Armenia turkmenistan relationship

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armenia turkmenistan relationship

Iran seems intent on maintaining relations with Turkmenistan. to strike more swap deals to supply Azerbaijan and Armenia with up to Reactivating Armenia-Iran-Turkmenistan Cooperation While Armenia has enjoyed positive relations with Iran since independence in Russia is wary as Armenia readjusts its foreign policy -- and its relations with Moscow.

Manukian said Russian entities also have substantial investments in Armenia's banking sector and that "in most of the cases the [investors] were in a very good relationship with the political elite [of the pre-Pashinian governments].

Armenia, Turkmenistan Pledge To Boost Ties

The Russian Army also operates its Military Base in Armenia's second city, Gyumri, and is seen as a security guarantor for Yerevan against Turkey and, to a lesser degree, Azerbaijan. Russia is also the predominant weapons and military hardware supplier of the Armenian military -- but at the same time also holds the same role for Azerbaijan.

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Moscow has in the past used its position as primary procurator of weapons to play the two countries against each other. And the belief that many Armenians had that Russia was a close military ally were disappointed and even angered by Moscow's actions during a four-day war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in April It was a dangerous experience for Russia. Now we have a new leader and for Russia that is a big problem.

Armenia, Turkmenistan Agree On Closer Ties

Sovereign Foreign Policy So what exactly will Pashinian change within Armenia's foreign policy and in its relations with Moscow? Pashinian will explain to his Russian counterpart that [Russia's] concerns are baseless. Grigorian said he thinks Moscow will eventually agree with Pashinian's new balance in their bilateral relations. On March 10,a Memorandum on Cooperation was signed with the Romanian diplomatic institute.

The inclusion of teachers and students of our institute into the composition of official foreign delegations headed by the President of Turkmenistan has become a tradition.

armenia turkmenistan relationship

This library will contribute to the students of our Institute in getting more education according their speciality. Training in the implementation of the SDGs, drafting educational programs and their implementation in secondary and higher educational institutions, development of methodological guidlines for the SDGs are among the tasks of the Center. The activities of the Center are built in partnership with the Academy of Civil Service, the National Institute of Education, higher educational institutions, public organizations, UN bodies, as well as with other relevant international institutions.

In their spare time students are involved in literary activities, scientific-research works and organize creative meetings with outstanding journalists, writers. A student music and dance ensemble functions at the Institute.

Armenia–Turkmenistan relations

It performs at different festivities held in the country. A national group of dutarists consisting of male students actively performs national music and songs at cultural events held at the Institute.

The students of the Institute take an active part in an annual competition called Talyp Joshguny, which is conducted among higher educational institutions of the country. In addition, amateur clubs of different specialties operate at the Institute.

armenia turkmenistan relationship

Students take part in the clubs and are engaged in scientific-creative work on their interested topics related to their specialties. Within the framework of these clubs, along with scientific-research work, students organize different educa-tional activities.

They are arranged by holding competitions among them in different fields of scien-ce.

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Moreover, the students of the Institute participate in scientific conferences, competitions held in other higher educational institutions of the country.

It is well-equipped with all modern conveniences, including air-conditioning, heating system, laundry and kitchens. A modern sport building located near the academic building allows students to engage in sports, participate in competitions in various sports.

The sport complex includes a sport hall designed for spectators, a gym for 30 persons, as well as facilities for table games.

Students organize regular trips to the Health Path.