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Master/DetailMaster/Detail grid with integrated data grouping - now with the ability to the most capable Grid and Data Editors Library ever created for Delphi and C++ Builder. and column customization; from master/detail relationships, to card Live Chat with our DevExpress licensing specialists now. I've inherited some code where the programmer has two grids in a master/detail ( Customers->Devices) relationship, and he's made this work like so: He links his. The DevExpress QuantumGrid page have a very complex and large collection of Are you aware of the Master-Detail Tutorial in the help file?.

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There is a table of audit criteria and when an audit master record is created I need to get all the active audit criteria and then create an AuditDetail record under the mas Returning current record parameter from a Detail back to the Master Scenario: I have a Gridview which is the Master.

When the user selects a record from the Master they can then go to a DetailsView, where they can edit the record. The Master and Details are on separate pages. The detail Page contains a hyperlink to return to the Master Page. However when this occurs this effectively refreshes the GridView on the Master page, which I don't want. I want the Gridview to display the records that were in it previously, until the user decides to change the Select Parameters via a drop down. Can someone please explain in w Hello, I need to get all master table records which only has detail records??

Thanks isaac sam wrote: Rob See my reply here https: I have been iterate through the rows, but don't know how to group all the selected records and pass them to the details page.

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ClientDataSet Master-Detail error while use filter in detail Client Hi everyone, I'm migrating my application from Delphi 6 to Delphi XE2, use the Firebird database and am having trouble with the master-detail relationship between ClientDataSets when I use a filter on the client detail.

I am using the following connection between components: Tulisan ini digunakan untuk siapa saja yang belum tahu atau lupa melakukan konfigurasi master detail dengan Quantum Grid dari Dev Express.

You can present data either from independent datasets in one control or datasets that are linked by a master-detail relationship. One-to-many relationships or master-detail relationships can be represented in one of two ways. The first method is to use two grid controls. A detail grid control displays only the records corresponding to the current record in a master table.

In the second method only one grid control is used to present master-detail relationships.

delphi devexpress grid master detail relationship

This method is specific to the ExpressQuantumGrid and employs grid levels to create a hierarchical data structure. You can see, for instance, the MasterDetailTableDemo for a complete example of implementing a master-detail relationship.

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This topic describes the basic principles involved in setting up master-detail relationships based on the database used in this demo. Data in this example is loaded using the default loading mode when Grid Mode is not applied.

delphi devexpress grid master detail relationship

Grid mode is a special loading mode provided where there are a large number of records. Master-Detail section shows how to create a master-detail relationship between tables in grid mode. EQGrid allows you to populate views with data from non data-aware sources using provider and unbound modes.

Refer to the Provider Mode: Master-Detail and Unbound Mode: Master-Detail sections to see how to set up master-detail relationships in these modes.