so blessed to have.

A Celebration of Life will be held at a future date. One the favorite gathering places was at the home of music instructor Buford Jasper. After initially being located in downtown Avon Park, the campus was established at its present location in two years before he arrived, MacNeill said.

He served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in India from to While still a graduate student studying speech communications at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, MacNeill decided he wanted to teach at a small college. He was considering positions in a few states, but after being interviewed at then South Florida Junior College in May he accepted the offer. Motorists have been eyeing the crop with suspicion as the crop looks suspiciously like marijuana plants.

It comes from India and is a cover crop that enriches soil in between cash crops. Master Gardner and University of Florida Extension Agent David Austin explained the important difference between the similar-looking plants. The roots hold nitrogen in their nodules that helps the soil. The sunn hemp is resistant to root knot nematodes. It produces pounds of nitrogen per acre. Sunn hemp grows well in the sandy soil with poor nutrients. Not all Crotalaria are created equal; farmers found out the hard way that some had toxic seeds after their livestock were poisoned.

Sunn hemp is not toxic to livestock and deer love to eat it. It is used to plant behind another crop and it grows here in our properties. We will end up mowing it down and discing it back in to help build the organic matter. Hemp products are used in ropes, clothing, paper and oils, among other products. We will not accept any Letters to the Editor that ment ion a business in a negative tone, as they have no means to defend themselves. Please keep Letters to the Editor to less than words.

Lette rs will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telepho ne number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. In the case of letters that are emailed, the same rules apply. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only four letters per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made i n letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Readers may also email Letters to the Editor to editor newssun. During these summer months, when air conditioning is your best friend, I invite you to visit the cool, quaint boutiques lining the streets of downtown Sebring.

A is for Art and my, does downtown Sebring have a plethora of art-related businesses, boutiques and shops! Crafting abounds at my store with my Bloom Design Classes on North Ridgewood Drive, where you can learn to create everything from permanent wreaths and centerpieces, to painted wall decor. The Grateful Hearts, next to the Sebring Public Library, regularly holds classes featuring rustic handmade home decor. Her hand-created clay works are artistic, creative and one of a kind.

For sublime watercolor paintings, visit Janet King in her new beautiful studio, facing Lake Jackson, next to the public library. Downtown Sebring is the home of the Highlands Art League and The Museum Of The Arts, where you may discover varied art forms and art classes sure to please, and they house a rotation of guest artist displays. For those braver than me, there are also artistic tatoo salons downtown. Performance arts are in full swing year round at the Highlands Little Theatre, also located in Downtown Sebring.

Live theatrical performances entertain crowds of every age bracket. The Lucid Heart Gallery, also located on North Ridgewood Drive has a diverse artistic gift selection for your pleasure. The Circle Theater directly faces the Sebring Circle and features a diverse selection of artistic performances and classes for all age groups. Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. As you can see, there are quite a few welcoming studios and boutiques of art.

Relationship Goals? Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation | Dyls & Chany #1

Thank you for supporting your downtown Sebring businesses. We are like a quilt sewn by hand with love. Columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.

Email her at hobbyhill tnni. They moved out of the state. Went back north to family and cold air. We wished them well. They left us a problem though. They packed two trash cans full of garbage, which was picked up promptly, as it should have been. They also packed about 10 big black plastic trash bags full of unwanted items from clothes, pots and pans, all the unwanted crap people would rather leave behind than haul at any price.

That is where the problem comes. Then they would pick through a couple of bags that they could feel what was inside and scatter the leftovers to be picked up by others. Then the remainder of the bags were ripped open and contents scattered. This mess was scattered over about byfoot and about a foot high. With wind blowing, some to be picked up by neighbors, and the rest soaked by rain to help anchor it in place. This starts the same old attempt to get trash picked up.

This did start government wheels to turn and that is great. At least someone is trying to help. The problem is that the government wheels turn slowly. Now, it has been three weeks of trash all over the place. That may be good for government business but not for trash pickup. Now we will be waiting a few more weeks before anything is done. James Bell SebringMerritt deserves your voteI am writing to encourage all citizens to get out and vote in the Aug.

These leadership skills along with his continuing service to the community, serving as a Lakeland city commissioner while still practicing the law and serving his clients with great legal skill and compassion, gives Keith the ability to serve as a knowledgeable and fair 10th Circuit Court Judge. Most of the leases are expected to go to Chinese investors, which many Vietnamese see as a threat to their sovereignty.

China and Vietnam have a long and tumultuous history, including ongoing territorial disputes and a war that left more than 25, Vietnamese dead. Protesters were also marching against a new cybersecurity law, which many say gives the Communistruled state more power to crack down on dissent.

