Cdd relationship stories tumblr

2-Fifths — CDD : Christian Domestic Discipline (+why?)

cdd relationship stories tumblr

Discover ideas about Domestic Discipline Tumblr A common punishment in CDD marriages for swearing, gossiping, lying, or backtalking is for a wife to have . “I find comfort in my bed sheets, where you once laid next to me. There was no better feeling than waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling your arms. The Best Wife I Can Be It's and the house looks lovely. The best part is that I' m ahead of schedule with enough time to finish up dinner and.

There was no going back. Could she accept his call? It had been her choice to go this far in the first place. It had been her choice to do the thing that put her where she wanted and needed a punishment more brutal than her heart could accept from the man she loved.

Miles would see the punishment later on video tape, but he would not be with her to encourage or help her submit. She would have to do it alone.

The loneliness was part of it too. Sara managed to become still and lost in her thoughts. All sense of time was long gone, but by the time the door opened, she felt that she had been still, thinking about her promises and goals, for close to an hour.

cdd relationship stories tumblr

Sara gasped and swallowed. She started to object. Sara scanned the new room. It was stark and clinical. A short padded bench covered by a clean white sheet occupied the center of the room. There were leather cuffs mounted to the legs at ankle height, and two more extended up through holes in the sheet from the top end.

A pillow rested between the cuffs at the top end, and a bolster rested in the middle. A low coffee type table displayed an array of spanking implements. Three straps, a longish thin paint stick type paddle, and six canes were laid out. The whole scene made Sara start to tremble. She fought tears, and she wanted Miles. Sara startled and whimpered, but she complied. In a minute or so she was nude, and kneeling beside the table where she had little choice but to examine the tools that would soon be used to punish her.

Goose flesh raised and prickled on her flesh. Her groin throbbed and the skin on her bottom buzzed. After a few minutes, she closed her eye. Looking at the implements was raising her anxiety level back up to where it had been in the waiting room.

Behind her eyelids, her mind began to chant. Please get this over with. When she was there, he moved to refine the position of her feet, and placed the bolster on the end in front of her hips. Sara started to bend down over into the position she knew was expected. The cold impersonal atmosphere made Sara feel lonelier than she ever had before.

What did he expect her confession or an explanation for her nervous movement a moment ago? Over the next few moments the master helped her with the answer. He wanted both, and she gave them to him. The exchange slowly bled her of the powerful anxiety she felt. By the time his touch guided her torso down and her hips over the bolster, all that was left of the intense aversion Sara had been feeling, was moderate fear of the punishment to come, and resolution to accept it just as she promised she would.

Mild panic resurfaced when she felt the cuffs close around her ankles, but his voice soothed and reassured her. Taking your punishment and the pain will be secondary. You will take it, because you will have no choice, and it will be the worst you have ever endured.

She was here to be punished more severely than she ever had been before. More severely than the man who loved her felt able to manage, as severely as her actions warranted, and as severely as she deserved to be punished. She knew she could not take that on her own, and she was grateful that she only had to give over to this means to help her have what she wanted. He began with the straps, licking her hard with each until she writhed with the burning pain.

In sets of ten, he strapped her for twenty minutes. Each of them delivered a unique brand of pain. The technique of using breaks between sets and gradually building the severity of each stroke until the last of each set was like a brand, was both the only reason Sara was still with him in the ritual, and why she was desperate that it be over at the peak of each set.

When he put the straps down and left her, Sara sobbed quietly relieved to be alone. No longer lonely, but wanting Miles to sooth her. She would never test his love for her again. She would never lie, or dishonor him again. They were delivered in only a minute.

cdd relationship stories tumblr

There was no time to cope with them. All Sara could do was scream. When that was over, she cried and sobbed uncontrollably. He teased her like that for a while, and then pushed his tongue into her vagina. Sheila whimpered with the new sensation. Eamon worked his tongue, fucking her with it, stopping now and then to push her legs harder into the mattress, and to withdraw and swallow her essence. And the stroking began again. Now as he teased the hood over her fully erect clitoris, he closed his lips over it, and with his lips and his tongue he suckled.

