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bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

Randall Munroe's webcomic xkcd casts an optimistic eye on the programming language and speculation about relationships. The website drew between 60 million and 70 million pageviews in October, Munroe says, and xkcd's growing fan base has taken to re-enacting Compiler: Jokes for Nerds. It is just like 'xkcd:volume 0' a compilation of some questions from the . + feet)?; When my wife and I started dating she invited me over for dinner at one time. . What if the mountain's base were raised to the present height of the summit. Megan and Cueball appear to have a relationship (e.g. Boombox) However, this document has been compiled by scraping the html of all incomplete comics first so that translators have a solid base to work from.

Don't worry about it. Learning the ropes is part of the experience. Do make edits, and if they're wrong, we'll nudge you in the right direction. Often the dividing line between trivia and explanation is not entirely clear, and in articles without a trivia section the end of the explanation very often contains trivia-like information.

Kolmogorov Directions -- St. However title case never makes sense. It's worse than all caps. Besides, only Americans and children like title case. Pickup Artiststhe character with hair has appeared in quite a few comics now, and he's starting to become a recurring character.

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Shall we go ahead with inaugurating him into our list of regular characters, and what name shall we assign him? Current candidate names include Hairy and Harry. Pickup Artists that Hairy is directly descriptive, whereas Harry is not obvious to visitors. On the other hand, not all names are descriptive Danish and I think this wiki is entitled to create some xkcd-in-culture, and not just describe.

And Harry is quite funny. Then again, I do like having a more descriptive name for him. Shall we hold this up to a vote?

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Also, can someone link to some more comics he's been featured in? Pickup Artist and Hairy being descriptive, a la Black Hat, Beret, Cueball, etc. While there's talk about in-culture, we've done that with the names Cueball, Beret, etc.

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It's my opinion that the only names that should be "real" proper names are those that are named in the comic. Megan, Miss Lenhart, etc.

bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

Danish as is discussed below isn't truly a proper name, but you could argue it's a meta-description one attributed by Black hat. So that's my vote: For this new character, I suggest Hairy because it comes as the easy solution with every advantage: I actually see no reason to resort to a made-up name like Harry.

So the discussion's been had, and the most oft recommended name appears to be Hairy. All in favor, say aye. Harry would be a nice nod to the fact that he's actually hairy, but indeed it's better to avoid inside jokes.

bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

We now have a Category: Comics featuring Hairywith four pages already! Does anyone feel compelled to create " Hairy ", with a brief description and a nice profile pic like the other characters? The character ambiguity is standard for xkcd not less so in the early onesand comes from the very loose or "free" way Randall uses his characters to be whatever he needs at the moment.

bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

It's simply often impossible for us to know whether he had e. I want to suggest that we in general have a likewise rather loose policy towards including characters in the categories for the comics.

bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

So that reasonably ambiguous cases should be included in e. This is not because I believe this or that to really be this or that; I just don't believe in objective truth here! I feel that when doing research: I came to think this through now, when I wanted to and did list two comics with Miss Lenhart?

Any thoughts on this in general? There is not a cueball, per se, distinct from any other cueball I see the cueball character as a wildcard character pun intended ready to stand in for anybody and not necessarily just Randall; I think those readers who suggest "this is Randall" are missing the point; he's way more META than that Meganwhile slightly less generic, still remains the female wild-card significant-other, while Curls seems to be a not-significant-other female used to illustrate a relationship that is transient.

Other characters come and go, and when it's important to visually distinguish them from others in the frame, they're given additional characteristics, to wit HairyPonytailetc.

bases in a relationship xkcd compiling

Unfortunately, that viewpoint is not commonly held, so I daresay I'm in the minority here. Sitenotice I've removed "add a comment!

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Undo my change if that's more bothering than when the TOC is displayed as "add a comment! I don't know how to automatically treat level 2 headers as level 3. That may be why Discussion was a level 1 heading earlier. After the break only three articles were released, two more were released after article over three weeks, the last article released on August 4, But then there were two more breaks, so only one more article was released inwith article released after more than 6 weeks on September 18, First after 17 more weeks releases began again with article on Tuesday January 16, After that articles began coming out regularly with a total of 9 releases out before the end of Marchmainly on Tuesdays to begin with, then one on a Friday before the last two came on Saturdays with two weeks breaks before each, the last being article on March 26, Since then only three more articles were released inthe first two with about 8 weeks between them and then more than 12 weeks.

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So during the summer ofit seemed it was down to about one release every two months but then it increased. This was so far the second longest break. But the next one was indeed released only a bit more than week after the one with 15 weeks break, and then less than 3 weeks after followed yet an article on February 28 It was almost a year ago that two comics had been released with less than two full weeks between them that was released February 26, In the year following that release only 8 articles where released including both and Interesting to see if they will begin appearing regularly again during the spring ofas seems possible with three articles in less than a month and was again released with less than two weeks between it and It then seemed to stop completely after those two, and it took more than a year 62 weeks before came out in May See more details for breaks in the releases in the table with a list of all the articles down below.

At the moment it seems impossible to guess when a new post is released so: It would be nice if anyone noticing a new post, that they made a note in the discussion of the next comic released.

Below is a list of the articles released in the what if? This list can also be found in the archive section on the what if?