Customer relationship management project abstract

customer relationship management project abstract

Abstract. This is a project to develop a Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) system. CRM is one of the systems included in Enterprise Resource Planning. Abstract: Many companies have initiated projects to improve on customer orientation and plan the implementation of customer relationship management ( CRM). Abstract. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a combination of people, .. Discover more publications, questions and projects in CRM.

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Customer grading procedure is provided in this application. This application is implemented in C programming language using sql server and asp. Here we provide entire project soruce code and step by step procedure for executing this project.

customer relationship management project abstract

Net Visual Basic 6, VB. Academic and Live Project for your final year studies are available for free download here.

Customer Relationship Management System Project Report

The Spiral Model The spiral model, proposed by Boehm, is an evolutionary software process model that couples the iterative nature of prototyping with the controlled and systematic aspects of the linear sequential model. It provides the potential for rapid development of incremental versions of the software.

Using the spiral model, software is developed in a series of incremental releases. During early iterations, the incremental release might be a paper model or prototype.

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During later iterations, increasingly more complete versions of the engineered system are produced. The present system raises certain problems like difficulty in assigning services to the service team, difficulty in generating bills for the service provided, inefficient in managing break down details and the manual system gives us very less security for saving data and some data may be lost due to mismanagement. However the enterprise cannot reckon on manual system.

customer relationship management project abstract

The proposed new system contains many activities that try to automate the entire process by keeping database integration. This provides rich user interface to interact with the application that are provided. It also provides remainder facility to the employee.

customer relationship management project abstract

It collects information from the service center and generates breakdown bill. The services to the service team are easily assigned. All the service details are providing to client and normal users and authentication is provided to all the users. It also facilitates complaint and response feature.

customer relationship management project abstract

Implementation of this new system is done in five modules. First module is User Authentication module. In this module holds four different types of users.

customer relationship management project abstract

The users are Administrator, Employee, client and general users.