Ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

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ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

Straw Hats Saved By Ace in Alabasta Luffy and crew Ace hops onto the ship and meets the crew, but does not stay long and gives Luffy a piece of paper One Piece English Sub 【Full Episode】 ワンピース第話 HQ. episode 94 and his brother's name is ace. i think this was the first encounter of them in the series. $50 billion industry is still anyone's game. In the anime/manga the first reveal of luffy and ace was during the alabasta arc when luffy was being hunted by Smoker In what One Piece episodes does Luffy use Gear Second and Gear Third?.

Luffy pulled back to look Ace in the eye, worry immediately evident on his face. Was Sabo okay or not? Make it short," Luffy demanded with a pout. Ace rolled his eyes with a heavy sigh. Now shut up and listen. He was aware there was a hard surface underneath his head, and his neck and shoulders were incredibly stiff. He cracked open an eye and muffled a further groan. The seventeen year old was hunched over on the kitchen table in his ship's galley. He had obviously fallen asleep eating again.

Which probably meant that a select few of his crew had no doubt taken full advantage of their unconscious captain to raid the liquor cabinet again. Ace raised his head slowly and cast a quick glance at the cabinet in question.

ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

He pushed himself upright with a put out sigh, scrubbing a hand roughly over his face. He was all for a good drink and wouldn't ever think to ration his crew's ale but he was getting rather tired of funding a select few crew members' wayward parties. He did have plans for those funds and stocking up on fresh ale at every port was not part of it.

Ace cast another quick look around the galley, not at all happy at the state of it, but entirely too tired to do anything about it himself. He rose unsteadily to his feet and stretched leisurely, wincing as his back popped. He slowly opened the galley door, which lead directly outside onto the lower deck and breathed in deeply, allowing the cool, crisp spring air to fill his lungs and wake him up.

He noticed they were still anchored just off shore of the small island they were restocking at. At least the crew hadn't taken it upon themselves to cast off as soon as the log pose had reset like last time, rather than waiting for Ace to wake up. The beating he had given them was clearly still fresh in their minds.

Ace sighed again, suddenly bone deep tired, as he rested his head on his arms, staring out at the inky black water below him. He loved being at sea.

It was everything he had expected and more. There really was nothing like it, never knowing where he was going to end up, or who he was going to meet. It was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Ace only wished he had a crew that was as completely driven as he was to prove himself. They were all round good men, there was no doubt about that, but there were some aboard that just never seemed to apply themselves. They were treating piracy as if it was a job, not a way of life.

Ace missed having someone he could rely on at his back. The crew were loyal and great company, most of the time. He trusted them not to turn him into the marines if they wound up in a sticky situation But they weren't his brothers. He deeply missed Luffy, more than he thought was possible. He had expected to, of course. After seven years of the kid day in, day out, he knew it would take some adjusting to not having the rubber boy trailing after him, but he was beginning to recognise now how he had taken for granted having someone to watch out for him, and for him to look out for.

He had to wonder how Sabo had managed not to go stir crazy the first year he was away from them.

ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

Ace shifted, suddenly uncomfortable in his own skin, as the deep ache in his chest which he could ignore so well during the day suddenly made itself known. He needed to stop brooding, he thought, giving himself a small shake and turning from the rail. Ace jumped as a body tumbled from above, landing with a hard thud at his feet. He nudged the limp figure over and stared at the bloody face. That was not one of his crew. A shadow moved along the upper deck's railing.

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Ace grinned slowly, pure delight lighting up his face. I always announce my arrival.

ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

Sabo returned Ace's smile warmly, scar almost invisible in the shadow of his top hat. He prodded the limp figure at their feet with his pipe. Ace suddenly groaned as his memory returned to him. A door slammed open on the upper deck. What's going on here? That's the third time this month he's slacked on watch. I've had enough," he growled.

He saw Sabo had made himself at home crossed legged atop the kitchen table. Ace noticed the blond had grown his hair out even more since their last meeting. Pure coincidence I assure you. So, how's our little brother been since I last saw you?

ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

Has he grown into that straw hat yet? And he's the same as always, you know Luffy. Still screaming at whoever will listen he's gonna be Pirate King. He toppled sideways until his head landed on Sabo's shoulder. Sabo simply sat and listened, never interrupting and keeping a strong arm around his brother's shoulders.

Ace finally lapsed into silence. It'd be boring if it was," Sabo said, giving Ace a small nudge upright so he could look him in the face.

