20 relationship mistakes we all make

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20 relationship mistakes we all make

On-and-off again relationships. Break up, get back together, fight, break up, get back together. We've all been there before. And if you haven't. Here are eight common relationship mistakes we're all making, but See also: 20 Money Mistakes Everyone Makes But No One Talks About. Couples resort to this all too often, whether you feel it's the only way to get your point across without it turning into a shouting match or whether.

Among close friends, we can talk about what's going on in our lives, receive feedback and advice, and most importantly, recognize that we're not alone in the problems we face with our significant others. After all, the truth will set you free, right? In lieu of such grand admissions, let's back it up and start smaller, by identifying the universal relationship issues we all face but rarely talk about.

You Do Things Just to Please Your Partner There's nothing wrong with doing something nice for your partner, even going out of your way at times to make them happy — consider it a byproduct of being in love.

8 Relationship Mistakes From My Early 20’s That I’ll Never Make Again

But when you start doing things just to please your partner — and you're doing them excessively — you run the risk of being disappointed, even more so when your proactiveness isn't warranted or requested. Eventually, you'll start to notice an imbalance in your relationship — you're pleasing your partner in various ways and he or she isn't following suit.

20 relationship mistakes we all make

It may be a situation that you created though, so how can you really be mad at that? As a result, according to Michele Fabrega, love, intimacy, and sexuality coach for men, we can feel resentful when we start to expect our partner to make sacrifices for us.

They start dating and spending more time together until eventually they can't spend time apart. That's not healthy, and if you're in this type of relationship, it's time to reevaluate your priorities.

20 relationship mistakes we all make

Even when you're trying to build the relationship in the beginning, each partner needs his or her space. Without breathing room, tensions eventually will mount, likely ending in a blow-up when someone feels smothered.

You Snoop on Each Other "Once someone snoops they are labeled as 'crazy,' but here's the thing — in this day and age of social media and smartphones, more people than not are snooping. This becomes one of the unhealthiest traits to bring into a relationship," says Rose.

8 Relationship Mistakes Everyone Makes

On one hand, most people in a relationship are guilty of snooping in some form of another; most likely as a result of something that raised their suspicion, but it's important to note here that it's not just women; men are doing it — in their own way, and whether they'd like to admit it or not. Secondly, snooping is never good for the relationship.

20 relationship mistakes we all make

People rarely get away with it, but it also signals a bigger problem — a complete lack of trust. Maybe that's justified, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that once this habit is established, it won't stop, and neither will the activity that facilitated it.

In that case, you're both going to have a hard road trying to keep that relationship together… because it probably should've ended a long time ago. You Blame Each Other When Things Go Wrong Nobody likes to admit they're wrong or at fault for whatever goes awry in a relationship, and that's never clearer than when romantic partners are in an argument.

Accusations fly and fingers are pointed in an attempt to absolve oneself from responsibility for whatever you're fighting about. As we all know, however, that gets us nowhere, and Fabrega offers an alternative solution. What am I feeling? What led to this outcome? This will work because of reasons. Booking a flight at 6 in the morning.

8 Relationship Mistakes From My Early 20’s That I’ll Never Make Again | Thought Catalog

Accidentally getting drunk the night before a really important event that you absolutely cannot be hungover for. Drunk texting someone whose number you should have paid Leonardo DiCaprio to go into your mind at night and steal from your subconscious.

20 relationship mistakes we all make

Obsessing over when someone is going to text you back to the point that you waste an entire night out checking your phone. Engaging in a serious argument in the comment section of a website. Ruining something while trying to cook dinner that you previously considered impossible to mess up, such as pasta. Buying something because its mail-in rebate makes it a really good deal, but never actually mailing in the rebate. Having that last drink when you clearly should just be going home, and suffering greatly for it the next day.

Telling someone who most definitely cannot keep a secret to save their lives a relatively important secret.

20 relationship mistakes we all make

Seeing your bank account after said night out and considering committing suicide to preserve your honor.