At the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

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at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

Relationship of Command, an Album by At the Drive-In. Released 12 September It contains interesting and surrealistic lyrics, unique guitar melodies, this album, it's such a great genre and this is definitely one of the greatest albums from it. Relationship of Command Wikipedia article Album by At the Drive-In. Arcarsenal Pattern Against User One Armed Scissor Sleepwalk Capsules Invalid Litter. AZ - Song Lyrics & Soundtracks from A to Z. Daily Updated. Lyric Search Engine & Database At The Drive-in - Relationship Of Command album lyrics.

At The Drive-In had released some under produced decent records, but never had they really taking there time to make a meaningful and timeless record like "Relationship Of Command".

The first song sums up the album perfectly, " Arcarsenal", brings a energetic, meaningful, and frightening feel to this song.

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The song opening beat with some spooky electric guitar followed by the vocalist's extreme screaming. Any time you can have a song that combines those three elements and is a opener it has to be a classic.

But unlike most screaming songs, this one has a great structure and you can understand the singers vocals perfectly. The breakdown is absolutely one of the best lines I have heard in a while: One of the best album openers of the 21st Century, and it sets up the album perfectly. The song tells you a lot about the bands commitment to make this a meaningful album especially in the breakdown were the beat slows down just to put more meaning into the lyrics.

at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

The chorus is great as well with well-done drumming accompanied it. About right now you are thinking that there should be a filler of some sort, or a soft song that kills the mood of this classic album. But think the opposite of this as "One Armed Scissor", comes after you with a intense drum beat and political lyrics with electric guitar in the background.

Lyrics for the album Relationship of Command by At The Drive In

And you can tell it is building to something but you would never think it would be as great as the chorus in this song. The chorus lyrics remain political and complicated while not being distorted or screamed to a hard beat, and it makes for a memorable experience. The surrounding lines after this feature some screaming, and "Sputnik" is mentioned so I'm sure that's how this website got it's name. So if you have a track that's suppose to be a filler but keeps rocking, has one of the most meaningful choruses of this album, has an intense breakdown, and gave this great music site it's name.

One Armed Scissor (official video)

It has to be another classic for At The Drive-In. The screaming is even better than it was on the opening track, basically because it was produced better and executed better. The chorus in this song doesn't slow the song down any or speed it up but keeps it's constant beat going which is just perfect since the surrounding lines were filled with such emotion.

The electric guitar after the breakdown with it's crowd screaming feel is just awesome since it leads into the chorus so swiftly. Another classic song, and I don't think that I have listened to an album start off this well.

Relationship of Command

The rapping lyrics to a background electronic beat that sounds like a crow screaming get the song started, and even though this song may lack the screaming and intenseness that the other songs on this album have, it makes it up in production and originality.

For this album this was really the only medium song [in between soft and hard] and it is a classic. The song features a beautiful chorus, as the band executes the soft-loud formula perfectly. The breaking point in this song though is were we have a dramatic beat change anchored by the lead-singer whispering "Dancing On The Corpses Ashes, Dancing On The Corpses Ashes", and then the band absolutely goes into a relentless jamming session were the drumming and guitar work are perfect the chorus is repeated one more time and the song ends perfectly.

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Production and emotion are two of the many things that make this a classic album, and these are both apparent during this songs breakdown were the singer shouts the most emotional screams of the song to the best beat of the album. Though the song lacks structure it is still a song you need to listen to because of the breakdown, the famous beat, and the well-executed screaming.

The song starts out with a phone ringing and what sounds like a stalker on the other end this spooky conversation continues for about a minute, and then the song kicks in with some distorted lyrics sang by the vocalist.

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As soon as one music journal focuses attention in one particular direction, the others tend to follow suit, and this was the case for ATDI, who to be fair deserved the attention it brought to them. It seems when good news comes, it spreads quickly! I arrived at the smallest of the Reading stages, ten minutes before ATDI were due to begin, and was amazed at just how many people were there!

The crowds stretched for literally 50 metres outside of the Carling tent, people totally squeezed together, kids climbing onto shoulders for a better view of the only half visible stage.

at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

It always amazes me how so many people can be convinced of something, without actually ever testing it themselves. At least half the people in that audience would have never heard more than one ATDI song before in their lives, myself included. Absolutely no one was disappointed.

at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

At the end of the set the assembly of new admirers barely ever dispersed. Many people actually tried to get closer to the stage, in a half attempt to see more of the band. The new album, Relationship of Command, is one of the most amazing collections of music I have ever heard.

at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing

The layers of sound and effects build up into a dirge of noise, which backs the amazingly emotive and harmonious vocals and guitar melody used by ATDI. Impact is exactly what this band achieves, unexpectedly and sparingly throwing anthems and choruses into their music to awake everything inside of you that was once withered or asleep.

at the drive in relationship of command lyrics to amazing