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Plot Keywords: dressmaker | fashion designer | fashion house | wedding dress | brother sister relationship | See All ()». Pavitra Rishta (International Title: Sacred Ties) is a Indian soap opera produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms, that aired on Zee TV. Its initial concept is an adaptation from south Indian Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam. In India, the series is re-aired on Zee TV from September 03, due to. relationship between objects, heritage and the sacred? In terms of indígena: A experiência do Museu Histórico e Pedagógico Índia. Vanuíre. . de l'église Santa Maria Novela à Florence va dans le même sens. Au sol . completo su sentido original, colocando objetos no relacionados con el espa- cio.

The album was so named due to it being recorded mainly at night. The album contained a more contemporary pop style than that of previous albums.

The first single, " Do You Know? It was Iglesias's highest charting song on the Billboard Hot since " Escape ". The song was also a hit throughout Europe, peaking in the top 10 in many countries.

Iglesias followed up with the ballad " Somebody's Me ", which was released as a single in the American continent. On 4 July Enrique Iglesias became the first Western artist to play a concert in Syria in three decades when he performed for a sold-out crowd of ten thousand in the capital Damascus [ citation needed ] and in the same week he performed on Live Earth in Hamburg.

The tour ended with Iglesias performing at the newly opened L. A second leg of the tour took him throughout Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina. A solo version of "Push" was added to the soundtrack of the movie Step Up 2 the Streets. The song was regarded as the third single from the album. A music video was shot which features the film's lead actors. Despite never being officially added to radio the song has charted in several countries and is one of his most highly rated songs amongst fans.

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After the success of his Spanish greatest hits compilation, Iglesias released a compilation of his English language hits on 11 November. The album includes " Can You Hear Me " as well as two new songs. On 5 JulyIglesias released his ninth studio album, Euphoriahis first work to be released under his new label, Universal Republic.

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The artists filmed several scenes atop a bus in the center of Old Havana and in other areas of the country for the video that was centered around showcasing the liveliness of the Cuban people. The video also tells the love story of Iglesias and a Cuban woman. The video was broadcast internationally on 24 February The lawsuit claims that he has only been given 50 percent royalty rate, which is just a small fraction, for streaming from Universal Music Group.

He sought to inspect Universal's bookkeeping, according to the suit. They became friends and soon got married. Arjun and Ovi also come to know about Purvi when they arrive at Dr. Onir's home for dinner. Ovi thinks that Arjun is having an affair with Purvi. She gets angry and returns back to Mumbai. Onir also refuses to treat Ovi because of her strange behaviour. At this point, Purvi reveals to Onir that Archana and Ovi are not strangers, but her mother and sister.

Purvi leaves Onir's home and arrives at Mumbai. She does this so that Onir comes to Mumbai for Ovi's treatment. Ovi and Purvi's tests are conducted and then it is revealed that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun's child and this was the main reason of her leaving Mumbai. She married Onir only to give her child father's name and still loves Arjun. Teju and Sunny have fallen in love with each other and now they are struggling to win Savita and Snehlata's heart respectively.

On the other hand, Onir learns about Arjun being the father of Purvi's child and supports Purvi. Ovi turns good after seeing Onir accepting Purvi, so Ovi also decides to move on with Arjun and their baby.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that, Punni loves Mittal and wants to marry him. Punni signs a pre-nuptial promising Mittal the Karanjkar house. On learning that Ovi has lost her child, Purvi decides to give away her daughter to Ovi. Later Purvi struggles to stay apart from the baby.

Everybody rejoices that Ovi is a mother and are also equally sad about Purvi losing her child. Manav and Archana are happy to become grandparents. Meanwhile, Soham is released form jail and is brain washed by Balan to shoot Manav. Soham reaches Manav and Archana but is torn between his real parents and the parents who have taken care of him.

He realizes that he should shoot himself for being confused, but in a quarrel, the gun fires and shoots Archana. Archana is rushed to the hospital where she is said to be in coma. Everybody is heart-broken to see Archana lying in coma and hand over Soham to the police.

