Alonso massa relationship problems

Racing alongside Alonso was "not easy" - Massa -

alonso massa relationship problems

Felipe Massa admits that being teammates with Fernando Alonso was no easy task. The pair were "Outside of the race car, I had zero problems with Alonso, we have always maintained a healthy working relationship. Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso insist their relationship is as good "It's definitely not the duels on the track, creating problems inside the. Felipe Massa has been forced to backtrack on comments he made claiming "It was the team and Nelson -- but Alonso was part of the problem. any way the relationship I'll have with Fernando when we will be teammates.

Thanks to mishaps in qualifying sessions, a disenchanted Hamilton has also found himself starting races further down the grid than usual. In the rush to regain what he sees as his rightful place at the front of the race, he has taken risks — particularly against Massa, in a manner suggesting that he does not believe the Brazilian should have been in a position to challenge him in the first place. Drivers have disliked each other in the past.

Felipe Massa backtracks after saying Fernando Alonso knew of Singapore fix

James Hunt and Mario Andretti nurtured a mutual dislike that came to a head when they crashed at Zandvoort inwhile Andretti was trying to take the lead from Hunt around the outside of a corner. More relevantly, perhaps, there was a sour relationship between Hamilton and Fernando Alonso inwhen the Spaniard joined McLaren as a double world champion, only to discover that he had walked into a team in which an English rookie was the great hope.

Any negative view of Hamilton already held by Massa may have deepened when Alonso joined him at Ferrari last year. It's never desirable for there to be a personal antagonism between two guys who're racing cars close to each other at plus miles an hour.

It can be a problem when you know that a guy you're racing against has a problem with you. There was a total lack of trust between Senna and Prost, and Piquet was someone who went out of his way to upset people as part of a general approach to life. But a lot of it is bluster, like a couple of guys squaring up to each other outside a pub.

It always seems to be a bit futile. In India, for example, there was no consensus. Some sided with the stewards, who concluded that Massa should have left room for Hamilton to overtake him on lap Others believed that the McLaren driver should have backed out of a manoeuvre that depended for its success on his opponent's willingness to surrender.

In Moss's view, two factors are contributing to the current spate of incidents.

alonso massa relationship problems

The first is the influence of kart racing, where today's drivers serve their apprenticeships and a measure of physical contact is taken for granted. Senna, a childhood karting champion, was the first to import karting tactics into Formula One, followed by Michael Schumacher. There is also, he points out, the simple difficulty experienced by drivers of the current generation of cars in actually seeing what others are doing.

Massa: Alonso knew about race-fixing - F1 - Autosport

But it is hard to see how Massa and Hamilton can be persuaded to stay out of each other's way in future, now that they have reached the point where any backing-off would look like an unacceptable admission of weakness.

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Racing alongside Alonso was "not easy" - Massa

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alonso massa relationship problems

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