5 of cups tarot relationship spread

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5 of cups tarot relationship spread

Some cards in the Tarot deck have to be the ones to break the bad news. But ask most Tarot card readers if they rue seeing the Five of Cups appear in a reading. What is the Meaning of the Five of Cups Tarot Card? The Five of ATTENTION: Interested in a custom numerology reading? >> Click here for. In a love reading, Five of cups tarot card speaks of disappointment. A relationship did not turn out the way the Seeker was hoping for. Five of cups can mean the.

Description Under an empty gray sky and a deserted landscape, a cloaked figure turns away, hiding his or her face.

5 of cups tarot relationship spread

The black cloak obscures everything but this person's boots and the back of his or her hair, with just a slight part of the side of the face exposed, although no features can be made out. That the person pictured in it is hiding the face in a sort of shame indicates that the person receiving this card may have been complicit in a tragedy. The biggest tragedy of this card just might be the guilt factor. The bleak landscape features a brook running by to the viewe's left.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card

In the distance a simple stone bridge crosses it, and the outskirts of a town are beyond. At the figure's feet are five cups. Three of them are lying on their sides and the contents of them are spilled out, wasted. Behind this sorrowful person stand two upright Cups. Deeper Meanings There is a lot going on in the card that is overt, and yet quite a bit of the imagery is a subtle push for optimism.

5 of cups tarot relationship spread

Obviously the black cloak and gray sky, the spilled cups and the overall isolation of the figure ensure that this card is about heartache, loss, sorrow, isolation and mourning. And yet the card gives its recipients hope amidst the gloom. There are still two cups standing.

Five of Cups in 3 Minutes

This indicates a hope for the future. The river is a symbol of all things moving on. The bridge and town mean that there will be other times and places for life to go on, far away from the current misery. Placement Each Tarot reading features cards spread out in one of three positions: Where a card lands describes the time in your life when events occurred that match the feelings and meaning of the card.

When the Five of Cups lands in the past position, it points to some old trauma as the core foundation of your current situation.

If you had a bad breakup with a lover last year, that would explain why this card was in the Past position. If you had a childhood with great losses no child should have to endure, the Five of Cups will show that who you are now comes from resolving this pain. If the Five of Cups is in the present position, you are probably in the middle of a tough time.

5 of cups tarot relationship spread

A separation that you do not want to occur may be happening with a lover. A recent death of a good friend or relative brings this card up. Depression, foreclosure of a loved property, divorce, a good friend and you fighting The Five of Cups tarot card shows a cloaked figure standing under an empty sky on a desolate landscape.

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  • The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The figure is turned away, hiding its face, but a part of its face is exposed, although not exposed enough to reveal any features.

In the distance lies the outskirts of a town. Behind the cloaked figure, two more cups stand upright. The Five of Cups represents your difficulty in letting go of the mistakes of the past and learning from them. You are stuck and keep revisiting the past, causing you to miss new opportunities in the present.

The person hiding under the cloak can also indicate feelings of shame or guilt over a deceitful or unethical activity. Memories continue to haunt you.

Five of Cups - Tarot card Meaning ~ Tarot Explained

It can be debilitating, but the Five of Cups wants you to know that there is a way out of it. There is no way to change the past. It cannot be undone. But you can change the course of your life beginning today, so you can have a completely different future. In the Five of Cups tarot card, not all of the cups lay strewn about.

There are still two cups standing upright. You still have something left. Not all hope is gone. The Five of Cups wants you to know that to get out of the dark and painful place, you must learn how to forgive, and stop living in the past, just like in the symbol of Six of Cups. You must take all the lessons with you but never stay stuck in the regrets and mistakes of your past.

5 of cups tarot relationship spread

Remember that everything that happens in your life happens for a reason.