It'll make all the hard work worth it. Maybe Sabo was right and annoyingly he usually wasmaybe he just hadn't found the right people yet, Ace reasoned. Very impressive bounty," Sabo told him and Ace could have sworn he heard a touch of pride seeping to his voice. He focused all his attention onto the hand grasping Sabo and felt for the burning heat in his chest that had become an integral part of himself and guided it down his arm and into his palm.

The result was instantaneous. As soon as Sabo saw the flames licking at their skin, he yelped and jerked back roughly knocking aside a couple of chairs in his haste.

Ace didn't think he had ever heard such a wounded cry from his brother before. He quickly extinguished the flames, unwilling to set his ship alight in the sudden confusion. What the hell are-" Ace froze, temper dying down instantly as he caught sight of the pure panic on his brother's face.

He was deathly pale and shaking so hard that Ace was surprised the ship wasn't rocking from the force. Ace watched him for several seconds, certain the only reason the blond wasn't on his knees was solely because of the support of the wall he was huddled against. Sabo's wild gaze darted between his own hand and Ace nervously. He felt like the world's biggest idiot. Of course Sabo would freak out at seeing himself on fire.

His ill-fated departure from Dawn Island had left his boat a smoldering wreck by all accounts, with the consequences of the attack clear for everyone to see on the young Revolutionary's face. Shit, I didn't think," Ace rambled apologetically. Sabo nodded weakly and finally took a step towards the young captain. He punched Ace lightly in the shoulder. I would've appreciated a warning though," Sabo released a heavy breath and dropped into a chair. I found it just before we entered the Grand Line," he explained.

He felt confident enough to set his whole arm aflame again. Sabo watched with interest, the light of the flames reflected in his eyes. That could prove pretty useful for you," Ace heard the blond mutter.

It wasn't hard to work out what it was. It looked pretty damn weird," said Ace, as the flames slowly disappeared. Sabo chuckled lightly and reached into his coat pocket. Ace glared down at him. He half suspected the only reason he hadn't been was because Sabo had been too shaken to even consider doing so at the time. But the blond had more than gotten his revenge the next day during a friendly sparring match before they had parted ways.

Ace hadn't been able to feel his fingers for a week after Sabo had managed to get a vice grip on them. He hadn't been able to use his Devil Fruit power particularly well against him either but Sabo had remained stubbornly silent when questioned on how he had accomplished that feat.

ace and luffy meet in alabasta episode game

Ace had no idea what his brother was being taught by the Revolutionaries but it was certainly paying off. Ace grinned and nodded towards his abandoned bag over by the far railing.

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  • What episode does Ace and Luffy meet in Alabasta?

I have to get up for stuff now," he joked as he began rummaging. Luffy heard various knickknacks shaking around inside.

Chapter 158

He pulled his hand out and uncurled his palm to show two pieces of square paper, one slightly larger than the other. Luffy cocked his head.

Ace nodded and offered one to Luffy for him to examine. He snorted as Luffy sniffed at it curiously. How's it meant to work? Luffy held the card gingerly between his thumb and forefinger, staring at is as though he expected it to revert to being a nail again. The piece will point towards either the largest piece of paper or the person the card was made from," Ace finished, gently poking Luffy's forehead to soothe out the confused frown.

They both agree that they are equally strong. Ace invites Luffy and his crew to join the Whitebeard Piratesbut Luffy declines.

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On Smoker's ship, Mr. Some Billions get on the deck and Mr. They explain that as Billions, they are candidates to be promoted to Officer Agents.

The Billions get off the ship and someone informs them that Fire Fist Ace is in the town. One of them then comments that if they take down Ace, they will surely be promoted to Officer Agents. Luffy and Ace start searching for Luffy's crew, but as they walk, Billions start to surround them without being noticed. After they are gathered, everyone comes out. Luffy and Ace do not care what they say and keep walking but the Billions start a fight. After Luffy sends the leader flying with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, one of the Billions tell his comrades not to be scared by that, and everyone keeps chasing them again.

Luffy spots his ship and stretches his arms in order to reach for it. He enters the ship ramming towards Sanji and Chopper. Ace reaches the ship in his boat, but then they spot five Billions ships coming towards them.

Ace tells Luffy that he can handle them, gets in his boat, and starts propelling it with the help of his flames. He then jumps over a ship and when he lands, he launches a Hiken, destroying the five ships consecutively.