Adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

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adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

Full text. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (K), or click on a page. Is there a link between low thyroid production and low adrenal production? The thyroid is another gland responsible for producing hormones. The adrenal and thyroid connection is often missed by doctors checking only the thyroid. Understanding how these glands affect each other helps you address.

Why I like cruciferous vegetables? They are the superstars of the vegetables; there are no other veggies that are as rich in Vitamin A carotenoids, Vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin K which regulate our inflammatory responses — very common in people with autoimmune conditions and fiber. In fact, if you see my result below, my TSH dropped from 1. In the liver detoxification protocol, I used the cruciferous vegetables because they are key in the Phase 2 process and specifically the glutathione pathway which gets rid of heavy metals, PCBs endocrine disruptors and pathogenic bacteria in the liver.

adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

Did a major liver detox. Added an amino-acid protocol. I got on a strict protocol of a combination of amino acids that help the liver pathways in detoxifying the mutated hormones, including thyroid and estrogen.

adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

So I limited them to only two things: De-stressing to reduce my cortisol levels. I was pretty aware that a romantic relationship I was in was going south and it had a big impact on my stress levels. I also took on too many work projects which we were depleting me.

adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

I walked away from the relationship very hard at first but it felt so much lighter later and went back to doing a minute meditation every morning to start the day on the right foot.

I also frequently carve some time out and sit in silence and just breathe whenever I find myself overwhelmed, annoyed or just having a racing mind. I also cut out my habitual morning espresso and switched to matcha green tea. Adrenals hate coffee and sugar.

I did not go for any adaptogens many practiotioners prescribe to patients with adrenal fatigue or overactive adrenals. I kind of knew that something has shifted in my own body over the past few months.

Understanding the Adrenal-Thyroid Connection

Like a little orang utan. Now I feel n.

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Facial growth under your chin and above your lips are also a sign of estrogen dominance. All of it is not surprising, as my lab work has significantly improved, namely: T3 is what gives you healthy hair, good skin, energy, clarity of mind, etc. I scanned my results and highlighted the changes — before and after. Is it perfect yet? Btw, if you are frustrated with your doctor not wanting to order the right tests for you thyroid, vitamins, minerals, lipids etcyou can do it yourself on www.

Because this is my work. Here is what my next action plan is: The list is a little scary: And, they all happen to be a part of my regular diet. It does not mean that I or you have a sensitive to all of them but even eating one of them can be causing digestive disbiosis and hence the absorbability issue.

The challenge is that the state of NY did not license Cyrex Labs, the lab provider to run these tests. These people may have coexistent, but hidden, low adrenal levels.

If they take thyroid hormone by itself, the resultant increased metabolism may accelerate the low adrenal problem.

Also, interactions between the hormones are sometimes as important as the direct action of the hormone itself. Some adrenal hormones assist in the conversion of T-4 to T-3, and perhaps assist in the final effect of T-3 on the tissues. Some scientists believe that even the entrance of thyroid hormone into the cells is under the influence of adrenal hormones. Thus, if your adrenal level is low enough, you might do well to take both adrenal and thyroid hormone together.

Ultimately, this delicate balance should be only established by your expert in bioidentical hormone therapyconsidering the right interpretation of your test results. Testing And Treatment of Thyroid Disorders Reality is that many conventional medical doctors use an outdated reference range to evaluate thyroid function. Thyroid deficiency is extremely common but goes undetected by standard thyroid tests.

Thyroid hormones affect metabolism, hair, fertility, skin, heart rate, the bowels and much more. This article on Thyroid Toxins, Nutrients and Goitrogens may be useful. The Adrenal and Thyroid Connection Imagine the adrenals as the engine of your car, and the thyroid as the accelerator pedal.

The Link Between Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue

This creates a see-saw relationship between the thyroid and the adrenals. If one side is too high, it pushes the other side lower. If one side is too low, the other will raise up to compensate. By adding thyroid medication, you circumvent this feedback mechanism.

The Adrenal and Thyroid Connection

Then the adrenals have to insist even more that the thyroid slow down. Thus, higher and higher doses of thyroid medication.

adrenal gland relationship to thyroid

The opposite can be true too. If your adrenals are cranked up and producing excess cortisol, your body will suppress the thyroid to protect your valuable adrenal engine from burnout. Neurotransmitters such as GABA and Serotonin help regulate all this too, and it is not uncommon to see my clients need GABA support to help regulate excess adrenaline, anxiety and stress. This is the brand I sell in my clinic and online store along with professional grade Chamomile Extract.