Her hips undulated beneath her husbands face. The strokes of his tongue became firmer and longer and faster. Her breath was coming in short gasps and Eamon could feel the tension build in her muscles.

Story: The punishment | Domestic submission

He stretched her legs down harder into the mattress, stroked deep into her vagina, then suckled her clitoris, and stroked her juices around and over it. Eamon smiled and moaned himself, as he moved quickly and pushed himself into the opening where his tongue had just been. The fit was perfect. The stretch and fullness Sheila felt was exquisite. As he filled her to the hilt, his pelvis ground against hers in gentle rolling circles. This renewed the spasms of her orgasm, and Sheila cried out softly as she felt herself come again.

Her muscles milked Eamon as he ground against her, and then as her spasms began to ease, Eamon began to pump his hips. Short strokes initially, and then long slow and deep strokes. Both of them made soft sounds that spoke of the bliss they shared together. Both of them became lost in the reverie of what they shared, desperate for it to last forever and desperate for the climax that was inevitable.

The gentle pumping slowly became more intense. Locked together their lovemaking took on urgency. Her breath came in rapid soft gasps.

cdd relationship stories tumblr

She thought she might smother it was so intense. Her teeth clenched as her spasms wrenched. The groan that came from him with his last brutal thrusts made both of them tremble. Eamon collapsed onto Sheila, and then pulled her with him as he rolled onto his back.

They remained coupled together as the last spasms of orgasm spent. Sheila melted onto his body. He smacked them hard a couple of times, making Sheila wince, and lift her head so she could see his face.

Sheila giggled and lifted up so her groin spread wet on his still hard sex. Playfully she tightened the muscles of her pelvic floor, and lifted herself off of him. Eamon winced and smacked her butt with the minor pain she caused stretching him like that.

They had two days in the kitschy civilization of Stowe Vermont to do tourist things before they started the last part of their three-month honeymoon. As blissful and close as they were in bed, there were beginning to be signs of abrasion between the newlyweds.

In the wilds of Quebec, and the campgrounds on the way down from there to Vermont, there were few distractions from each other, but in the towns and roadside stops there were many. For her part, Sheila was bound and determined she would break his resolve. All she wanted was a few T-shirts, some post cards and a hat for each of them.

And their tuck had dwindled by half thanks to the thousand dollars Sheila needled and cajoled him to let her spend in their first week out. Side trips and souvenirs that were required of all couple who cruised the Caribbean. Their first minor squabbles were over money.

The cruise was a gift from both sets of parents for the first week of their honeymoon. This had to be a frugal trip. The tug of war began again over breakfast. Eamon returned a warning glare that Sheila ignored. She slouched back in her chair and folded her arms across her chest. Eamon glared at his wife for a few seconds, as she glared back.

Sheila was first to break eye contact as she became aware of the uncomfortable surge of awareness his expression sent through her. Smacking her butt when he played with it was one thing, spanking her because she pissed him off was altogether different.

Eamon scanned the brochure, and grimaced. Just give me the keys. Stay here with the golf crowd and vegetate! Eamon leaned back in his chair and pulled the keys out of his pocket. Inside, she changed into sandals and a nice light pair of striped blue shorts. She felt like a tourist. Crisp, clean and carefree. Too bad Eamon was such a scrooge. She took two hundred dollars, and set out walking down the hill into the small town of Stowe.

Eamon knew he was going to have to crack down soon. He knew she was tired. But it was still no excuse to behave the way she was. The morning passed quietly for both of them.

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She put the cash in her pack, and stretched out on the bed with the TV on. Shortly after noon, Eamon came back to the cabin to find Sheila asleep on the bed. He stretched out with her, and they both napped for part of the afternoon.

cdd relationship stories tumblr

Sheila woke up to Eamon sitting in the overstuffed chair just three feet from her face. Her pout was in full bloom. I know you will.

He was definitely angry. Get the stuff and put your shoes on. Her stance was squared off and her expression oozed defiance. He stood up, and slipped his feet into his heavy leather sandals, as he did he reached for the car keys on the bedside stand. Sheila refused to budge. Eamon stood up and looked coolly at his wife.