Arjun keeps her baby's name Pari. In Ovi's absence, Purvi feeds the baby. Punni sees this and informs Ovi. This makes Ovi angry and she warns Purvi to stay away from her daughter.

Arjun is shocked to hear this. While changing the babies, Mittal takes a video and is now threatening Onir that he would show this video in the court and push him inside the bars for human trafficking as a revenge when Onir accused Mittal that he was doing human organ trafficking in his hospital with a doctor. Punni also seizes the video CDs from Mittal to succumb the property of her grandmother for Mittal because of the agreement. Mittal tells Punni to get back the CDs.

In the court, wrong CD is played and Onir is saved. It is revealed that Onir destroyed the CD in Punni's absence. On Mahashivratri, a grand function is held. Varsha is released from jail and comes to Karanjkar house but Sulochana removes her out of the house.

Onir and Arjun drink Bhang. In subconsciousness, Onir proposes his love to Purvi which makes her shocked. In the report, it is proved that Pari is Arjun's daughter and Mittal loses the case.

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Varsha gets a job and stays in Sulochana's chawl. Onir gets Mittal arrested in the case of human organ trafficking. This worries Purvi about what would happen if Mittal came to know about her and Arjun's past. Soham is released from jail but doesn't know who bailed him out. Punni sends the CD to Arjun and finally he comes to know the truth.

Punni tells Purvi to get Sulochana's sign on property papers where she is transferring the property to Mittal. Manav asks Sachin to check as to who bailed Soham out; it is later revealed that Archana signed the bail papers before she went into coma. Purvi gets Sulochana's sign on the property papers but later tears them and hands them over to Punni.

Punni threatens Purvi that she would tell everybody the truth about Pari, Purvi tells Punni that she would tell everybody herself. Punni calls Ovi, Arjun and Purvi to a hotel where Arjun and Purvi reach earlier, when Ovi reaches there, she finds out while overhearing their conversation that Pari is not her daughter, but it's actually Purvi and Arjun's.

On her first anniversary, Ovi gets drunk and reveals the truth to the family members. Everybody think that Purvi and Arjun have done wrong with Ovi. Onir and Purvi leave Karanjkar house. Soham takes Onir and Purvi to his house. Sulochana comes to know of Punni's true intentions and breaks all relations with her. Ovi tells Arjun to take Pari and Arjun decides to raise Pari. On Gudi Padwa, Onir gets arrested in the case of changing babies.

Arjun and Purvi meet at temple where Arjun says her to take Pari with her but Purvi refuses. Court cancels Onir's license to practice as a doctor. Onir-Purvi leave Varsha's house and go to a new place to stay.

Pari gets kidnapped by Balan, but is saved by Soham. Arjun gives Pari to Purvi. Ovi leaves home and goes to Canada for modelling and to leave alone for some time. Teju starts accepting Soham as her brother. Purvi takes Pari to a polio booth and while returning it starts raining.

DK sees them and takes them to his house. While video chatting with Arjun, Ovi sees Purvi and misunderstands that Arjun is having an affair with Purvi.

Onir lies to Purvi that he got a job as an accountant in a company. A woman named Kinshuk Banerjee, who is related to Onir's past enters their life as his boss and becomes Purvi's friend.

Soham insults a young lady named Dr. Gauri Shahane, who turns out to be Archana's new doctor. Gauri is shocked to know that Soham is Archana's son. Archana starts responding and her condition improves. Ovi tells Manav about Purvi at Arjun's house. But, Manav comes to know the truth. Arjun goes to Canada to meet Ovi. Kinshuk calls Onir, but disconnects the phone as Purvi picks it.

Purvi questions Onir about this, which makes him furious. Gauri turns out to be Purvi's college friend. Ovi tells Arjun to go back as she doesn't want to talk to him. Gauri tells Purvi that she does not believe that a goon can be Archana's son. Soham hears this and warns her to not make his family against him.

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Arjun sees Onir and Kinshuk at the airport and hears Onir saying that Purvi should not know the truth. Manav argues with Arjun for meeting Ovi. Purvi and Arjun see Onir in the city and when Purvi calls him, he says that he is not in Mumbai. Soham gets the job of a waiter in a conference of doctors where Gauri is also present.