Better to be single or in a relationship college

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better to be single or in a relationship college

I am still in college and have been (and still am) committed. Pros of being in a relationship (Not exhaustive!) * You have someone, whom you love. * You have. The 7 Actual Differences Between Being Single and Being in a Relationship. Filed Under: sex · dating · movies · sleep · parties · Girlfriends. I think this route is better than getting serious later on in your college but, in all honesty, the two choices you have (single or relationship) are.

When you are starting a new relationship or dating, you want to present your best self to the other person.

Constantly trying to be clean-cut is annoying. So, go ahead, and sleep like a starfish; there is no one there to keep you from doing it. But, never let another person get in the way of accomplishing your goals or deadlines.

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single in College

Balancing people in life is difficult, and regardless of how hard you try, someone will feel left out. Your friends are the people you will remember and most likely actually stay friends with after school ends.

better to be single or in a relationship college

Also, if you were in a relationship, it could be an issue if your significant other hates your friends. These are false assumptions because your happiness comes from accepting yourself. Of course, these are all suggestions, and if you find someone you really like and the stars align, then go for it.

Should You Stay Single in College or Should You Be in a Relationship?

Once you put your future into someone else, you run the potential of losing yourself. College is a time to change and mold yourself. Go to class, take care of yourself and make crazy memories. It all boils down to what type of person you are and how you prefer to get your rocks off.

I can only tell you that, in my personal experience, both situations can be a hell of a lot of fun if done correctly. Bedding college chicks is easier than shooting dead fish in a barrel. Do not blow this unrivaled opportunity to spread your seed liberally and responsibly, of course.

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single in College

But do it — and this might sound weird — after you get a practice relationship under your belt. Most people lack the emotional maturity to put in the shared sacrifices they require. As humans, we learn from mistakes. The earlier you make them in life, the fewer consequences they carry. There will be plenty of time to see what else is out there if it fails.

I think this route is better than getting serious later on in your college years because it helps avoid the gut-wrenching situation when school ends and you are both going your separate ways. Based on no scientific analysis, but through keen observation, I feel confident saying these types of situations rarely work out. You immediately become a different person when you enter the working world.

So too will your mate.

better to be single or in a relationship college

Be cold and calculating. Try it out early and move on. There will plenty of chances to get your numbers up — and to find someone you actually want to be with — post-college.

better to be single or in a relationship college

Something tells me J. Best four years of your goddamn miserable existence on this shit pile we call earth. A time to chug all life has to offer while learning everything you possibly can — like how you probably don't have HIV although last night you cried yourself to sleep — before the the real world takes a fuckin' dump on your chest. So why the hell would you ever go and ruin it with a girlfriend? Provided you approach it tactfully. My breakdown is below.

Freshman Year Should you have a girlfriend?: And if you have a long distance relationship lingering from high school you are just the worst. Camm was the worst. I hate him and his goddamn cavalier attitude so much.

If he only knew then, what he knows now. Freshman year is the foundation to the next three years of your social life. You want it to be a pillar of strength.