Nguyen, an American citizen whose mother emigrated from Vietnam to the U. In a video, Nguyen is shown being dragged through the streets, his face bloodied, by plainclothes policemen. He reportedly is safe and in good spirits in Singapore and will return to the U. As we said in our earlier editorial, the U.

An editorial from the Dallas Morning News. The manager at Hope Haven did give Danley a list of businesses that might hire the men. Once they have a job, they could qualify to live at Hope Haven, provided they were willing to follow the rules. These homeless men have been living in this camp behind Aldi for some time. The camp is in a tract of woods directly behind the store; the men enter through a small opening barely visible from the road.

I was two months late on my rent, and my wife and I were kicked out of our home. We came out here on Sept. The new home owners want to clean up the property and comply with code enforcement. I was staying at Highlands Hammock, but you can only stay two weeks. California has two, a north and south cache, Sikio said. From San Bernardino, the cache was 20 minutes away. From Ferguson, it was seven hours. That changes the planning when re-ordering supplies, Sikio said.

The hand crews and engine crews. Sometimes that means as much as one to three miles of hose, in foot sections. The next morning, the supply depot must be ready to go. There are lots of helpers, too, he said. The lock has to engage. The only substantial bear sighting in months was three of four weeks ago, Bishop said, when a bear dragged a can into the woods. The container stayed shut. The only downside for elderly residents is weight, Bishop said. Still, neighbors help each other, Bishop said.

If it fails, the customer can call and the county will see about a replacement. However, if a resident moves, the can stays with the house, McMillian said: The bear problem is here, where FWC issued the grant. There has been plenty of SLI vs. DLD discussion, however, among ASHA members, with billing codes and insurance pay-outs emerging as apparently intractable sticking points.

Relationship Goals? Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation | Dyls & Chany #1 2015

Fortunately, that does not mean that there are no signs of change. Clinicians in private practice in the States are between a rock and a hard place in deciding whether to stay with SLI or to transition to DLD as their preferred diagnostic term.

They want to serve their clients responsibly, effectively and ethically, and as part of that process they will want to ensure that they tick all the boxes so that their clients or their parents receive unambiguous invoices and timely reimbursement.

Ethical practice and evidence-based practice are inseparable. If practitioners infer from the literature that lack of consensus about terminology leads to confusion and impedes both research and children's access to appropriate services Bishop,and they simply like the CATALISE recommendations, then they might feel the urge to join the majority of associations; not the majority of SLPs at this point and apply DLD as a diagnosis.

But if they do, the financial penalty for clients is instantaneous. Rather, clinicians aim realistically, without setting their sights too low by underestimating what they and the child can do, to improve functioning, while acknowledging that the forecast is for long-term difficulties. Wishlist Webwords' wishlist for the near future is to see: Inclusive, open discussion between stakeholders, about intervention goals and expectations. Should the primary goal for children with DLD be to narrow, or even close, the gaps between their language performance and that of typical peers, or should we be focusing on achievable, functional outcomes?

If yes, how should those outcomes be measured, and what should the collaborative professions be saying to families? The unhelpful delay vs. Political lobbying, at the local, national and international levels, for better provisioning for children, young people, and adults with DLD. Increased understanding of DLD and its implications, including general community awareness that early literacy difficulties and language disorder are highly correlated.

Research, including high quality Randomised Controlled Trials where practicable, leading to clearer pictures of: Is there a critical level of intervention: Research into intervention with children with DLD associated with comorbidities, and children with low IQs; and, more collaborative research partnerships between clinicians, educators, psychologists and researchers.

Research studies of the cascading effects of language therapy on other areas of development and function; for example, does language intervention improve social, emotional and behavioural functioning Levickis, et al. For the longer term Webwords would like to see: This means that all training institutions must include research methodology, experimental design, statistics and logic in their curricula, in sufficient depth. Improved ease of access, for clinicians, to free or affordable high quality research.

Time to read new literature timetabled-in to practitioners' workload, and not something that has to be done after-hours. A well-known quotation, usually attributed to Margaret Mead, goes: Miller's entertaining reworking of it is in Figure 3and related discussion is in his blog11where he writes: Ten questions about terminology for children with unexplained language problems.

Why is it so hard to reach agreement on terminology? The case of developmental language disorder DLD. Identifying language impairments in children. PLOS One, 11 7e Environmental Management, 51 3 Frontiers in Education 2: Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs: Evidence based pathways to intervention for children with language disorders.

International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, xx. Intellectual and Developmental Disability: Healthcare Financing, Frontiers in Public Health, 2 83 Multiple Intelligences after Twenty Years.