Describe salamanos relationship with his dog is dying

Ms. Ballard's Classroom Blog: Stranger Day Period 2

The author makes Old Salamano's relationship with his dog the foil to Meursault's relationship with his mom to Camus describes Meursault eating dinner with his neighbor. .. He can easily continue his life as it was before his mother died. Salamano is more heat-broken about losing his mangy dog than Meursault is about his mother dying. This is not to say that Meursault does not love his mother, . Salamano ascribed meaning to his dog by accepting the limitation In doing so, Salamano's dog represents life to him, however it, like him, is dying. This frustrates him and he beats it, creating a "love-hate" relationship due to.

Another example I found of Meursault's detachment from emotion is when with "his pal", Raymond. As Raymond tells Meursault about the abuse and his very messed up plans about his wife and everything, Meursault shows no real emotion.

Camus describes everything of the situation tat Raymond has and has very little of Meursault's thoughts in the elongated paragraphed.

Meursault's thoughts of the situation can be summed up from that paragraph by, "I said i didn't think anything but that it was interesting Raymond's situation is very messed up and his idea to get his revenge of spitting on her during sex is very dehumanizing and absurd. Yet Meursault has no documented feelings opposing this idea. And he "doesn't mind" writing this letter, therefore he is indifferent about participating in this emotional messed up drama.

This again shows emotional detachment. Meursault experiences all these emotional events and gets involved with very emotional things yet never feels anything.

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This can help prove Camus' ideas before accepting absurdity. Camus uses very long paragraphs about emotional things so the reader feels thing making Meursault's absence of emotion seem abnormal and draw the attention of the reader to that matter. The relationships almost seem to be opposites of each other. Meursault and his mother seemed to have a pretty normal relationship before the mother's death.

They seemed to love each other to some extent, as Meursault still seemed to care about making sure his mother was taken care for even if he couldn't. Salamano and his dog seem to be the opposite.

While they were together, their relationship was not loving at all, as Salamano constantly abused his dog and they hated each other.

When the dog ran away and was presumed dead, Salamano expressed remorse and missed his dog, even crying alone in his apartment at night. Therefore, even though both relationships have similarities in the way that they don't align with the societal idea of a healthy relationship, they actually aren't too similar in the extent of the healthiness of their relationships.

Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

It is clear that Salamano and his dog have a very abusive relationship, and even though Salamano shows remorse when his dog runs away, this doesn't excuse his previous actions.

Even though Meursault and his mother have an unusual relationship, calling it abusive would be stretching it too far. Regardless of his lack of sadness at his mother's funeral, Meursault and his relationship with his mother shouldn't be defined by that one instance, as people grieve in different ways. Thus, even though both Meursault's relationship with his mother and Salamano's relationship with his dog are similar because they are both "different", Meursault and his mother just have an unconventional relationship, where Salamano truly abuses his dog, which is an actual problem.